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I hope everyone is ready and excited for Christmas eve tomorrow, and Christmas on Tuesday! :) Can't believe its already here! Baker's has an exciting announcement for everyone; we are now carrying the Point Two Air Jackets!! This week's blog is going to be based on this air vest, its safety characteristics and the benefits of wearing an air vest. Before getting started, here is the link for the Point Two Air Jacket for you to observe. http://pointtwousa.com/

The Point Two Air Jacket is one of the most popular eventing air vets on the market today. Not only is it sleek and comfortable, it can be custom designed to match your personal eventing colours/theme. There are three types of air vests made by Point Two, and they are: the P2-RS, the ProAir, and Child's ProAir. This airbag system vest greatly increased injury protection and has made riders feel more safe and comfortable aboard their mount during competition. Feeling more safe and protected eliminates nerves and jitters that may be experienced with lack of protection in previous riding apparel. WIth the Point Two Air Jacket, "when a rider is unseated or thrown from a horse, the Point Two air vest inflates within one tenth of a second to absorb shock, distribute pressure and support a rider’s spinal column." Other areas of the body this vest protects are the collar of the neck, ribs, coccyx and vital organs within the body. The Point Two Air Jacket has been greatly assessed by leading test houses in both the UK and throughout Europe to obtain their respective safety certificates. Through rigorous testing, Point Two assures their vest's protection.

At Baker's, we carry a variety of safety vests including Tipperary Vests, Hit-Air Vests and now the Point Two Air Jackets. Our wide selection of safety apparel is made specially for every customer so they can pick the product that best suits them in price, comfort, and safety. It is evident that leading equestrians love air vests and that it is preventing serious injuries during equine sport. Air vests have proven to be extremely useful in preventing serious injuries during rotational falls, and puts a great deal of security in the rider with a vest with airbag protection. 

A cool fact about Point Two is it supplied Air Jackets to 14 Nations in 2012, including: Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, Thailand, South Africa, Poland and Russia. When triggered, the air vest's CO2 canisters are easy to install and does not require a lot of time. Here are some images of Point Two Air Jackets. If anyone is interested in ordering a Point Two Air Jacket for next competition season or for regular riding, contact us at Baker's at (905) 887-9441 for any questions and assistance or visit us at the store :) 



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