simple and easy let me just ask....


What do you think is the reason why a horse is bullyish towards strangers? 


What are your suggestions to do something about it? 


Have you seen any good training videos or tools used to properly introduce a bully horse to new people...



Short background.  My horse, Oliver, he is very docile with me..... and anyone he knows he's sweet... but new people, borderline kind of dangerous... it saddens me to have a horse that I love that I cannot trust with my friends or family and I would love some easy steps to start with as this problem has got to be resolved or Oliver will not ever be able to leave my yard without my trainer.  I'm not sure if I trigger it or not... he is an orphaned horse, I raised him.. I just wonder what is going on with him... he is sweet/scary.....

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Toby is not the only horse that likes bamboo. When I kept my first stallion (as a colt) in my backyard in Charlotte one of our neighbors had a batch of bamboo that was invading our yard, and my colt LOVED eating the bamboo when it sprouted and successfully kept it down. He only ate the soft sprouts, just as they came above the ground. He also took care of the poison ivy.
OMG mate!!!! you are doing fabulous!!! (my child is asking me what all my noise is about lol so happy for you!)

you are doing so well!! keep it up... little things will always happen that is life every single moment is not perfect but you can get it all ideal and you are doing it!!
Hi, Jennifer:

Your latest post is just the best news! I am so thrilled for you and Oliver, and very glad that your trainer's on board as well. You've done some super work - keep it up!
You guys are super good friends, thanks...... :) Oliver's eyes don't look so squinty either and he's loosening up and softening his attitude but my favorite part is that he is so vocal..... whenever he sees me now he sort of talks to me..... he has many voices.... very cute.... :) when I find my battery charger for my camera I might shoot a video.... :)
Please do get the talking on film on video. That sounds so neat. Right after I fell off of him he whinnied at me when he'd see me and he had just a couple of times before but after a couple of weeks back on the recovery lane he quit talking to me but was usually still coming to me when I'd arrive at the barn. Right now he either doesn't come to me or I start out to him and then he comes slowly most of the way. When he won't come all the way, I'm left wondering if I'm doing something to distance him. But he seems fine once we are together and he does usually come most of the way. Time will tell. Might be the Slobbers or just the hotter weather or the combination.
So glad you are having sooooo much good progress. Very very wonderful. You've sure put forth the effort.
It is really nice to have a trainer that I can be honest with. I've known Steve for 6 years..... and he trains horses and is learning about training people.... I am sort of his project student..... because I told him I'm in it for the super long haul and he will always be with us.... He's like Oliver's dad and I'm like his Jr. trainer and mom I guess but what I love about Steve is that now he's not scared for my safety anymore.. I can tell that he is seeing the relationship... I can tell that he is actually intrigued because he tells me that my horses dig me..... I'm not saying this to be a smart ass or a big ego person but because it's interesting to see a person that knows so many horses and riders be enthusiastic for me that I took it slow but that I got what I said I wanted from the getgo... relationship training and communication of horse language, which Steve is a master at... ..... he says now he's meeting more and more people that want to ride less but work on the ground and in the herd dynamics of the horses, which is really what he teaches..... he knows how to teach to ride too but he doesn't start there.... naysayers will pooh pooh the idea of the money and the time over 6 years of training to be where I am.... but comeon.. if I can trust my horse, have a relationship and get working up to trailriding, competitive trail riding and trailering around the county then I can move forward with a horse that has the biggest heart and smartest head because we kept figuring out how to develop him and how to make him the best horse he can be besides, really, Steve works with my horse and he is soft, supple and apparently a dream to ride... ...... and so ya, Steve is on board.... and I love that he is constantly willing to learn.... he was saying things like, oh my he's drooling, lol... I see it but I don't really get how it works, I can't wait to see more...... whatever I do that keeps Oliver in my home, keeps him calm, and keeps him happy he enjoys.. but he does say that Oliver is a wierd horse.. much less afraid and much more overly familiar and friendly than most horses..... so we are trying to just work with what we got and not over think it.... :) I work on developing Olivers mind and emotional part and steve works on physical and mental..... which also helps Oliver emotionally.... but here is a man that is a super skilled horseman, for over 45 years asking his student what I've been up to, what I'm reading, what I'm learning... and then we talk about it and try it... and never really criticize and eventhough Oliver is an experiment in wild orphaned horses, we keep trying with him..... and see how to make him awesome.... :)

I'm sorry but my horse is gorgeous..... Stacey Westfall eat your heart out!! LOL.... for anyone that is just getting into their new horse or horses, this is a horse that has never been moved from his original home since he was 8 weeks old and he just turned 5... I do believe in longevity in the relationship if at all possible so that you and your horse have a really strong and lenghty bond..... that's just where I come from and doesn't mean anything to anyone.... I just can't wait to spend the rest of his life with him... :) Oliver Idaho.... :)
I like your thinking. Some of the ways you talk about Oliver do remind me of Cash and I don't mean cause they are both horses. The other things like being more friendly with you, big heart, smart brain, strong bond etc. I'm still thrilled at the idea of him coming back to me the other day when I had him off line in the arena and he decided to come back rather then going off to eat grass.
Most Western Riders probably don't take lessons as long as you have but Dressage riders seem to take lesson forever and the higher up they go the more expensive the trainers get. I think you have made a good investment with Steve and Oliver.
I'm not trying to take anything away from you and Oliver~~just sharing with you that it seems we are like minded in the deeper things with our horses.
And yes, Oliver is gorgeous!!
Hey Shirley.... you know what else I learn about horses? Is that sometimes you try something today but what worked today was what didn't work last time..... my demonstration this morning was dismal... Oliver was pretty much in a wierd mood, but I was able to show Steve my assertive side and getting him where I wanted to go eventhough the clicker didn't work too good... Oliver trotted around and moved his feet for me which we all know he didn't used to do... so Steve and I had our usual good time. .... so what I couldn't do last time I did but what I tried today didn't work, LOL..... oh well.... I did get some good clicker examples for him with my amazing Toby who is just such a much easier horse than Oliver to move around... :) and my sprinklers are working...

and yes, it's awesome that Cash stayed with you instead of going for the grass... that sister is all ya get sometimes with these big guys... but that is what its all about... :) Steve kept asking me why are you clicking he's not doing anything you ask.... and I said no he's not, he's in a rotten mood... but every time he softens or gives me his attention I click...... I'm going for behavior modification and it can take time.. my sprinklers are fixed and it's the weekend!! woohoo!!
You are so right! Tonight Cash did walk in to me when I called. He moseyed very slowly but he came from the very back of the pasture. Hot and buggy. Still very few flies but there was some little bee-like things out tonight that were very annoying to Cash and I. The bug spray helped him! I should have put some on myself. We have lots of bees in the pasture cause of the over abundance of clover. The bees are loving the clover. Apparently they don't get the Slobbers! lol

Have a great week-end with your sprinklers. Are those for you, the horses or the lawn?
Lawn? I wish...... it's for me, my horses and the dust to be kept down to a roar.... :)
So you aren't having problems with the clover growing or getting a fungus from wet & humid weather conditions that causes our horses to have the Slobbers?! LOL
Pros and cons to most things in life!
Enjoy the week-end.


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