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I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and getting excited for the upcoming new year in just a few more days! :) This week, the Baker's blog is going to be based on the importance of grooming and why it is necessary to give your horse a good thorough grooming before and after riding. At Baker's, we have a great selection of grooming products to keep your horse looking fancy and healthy, and we will mention some great products below. There are several reasons to the importance of grooming your horse, and in a quick easy summary these are the important reasons: 

-To clean him and make him look nice and feel comfortable 

-To check him over carefully for injuries or skin problems 

-To prevent sores from dirt under the tack when you ride him

-To condition his skin and make his coat shine

-To promote good circulation of the blood

Your horse should be groomed or at least checked over every day, whether he is ridden or not. This prevents any prolonging injuries or sores from getting worse, and keeps your horse in supreme condition. It is important your horse is cleaned before he is saddled to prevent dirt from causing saddle and girth sores, and he should be brushed smooth after he has been ridden. This helps to prevent sores, stimulate blood circulation, and gives you the time to really bond with your horse. Gaining a relationship with your horse is imperative because it creates a trusting bond for when you are riding and competing. Your horse will gain a relationship with his rider and understand who is in charge. By grooming your horse it gives him or her attention and affection, which goes a long way for the partnership development of you and your horse. Essentially, if you want to keep your horse healthy and happy, you have to groom him every day. With grooming, one must groom and put care into the following equine regions. They include: body care, face care, hoof care, and mane and tail care. All these areas are important to maintain cleanliness and examination to keep your horse in prime condition for competition and daily health. The essential grooming kit to own includes a hoof pick, a mane and tail comb, a dandy brush (a stiff brush), a curry comb, a body brush (a soft brush), a face brush, sponges and a sweat scrapper. These are the main items needed for good brushing and equine grooming care. At Baker's, we have a variety of coloured brushes, hoof picks, sponges, sweat scrappers etc to fit your preference.

The grooming selection at Baker's is extensive, ranging in products made by Cowboy Magic, Absorbine, Mane 'n Tail, Eqyss, Vetrolin, and many more. During the winter, a great recommended product to prevent your horses from rubbing their tails is a daily combing with Cowboy Magic. It moisturizes the dry skin that is caused because of the cold dry winter season, which then prevents your horse from having to scratch and destroy his tail. At Baker's, we love providing all the products you need to keeping your horses happy and healthy.  If you are looking for any specific grooming product come visit us at Baker's or give us a call and we would be happy to help you :) 

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