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At 7:56pm on January 12, 2012, Gary Glaser said…

My name is Gary Glaser and I am the mounted commander of the 9th New York Cavalry. We are located in the Niagara, Hamilton area but have members across Southern Ontario. Our members are both mounted and diss-mounted troopers. The Ninth New York Cavalry has been reactivated by a group of living historians and civil war enthusiasts interested in the portrayal of the life of the Federal Horse Soldier. As a group, we participate in living history encampments, re-enactments, and giving informative lectures throughout the year in both Ontario and the U.S.

To see more of what we do as a hobby please go to these two You tub site, this first one is a large  event that unfortunately none of our members were participating in  but do know most of the riders- it was held in Gettysburg, PA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBCgFdTWLx4

This next one is a small event held in Canada at Upper Canada village, all riders are members of the 9th NY Cavalry and you will notice that I ride a Stander bred cross: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCx3Xkn9Wuc

If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask. This hobby is family friendly, and a great way to spend a weekend with you horse.

Thank You

Gary Glaser

Sgt. 9th NY Cavalry CO.A

At 11:41am on April 9, 2011, tatjana (tanya) martin said…

I finally have some good horses I've bred over the years and still have my westphallian stallion, Trojan, who is by Rio Negro. And now that I am finally in my old age in a position to ride, and I sold my ML place, and my sons are okay, I am ready to do some riding before I'm too old. I have a good horse trailer and truck and am looking at hauling into the okanagan to attend some clinics this year. Do you come to Castlegar or area to do clinics, Jan? The horsey community here is very scattered and I have not found any means of connection other than than the old timers I've known for years. So I don't know what is happening and google searches haven't resulted in anything. 

Anyway, let me know what your schedule is, and if you come down here. Great to hear from you,Jan, and give my love to your mom and Phil. Tanya

At 11:38am on April 9, 2011, tatjana (tanya) martin said…

I was thinking the same of you a few weeks ago and wondering how everyone is doing, and your mom and Phil. That is great about KC in engineering - do you know what area she will lean towards? civil? mechanical? electrical? I know that the electrical field is wide open - we have been trying to hire an electrical engineer for the past 3 years at AMEC in Trail, where I work for the past 5 years and we can't find anyone. Good for KC. Where will she be interested in working?

My son Dave married his long-time girlfriend, Donna, in 2007 and in November they gifted me with my first grandchild, Dlllon Andrew. He is just beautiful. Dave and Donna moved back here to Castlegar also two years ago as he could not find work in Kamloops anymore and it's a good thing he did sell his house also when he did as the market has fallen through the floor now with no work in that area. Dave now works at Teck Metals in Trail as an electrician.

Glen also moved back here a year and a half ago and had his 3rd back surgery and is now a junior electrical designer at AMEC. 

And I sold my place in Monte Lake last spring when my tenants skipped on  my the fall before and left a disaster. I spent every weekend for 6 months driving back and forth cleaning and trying to decide whether to keep it or not. But finally, I sold, as my sons are both here and I have a good job and make good money finally. And with that money I bought another place in Castlegar that is just over 2 acres but all flat and useable and has a beautiful huge home where I can hang all my art and photography and entertain in my old age!


At 5:30pm on December 18, 2010, Liz Keane said…

Hi Jan, Merry Cristmas to you, Well! Us Irish are hardy riders in wind & rain but add snow & ice in Westport, Co Mayo, and hunting is cancelled, we the riders, go into meltdown and cabin fever. Horses have sent us post card from their skiing holiday! What do you guys do to cope with frozen arenas?

At 4:59pm on December 14, 2010, Pam Blackledge said…

Thanks for the info Jan!  WOW - it looks really good and very much like what I've been searching for.  We'll see about getting it in Idaho!


Thanks again - Pam

At 10:47pm on October 10, 2010, Patti at OMEGA ALPHA said…
Your very welcome Jan, my summer has been so insane that I am just getting to your note now.
If you ever need product advice please email me at www.omegaalpha.ca
I hope the products worked well for you.

All. The best
At 5:41pm on September 28, 2010, MagsNMe said…
Jan, you are my idol, well said, er, typed....
At 11:04am on August 10, 2010, Meghan Rainey said…
well i am not in love with him.. adn i have plans for my future and he is supportive of them which is hard to find a city boy that likes horses and i do try to ride lots but rite now with the heat is hard.. but im trying to sample the world but its nice to have a guy there behind u to help u every once in a while... i mean if i really thought bou tit maybe i will stick to horses... they are so much easier to please and be round and u dont have to look good for them! plus no back talking and complaining when u r grumpy...
At 11:09pm on May 25, 2010, Jennifer Lamm said…
Thanks again Jan. I don't really give him sugar or butter creams... I just noticed that he likes them.. I'm pretty boring... he eats good hay and a few supplements and hardley any butter creams.... he like marshmallows that I had left over from Christmas... I'm sort of against the treats really but realized that they made me more confident.. it's like I have something he wants and I make him work for them... even if working to me is just listening and doing what I ask for now.... ":)
At 7:40pm on May 25, 2010, Jennifer Lamm said…
Thanks Jan.... at this point with Oliver I do not encourage him eating out of my hand..... so we go to a feeder instead.... he loves butter creams..... do you think horses get cavities? Is that a dumb question? Getting the vet near him to fix his teeth is a whole other issue don't you think? LOL.. thanks for helping me and cheering me up..... why does this horse affect my moods so much, ugh????? (I'm smiling as I say this.... )
At 10:56am on May 16, 2010, Laura Coffey said…
I'm off to the barn of course. The weather has been rainy so I've been spending too much time searching for a truck. I've decided that there is very little I hate more than shopping for used trucks. Most of them are in terrible condition and very expensive. Of course then I have my guys helping me...that would be my ex-husband, and my current partner. My ex-husband knows a lot about vehicles, and I gotta work with my partner. Between the two of them if you don't read about me tying them up and shooting them, in the newspaper it will be a miracle.
Dee is being a good boy. Seems like he's relaxing a bit as the season progresses. He's using his back more, starting to stretch down into the bit.
Well it's a beautiful day and I can't wait to get to the barn. Speak with you soon. Laura
At 11:03am on May 5, 2010, Laura Coffey said…
It sounds like you're doing great! But I think we are both right. It is like an addiction. With horses I am obsessive,driven, goal oriented, I never just ride for fun,( I still haven't had him out on that trail ride). The saddest part of this is that I'm an amateur, I supposedly ride for fun... I guess we each have our own definition of fun.
Is it hard for you to give yourself down time when your profession is also the thing that you love?

By the way have you ever heard of some one choosing not to purchase a horse because, "the left hind leg has a crooked swing phase"??? I guess if I really thought about it I could imagine what that might look like. What would it take to see something like this, slow motion film? Is this a legitimate issue or is the potential buyer simply having cold feet.
At 7:06am on April 29, 2010, Heike Bluemke said…
You sound like a very busy woman. I have only 2 horses and live on 50 acres west of Stratford. I work with both of my horses in Dressage and hope to start showing them towards the end of the year. I wanted to show them last year but a storm destroyed our Riding arena and damaged our barn and horse trailer. Everything is rebuilt and fixed now except the trailer needs some more work. At this point I am not very experienced in Dressage. I have read tons of books on it and if push comes to shuff I have a great Dressage trainer not too far away. I might ask for her oppinion before I show. Will see. It's been great meeting you here at Barnmice and I hope we will chat in the future again. All the best to you. Heike
At 11:06am on April 23, 2010, Laura Coffey said…
Jan, I can not believe the difference in this horse. To think it was less than a year ago on this very site that I wrote, desperate for advise. I clearly remember someone telling me that he wasn't "trainable". It hit me like a brick wall, I believed what I was hearing . Then up you appeared heartily disagreeing with those comments, instead validating the fact that Connemara's are a challenging breed. They are...but once they decide to submit, they'll give you anything "reasonable" you ask for. I've never known a horse like him. He learns so quickly that it's amazing. He's incredibly sensitive and athletic. What's more at 15'1, and me at 5'1, I can really visualize him as an extension of myself as I ride. Something I was never able to do on my warmblood. My trainer rides him and then he teaches me the lesson. He seems to like being a dressage horse. His work ethic started somewhere south of horrible but has gotten better as the work becomes more interesting. As he gets better I keep thinking about how dangerously close I came to giving up on him, and how you saved us as a team. Thank you, Jan. I'm creating a video journal of Dee's progress. When I get a few of them I will post them for you to see.

On the newsy front, my trainer Denise, purchased CC. I'm glad he's going to a home where he will be both loved and utilized to his full potential. Tina is a horrible salesman, and the video you saw did not begin to do him credit, but he's quite a horse.

How are student preparations going for the show season? Are nerves beginning to run high? What are you and your mare doing this year? Is Vee the baby or the mare?
Well I'm off to the barn. I'm beginning to think this is a serious addiction and the better we get the more addictive it becomes. Laura
At 10:45pm on April 22, 2010, Barbara F. said…
Thanks Jan! :)
At 12:59pm on April 16, 2010, Laura Coffey said…
Part II
I had a particular event happen to me and I wanted to run it by you. I wanted to get Michael Schaeffer to do a clinic in this area, so I contacted a woman I know who has a huge, beautiful, new, indoor with a viewing area etc. Once the door was open this woman began to try to sell herself and her barn to me rather aggressively. It should be known that not only is she aware that I have a trainer, but knows who the trainer is and was bad mouthing her to me,(which I did not appreciate). Tina, the barn manager ( shown holding Dee) was with me, when I said something to her about it her response was,"Maybe she just feels like she's offering a different kind of product". Jan, she called my trainer, "stupid" In the therapy world we call that behavior splitting. If she behaves this way with her professional hat on ( when we are all at our best),what is she like around the barn ( which is also her home)? I found it unprofessional and catty. What makes it worse is, this woman has her MSW and used to work as a Family Therapist. Next time someone tells you they think therapists are nuts, believe them. Am I missing something or is this considered to be OK horse etiquette ? Tina may not have been so quick to defend her had she known that she was just as anxious to have me as a boarder in her barn, even offering to lower her board. The effect of the situation was to make me happy to be at my little barn where I ride most days without ever encountering another soul. It's true, on occasion I miss the camaraderie of a dressage barn, but now I wonder if it's worth the angst. Riding is my meditation, my time to be in touch with my physical, intellectual, and spiritual self. My time to feel close to the natural world, and the wonderful animals that are our partners. Not time to worry about who's saying what to whom. Certainly not time to get involved in mediating disputes. Sorry for the venting, Thanks for listening. Laura
At 12:19pm on April 16, 2010, Laura Coffey said…
Hi Jan,
Finally a rainy day in which to write. Dee has been doing so well I barely recognize him. He gone from insolent to almost willing. He takes his work very seriously, you can feel the wheels spinning ( he is very smart). Of course he's conflicted, on the one hand work is such a bother, on the other, no work means no treats,no mommy contact. After his day off he's always waiting at the gait for the next days work.
I'm still working on getting him to accept the rein. He hates it. He's pretty good at the trot, getting better at the half-halt, but awful at the walk and upward transitions. My trainer has been riding him which is working out great. Dee remembers his lessons and I can feel them immediately when I get on him. Which helps circumnavigate all that tricky communication stuff. End part I
At 11:35pm on April 14, 2010, Valerie Tate said…
Thanks, Jan! I knew about Heather Samson but I wasn't aware that she could work with someone via e-mail! I live in Toronto and was so disappointed when I realized that she is in Ottawa. I will definitely contact her. Thanks, again!
At 12:09pm on April 6, 2010, Laura Coffey said…
I'm curious about your "vacuum" metaphor. It is one of the first things I remember you saying to me..."nature abhors a vacuum", I'll never forget it. Now here I see it again. I comment because,I'm a Narrative therapist and will borrow your metaphor in a heart beat, but also because it is so effective, paints such a strong visual image as to make the comment attached to it almost impossible to forget. Do you remember the origins of this metaphor?

I'll talk to Tina about getting a video of CC on U-tube. She'll probably want to wait until he's done shedding his winter coat. I'll keep you posted. Laura
At 12:09pm on April 6, 2010, Laura Coffey said…
Hi Jan,
It's a rainy day so I have a bit of extra time to fill in the blanks. You are so smart, the cut and paste worked beautifully.
I've been doing as instructed and am surprised how sensitive Dee is to my seat. He is still not happy about having his mouth touched but that will come.

I took a lunge lesson on my trainers 2nd level horse last week. God it felt good to ride a horse that knew his job! It made me realize with great clarity that water seeks it's own level, and I had lost a lot of ground because of the time I spend trying to accommodate for the antics of a hot, inexperienced, horse. I called my trainer an made arrangements to have her ride Dee weekly. She will describe her schooling process to me and then assigning homework for Dee and I to work on during the week. If I'm doing something wrong she's going to be able to feel it when she rides, that's when Dee and I need a lesson together.

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