with Great Gratitude for the launch of Spring Reins of Hope - Getting to the Horse of the Matter

On Wednesday, November 11, 2009 we officially launched SPRING REINS OF HOPE / Getting to the Horse of the Matter.

It is all starting to sink in and so I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that it really does take a village. WE is so much better than ME!

My amazing partner, co-founder and director of mental health services - Dr. Maria Karavidas, PsyD (clinical psychologist) has been pivotal in creating our web content and materials. Spry Marketing in Austin TX has done an AMAZING job on our site, capturing just what we needed to express who we are. It really feels as if this project/dream is anointed in that many people have appeared just at the right time to help us put the pieces together. It is now happening and it is with sincere passion and deep gratitude that we will be seeking out our client base from the NY, NJ and Eastern PA area.

I wish to express immense thanks to the following Spring Reins of Hope (SROH) team members! So the road is open now and so our our doors. Become a FAN! Search Spring Reins of Hope on Facebook!

Artist Michael Colavito; for putting up with me and for your enduring love and support for me and my dream. I love you deeply.

to my dearest MOM-Cat; for raising me to honor my passion and love for horses in spite of the roadblocks we faced. I love you so much! You are an amazing inspiration to me...you are my sister more than my Mom.

Dr. Judith Shoemaker, DVM; for saving my beloved healer and turning on the light at the lighthouse - this was HUGE

Dr. Maria Karavidas, PsyD; could not ever happen without you - so glad you are HERE

Libby Corbin; for doing justice to the Colavito photo into our SROH logo - you rock!

Jayce and Jack at SPRY MARKETING; for our amazing website, WOW! www.springreinsofhope.com

At EAGALA; thanks to Lynn Thomas, Mickey DiGiacomo, Dr. Joseph Lancia, Mark Lytle, and Stace Green for your outpouring of support & encouragement for us to keep pushing and never give up

To my family & friends; many have been so supportive and without those pep talks and little pushes I may have given up along the way - Thank you for not letting that happen... Mom, Dad & Margot, David & Marla, Mary Suhr, Janis Yakopovic, Gabriella Castillo, Lisa Marino, Elizabeth King, Katherine Heller, Torri Henderson, Roseanna DeMaria, Andrea Cornell, Lynnda Pollio, and so many more.

To contacts in the media who didn't hesitate to promote this work and its benefits to people, thank you for getting the word out; Louie B Free, Frankie Boyer, Ilene Dillon, Lizz Sommars, Lori St James & Richard Stevens, Bulldog, Catherine Bradford, Kacey Morabito, Liz Dalton, Bonnie Grice, Travis Jackson, Jordan Rich, Tron Simpson, Pam Atherton, Jane Greer, Kate Daniels and many more.

Linda & Allen Anderson, The Angel Animal Network; for choosing our story to be in the new book Horses With A Mission; Extraordinary True Stories of Equine Service (new world library, 9/2009) - the timing could not have been better!

AND thank you to my HORSE, Spring Thaw; I don't even know what to say...without you none of this happens. Thank you for teaching me so much about myself and others. Thank you for so much fun (all the time, your sense of humor is hard to miss). Thank you for seeing my path and doing whatever it took to make sure I landed on it. I am sorry you had to get so sick in order for me to wake up and see it, I am sure you tried to show me in other ways...I am so happy I know you and that YOU chose ME to be your human! Its incredibly exciting to know that now I will be going to work with you - you are my colleague now! I love that!

Thankyou to the Universe for lining all of this up at the perfect time, I know I argued with you on this but in the end you were right and everything happens exactly when it is supposed to. I am learning and getting better on the Faith, Trust and Leaping part. :)

It is with peace, love and gratitude in my heart that I beckon everyone to follow your dreams - it does lead to happiness!

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