hello, and as the title says, my yearling has dandruff, and I assume from the dry weather, and his skin is dry. So I have been feeding him soaked Super 8 high fat 20, half a coffee can of sweet feed, and 1/2 cup of milled flax. I am wondering if to help his dry skin, I could give him 1/3 to 1/2 cup of canola oil?

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I know corn oil works well, but I'm not certain about canola oil. 1/4 cup per day doesn't seem like too much, but for a foal even that might be a lot. I'd leave a message for the Purina people here. They'll know for certain.
he is almost 2 actually..He will be 2 in May. Corn oil..Well I do not have any at home, but I will purchase some, I am pretty sure the amount is fine as my riding instructor feeds her weanlings that amount.
Hi, Sassy!

I think you're feeding enough fat, and the horse's metabolism doesn't really care what the fat source is (as icky as it sounds horses metabolize animal fat just fine). The milled flax and High Fat 20 are addressing the dietary issue already, so I don't think you need to spend more money.

I do think you're right on about the dryness of the air where you are, and the violent temperature fluctuaions Alberta experiences just make things harder. As it warms up employ some major elbow grease with a rubber curry, and dig the oil out of his skin and move it through his coat. He'll be grey and sticky when you're done, but continued work with the curry and a body brush will take that out, and he'll be left with a glossy shine. It's very hard to keep that kind of grooming up through AB winters, and it's not even a good idea if your horses live out. That sticky grey layer insulates the horses and keeps moisture from attacking the skin, but spring's on the way so feel free to dig that stuff out.

I groom for some of our international team members, and there's nothing like major grooming to improve skin conditions and coat conditions. You will, unfortunately, have to eat a lot of hair along the way, but what the heck, we all need more fibre, right?
sounds good, he is blanketted as he is a very hard keeper (most people think he is a TB since he is so fine and thin but he is pure QH bred)

We cannot brush much also because of the winter, but I believe he was like this last year, and some brushing, a good few baths with a good moisturizing shampoo throughout the summer, and show sheen with moisturizer, makes him all nice and shiny..just a few more months.. first bath I give is in June by the way..
BOSS is sometimes helpful. Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.

I've used BOSS in combo with corn oil and Hi Fat Hi Fibre and yes a TON of elbow grease to correct a similiar situation.

I actually started with the elbow grease and massive amount of it, LOL. But eventually consulted with a vet and decided to try the dietary supplementation.

Together it worked a charm.

Good luck!
I've always found that grooming - good regular brushing will help to exfoliate. If the dandruff is found in small areas - try a topical solutions like Fiske's hoof and Hide balm - it's all natural and anti fungal too so can work wonders. (www.fiskes.ca)

Good luck


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