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Hope everyone is getting ready for the holiday season since Christmas is exactly one month away! This week's blog is going to be based on one way of getting into the Christmas spirit, which is making your own homemade Christmas cards featuring you and your horse(s). Christmas cards are a great way to show your love, and to show your family and friends that you are thinking of them during the holiday season. It is also special to send homemade Christmas cards because they offer sentimental value to your loved ones. If you go to any craft or art store, you can pick up plain coloured Christmas cards which you can then paste or print your photo on the cover or inside of the card of your choice. To make a fun horsey Christmas card it is helpful to follow these steps: 

Step 1) Buy antlers or a santa hat from any Dollar store 

Step 2) Make sure your horse is super clean and tidy 

Step 3) Dress yourself and your horse to look Christmasy. Wear Christmas sweaters or holiday coloured attire for yourself, and a red, white or green blanket for your horse (or they can be naked)

Step 4) Put the antlers on your horse and put on your santa hat (you can switch up who wears what depending on your preference)

Step 5) Stand somewhere with trees or along the outside of the barn or somewhere where the background can add to the photo

Step 6) Ask someone to take your picture in both a horizontal and vertical position so when you put the pictures on your computer you have a variety of photo types

Step 7) Go to a photography store like Blacks or Walmart and print your Christmas pictures

Step 8) Have fun and start making your card 

All of these steps are a basic way to make some cute ornate Christmas cards for your friends at the barn, family and anyone close to you. To make sure your horse is looking spectacular, come to Baker's to pick up lots of good grooming supplies. Some key products are show sheen, Cowboy Magic for their mane and tails, good dandy brushes to eliminate all the dry skin and dirt from their coat, clippers if you want to clip your horse to look chic and lots more. We have a large selection of products for making your horse look spiffy and clean for your holiday cards as well as their everyday appearance. Check out some ideas for your horsey Christmas cards from the images posted below. 

Hope everyone enjoys making their horsey Christmas cards, and if you have any extra cards we'd love to see them at Baker's :) Have fun! 

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