Life Hacks we can learn from horses

by Linda Finstad

Acknowledging horses as great teachers is nothing new.

Anyone who learned to ride on a pony will eagerly relay all the life lessons they learned from that experience.  Lessons in patience, determination, how to fall and roll and humility.

But as we head into a New Year and ponder the possibilities it will bring, instead of letting go of the old.  I want you to really examine your past because there is a gold mine of opportunities in your past experiences and accomplishments. That you can re-fashion and re-cycle to make your future absolutely fabulous

Horses more than anyone have taken what they know and used it to not only evolve from farm work horses into a vast array of fabulous show horses and world class athletes.

The plough’s and horse pulled farm implements are gathering dust in heritage museums, obsolete in today’s high tech world. However the horse is bigger, stronger, healthier and has way more opportunities than ever before in history.

As horse men and women we can, not only learn but be inspired by their example. 

So how exactly do you do that?

Start by taking inventory of your life skills and resources.

It might be easier if I showed you how I changed my life by using what I already had

I am a horse woman - By definition means I am hard working, resilient and dedicated (well to anything horse related). But more than that I am part of a community of like minded people  - we know who we are.

I am a Riding instructor  - BHSAI  - which means I have developed patience and people skills. Learned how to present information in a variety of ways that resonate with the different ways people learn.

I am a professional Equine Photographer - which means I have learned to still my spirit and quietly observe and capture what is really taking place.  This was a hard lesson to learn as I like to be in control.  I also have a huge collection of horse pictures.

My resources include - a reliable truck, computer, camera, phone, friends and contacts made at horse shows.

Notice a huge bank account and unlimited funds was not on the list - Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention and makes you more resourceful and creative. So lack of money is really not a problem.

So armed with this wealth of resources I used what I had to re-invent my life.

Step one I decided to write a book  - “The Horse Watcher” answers to questions you never knew you had.   This book focused on equine behaviour and communication, using my contacts and camera I spent hours and hours hanging out in fields with herds of horses observing, photographing and documenting their behaviour.   

The book was fun to write and a huge hit, readers were intrigued to learn more about equine behaviour so I developed a series of workshops that delve deeper into how horses communicate, “How to think like a horse workshops”. Using my teaching skills and people skills I was now teaching at the front of the room and selling my book at the back of the room

My book is filled with beautiful photographs  - using my skills as an equine photographer made this was easy.  However I saw that as an opportunity - I could share my knowledge of equine photography and equine behaviour and combine it into a workshop to help budding photographers. I developed four different photography workshops using my computer and phone to promote and fill the classes. 

I only used what I already had - there was no need for loans or sponsorship

I have gone on to write three more books, and develop workshops and courses to go along with them.  My life and business has evolved to meet the changing times.

I hope my story inspires you to take stock of skills, life experiences and resources that you already have and use them to evolve and prosper.

Visit to learn more about my books and workshops.


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Comment by Linda Finstad on January 21, 2017 at 11:14am

My latest book - The Humans of Horse Racing

check it out

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