Why teens (and most adults) don’t read the Bible

You might jump to the conclusion, that they don’t have a Bible.  But let’s assume theses teens and I will let all the adults off the hook for now, do have a Bible and in fact they also attend church.  

They are filled with good intentions and know in their heart of hearts they ought to spend time in God’s word.  So I ask you again why don’t they read the Bible?

The answer is little more complex however I stumbled on a simple solution.

Possible and very plausible reasons why people/teens don’t read the Bible include;

Teens have an incredibly short attention span (way shorter than toddlers) this is not their fault it is caused by rapidly changing technology.

They fill their schedule with school, homework, chores, sports and of course keeping up with the rapidly changing technology. So lack of time is another excuse and again a valid one at that.

The Bible is such a big book it can be overwhelming, again a valid reason

To read it from start to finish could take months  - a commitment very few teens are capable of making.

The stories are confusing and its hard to identify with the problems Jesus solved for folks back then.  It just doesn't seem relevant for their modern problems.

The writing is usually really small and there are no mimes or pictures so appears boring.

All valid reasons and non were connected to lack of opportunity or access to a Bible - there are lots of web sites that offer free Bibles. Acquiring the Bible is not the problem it’s getting them to crack it open and read God’s word that is the real problem.

So what is the solution?

I know there are lots of books that break it down into individual books of the Bible and offer explanations to the stories and text, many of which are fabulous. However this again requires a decision on where to start and commitment to read and if it is a study guide  - perhaps answer difficult soul searching questions.

My solution is to take a leaf out of the “pre school” bible story books and include a lot of pictures and large text.  Make the pages fun to look at and easy to read.

Make them relevant to the people who are avidly flipping through the pages by using something they are passionate about. Also quote from the Bible in bite sized nuggets that speak to the heart or give simple instruction for solving modern day problems.

My little books are designed for adults and teens who know they ought to spend more time in God’s word but with farm chores and animals to look after they just don’t have the time.  

I saw a need for Biblical picture books for adults.

Maybe the question we should be asking is who decided to take the pictures out of books when they were written for teens and adults. After all many of us are visual learners and physiologists agree that images help with word association.

My little books are not a replacement for the Bible but perhaps they are a fabulous introduction to it by providing an easy way to soak up the promises and advice one scripture verse at a time.

My books are not for everyone they are designed specifically for horse people.

If you love horses you will love my books. They are filled with stunning equine fine art in fact it is the art that makes you want to turn the pages.  Each book contains 100 pages of pictures coupled with scripture, making them a quick easy read.  However the verses are very carefully selected to have the most impact. It is my prayer that my little books will spark a desire to learn more and tackle the “big book”. If you would like to see the whole collection visit;


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