Well, our mare delivered unto us a very adorable little boy on July 6. True to the adage that mares are cagey, at 9:30 pm the milk didn't test like she was imminent, she didn't look quite right, 11pm I get the call that the colt is on the ground. After a very tiring 2 hour drive down, I was pretty awake when I saw the little guy.

Momma was a maiden, delivery was easy, but she wasn't sure what she was supposed to do with him. By 4am we convinced her that she didn't need to be facing him all the time, so he could nurse unassisted. Obstacle number one overcome.

So, on the weekend, we tried for turnout in the indoor arena. Little man didn't follow, which got the mare quite worked up, so we're pretty sure that she wasn't aware that it was HIM she kicked... this is not good for an owner's heart. But, he's quite fine, and she is settled down and they are outside just fine. Thank god for patient veterinarians who are totally unflappable, even when frantic owners call. Apparently, this isn't really that unusual, but I'm fairly sure I had a minor heart attack.

Last weekend, we arrive as usual with fully soaked beet pulp for Momma. And she promptly choked. Oh sure, it resolved quickly, it was very minor. However, whenever my mother forgets how much that mare means to her, she does something like this which puts her into a total panic.

Now, is it any wonder that the little guy is named Pure Havoc?

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Comment by MagsNMe on January 1, 2012 at 2:07pm

Thank you! I just love the little guy! He's just about 18months now and growing into a very handsome boy.  He's my first and likely last foal and it's just so much fun going and seeing him!

Comment by Kate Green on January 1, 2012 at 1:50pm

Thanks for the info.  I bet she was eager. Nursing foals make dams very hungry,lol!  Love the foals name,btw. Very fitting.

Comment by MagsNMe on December 31, 2011 at 9:56pm
Soaked beet pulp has small particles, lets say the size of oats. They come pelleted and you soak them with 4 times the water of the volume you are using. Snip never choked before, she was eager, let's say, for her beet pulp, and ate too fast. She hasn't choked since either. You get beet pulp at any feed store. Some people think there's sugar in it, but it's what's left after the sugar industry takes the sugar out, so unless it's got added molasses, there isn't. It's digested in the hind gut like hay is, so it's good for feeding up a horse that needs weight without the danger of grain.
Comment by Kate Green on December 31, 2011 at 7:32pm

Many of our horses have a history of choking. Its usually due to one of two things. Either over hungry or something too chunky, but small enough to start down.  We have cut out the alfalfa cubes as that has caused choking events.  What is the texture like with the beet pulp?  And where do you get it?

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