Hii, my pony has a sunburn on her muzzel :( what do you do for that or what do you put on it?

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Sun screen! Just like for people, but maybe get a sensitive skin one if you can find it. If it's really chapped try some vaseline to moisten it up really good, but sun screen should help to moisturize too, though perhaps not as much.
Sun screen definitely works. Sunscreen for children would work for Moocow's suggestion about one for sensitive skin. Also the vaseline is great, but DO NOT put it on BEFORE your horse goes out in the sun, as that will cause more of a burn. It is great to put on for overnight though.
A WATERPROOF sunscreen so that she doesn't sweat it off or rub it off when she eats grass! Give her muzzle a good coating and let it dry before you send her out to the paddock.
I used to have to do this with my first horse and it worked well.
The best for protescting your horses muzzle is Penaten. It is a diaper rash cream but it is super thick so they do not rub it off as fast. I used it on all of my show horses and they never burned!
Penaten is a great sun block! At summer camp all the swim instructors would wear a little of it on their noses!!
Penaten!! I couldn't agreee more as it absolutely works!It is zinc based so stays on well and causes no irritation on sensative skin.
Thanks so muchh, for all your advice. I will try it on my pony Lacey, thanks again!
I find Aloe Vera Gel works wonders on sunburn, its all natural as well so it wont matter if your pony tries to lick it off! It wont protect skin from the sun but works a treat as a kind of after sun. Use high factor sun cream during the day then gently wash it off and apply the aloe vera at night. Good luck xxxx
My only pink muzzled horse wipes the sun screen off on the other horses, so I have made a little "curtain" that slides onto the noseband of his halter. It's important that it's made of something that won't cling to his nose when it gets wet and block his nostrils - mine was made from thin neoprene. It works a treat :)

Hello, I have a pink nose on my horse and I use a Sunscreen called, KINesys. Its a clear alcohol - free spray, Oil free and spf/fps 30. No dirt or grim sticks to it and it looks like there is nothing there, I have used it for 5 years with great results. Its goes in my saddle bags for me and my horse. I live in a 30 + degree sun belt so I use it all the time. I use the kids one and only reaply if prolonged water playing. there is the web site for more info www.kinesys.com
Sunscreen works but a fly mask with a long nose on it works better. One of my three year olds sunburns easily and the mask has been the best solution for me. I found that the sunscreen helps but I have to apply it a couple times a day.

Also, if you have any clover in your pasture make sure its not alsike clover. It causes hypersensitivity to the sun.
Sunscreen is what I use for my horse and if the sunburn is really hurting, I guess use the same stuff that you would use. But like Moocow said, maybe get a sensitive skin one.


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