I have tried for a long time to sell a couple of horses that are roan...very good bloodlines, cheap prices( maybe too cheap) and generally I find that even though I mention their colour in the ads, that when pics are sent,
the colour of them is a turn off....what do you think? Would you by a horse of a different colour?

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I like odd colored Arabs, mainly because that was all I could afford!!! Luckily I think that Sabino Arabs are beautiful and I REALLY like light chestnuts with flaxen manes and tails. Roan? No problem (except for breeding to another roan), I'd just want a good, sane and sound horse if I got back into owning horses again.
Hey Jackie, What happens if you breed two roans? Is it like lethal white?

Also I dont think roan exists in arabs, only that rose grey that sometimes is called "red roan".
Sorry, I was working on info decades old. I just looked it up, and they have disproven the occurence of the lethal roan syndrome by finding horses homozygous for roan. So I guess it is fine to breed two roans together.
There have been Arabs with roaning in their coats since the desert. For some REALLY odd reason, the Arab Registry decided not to register roan as a color decades ago. At the same time they also discontinued registering Arabs as BROWN, so a lot of registered blacks may really be brown. I do not know if they have changed back to reflect the reality that both roan and brown Arabs exist. It may be that a lot of the roaning signs also appear in the Sabino Arabs, like at the flank and at the base of the tail. It also may be that the Arab roaning is different from the dominant roaning gene. I don't know, I'll try to remember to research it later.
I do know that a really interestingly roaned mare was thrown out of the studbook in the 1930's or 1940's (?) for excessive roaning (not characteristic of Arabs) even though her blood was just the same as the dominant lines at that time. At that time the registry was also refusing to register some pure Arabs from Saudi Arabia because of conformation faults. I will really have to do some digging to find that article (about the roan mare), it was written about 30-some years ago so it may take me a while to find it.
I've seen Arabs increasing in roaning as they age, mostly on the head, flank and tail head. These horses are not grey, and some of them don't even have a grey parent. I have also seen equally old Arabs without the white hairs.
Yes Jackie Sabino definately has a roaning type efect sometimes. I dont know if it actually is a combination of white markings, or if it is roan and sabino inherited seperately. Ive seen it on paints.

I dont know if Paints "officially" come in the sabino pattern but I've seen otherwise solid paints in my neighborhood that had 4 tall white socks, a blaze face, a belly spot, and some of that roaning in the flanks and barrel.

some Welsh ponies where I used to board were this color also
I think you just have to market them a little differently. Perhaps put in your opening line "Stunning ROAN" or something like that. Roans are just about as popular as duns and cream factored horses. I know I've been looking for a decent roan mare to put to one of my stallions.
This year I've been attacked by a variety of colours at the most extreme spectrums of their particular colour-it's awesome-and a roan would have been cool to have. I got a grey-close enough I suppose lol.
Ohhh THIS Is a Great Thread and comes at a Very Appropriate time for me, as I JUST purchased a 16.0 hh minimal spot APHA (American Paint Horse Association) mare, who’s bay with one small spot on her side, 2 sox (one which goes up over her knee) a largish odd shaped blaze …and here’s the kicker … both her eyes are Ice Blue!! (talk about a Real Turn Off for some …lol)
I bought her because I LOVE her breeding!! .. There’s Loads of “Run” (Thoroughbreds) in her top line .. Loads of “performance” and “halter/confirmation” champions (AQHA & APHA) in her Dam‘s line.

As far as colour … I NEVER Want to be Locked in Someone Else’s tiny little box, where I‘m told “This colour is acceptable, this one is NOT” …pffftttttt …. *laughing* …
( I blame most of my “attitude” on my Native American heritage )
I LOVE Odd colored horses!!!
Always Have .. Always Will!!
I’m certain that Every One is Unique in their opinions of what colours are Gorgeous, and what colours are not!!! … and in my Opinion, THAT’S as It SHOULD Be!!!

And as far as breeds and breed crosses go???
Unless you’re riding a Przewalski's horse … You’re riding a cross breed!!

Jenal … I’m betting if you’re not getting your horses sold .. It has more to do with the economy, or maybe “where” you’re advertising, and the way you’re wording your ad for them .. then their colour.
my advice is to Stay Positive, and NEVER be afraid to think Outside the box!!
~ Barby
Barby, I don't do well put in anyone's little box either! Yeah, us!!!
Breeding for color within a certain group or breed can bring on many challenges. Many of the individuals within a certain breed, of a certain color or pattern will likely share ancestries. To me the very Idea of breeding for color within a breed is hard to figure out.

When you are dealing with Warmbloods or "crossbreds", you will be dealing with a much more diverse genetic make-up and therefore the chances of too many coinciding genes, because of striving for a certain color become far less.
hahaha~! To each his own i suppose, but personally, I prefer "odd" colours. Grulla, Dun, Liver Chestnut, Roan (Blue esp!) etc. the less "ordinary" the better! We actually take colour into serious consideration with our breeding program specializing in precisely those "odd" colours. One of my favorite's in the field right now is our Palomino Dun filly, she has deeper gold dorsal and leg sripes with a white mane and tail! Bays, greys and chestnuts are everywhere, and maybe because I grew up on the racetrack and show circuits I'm totally bored of them, but really.. who wants to be like everyone else anyway?
Love them. Check out my beautiful coloured dressage horse. I wanted a bay but this girl was too gorgeous to pass up.
I love color if the movement, conformation and mind are good as well.. this is a pic of my Oldenburg colt, Silent Sam, pictured here as a yearling. I am very happy with the way he's turning out.

I actually prefer the colored horses! They stand out in the ring and they often have this very playful personality. My mare is currently on a breeding farm that specializes in breeding colored thoroughbreds.
Beautiful horses with great manners and great conformation.


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