Took Amigo on a short trail ride around the farm. I used my western saddle and my split reins on my reining bit. My goal was to round him up and get him using his back. He has a indent behind his shoulder from letting his back sag all summer. (He had beginner riders all summer and took very good care of them.) Ed said that riding him on the bit and rounded will help him get back the muscle he has lost. He also showed me the stretch that makes the horse arch their back. After the loop around the farm we trotted up the road, really focusing on keeping him rounded. He kept drifting to the left a lot, which is also where UP was on Samson. His trot was so nice that I was able to sit it pretty well. I did notice he rounded up better when I was doing a sitting trot than when I was posting. Came back to the farm and cantered in the arena. He did very well but after seeing my riding in a video, I realized that I was riding like a yahoo. My hands were up to high, forward and too wide. Seriously what in the hell was I doing?? While riding, I was thinking that I had to loosen up the reins to encourage forward motion, but I looked stupid and I am pretty sure I could have gotten what I got from Amigo without looking like a fool. I do also look like I am humping the saddle for all its worth. YIKES! Again, encouraging forward motion? Well again, I can do better! I can't wait to practice more. Hopefully tomorrow will work.

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