From now until June 30, everyone is invited to submit a photo, story or poem on the themes of Partnership or Courage for the chance to win one of three amazing prizes. We wish to thank William Micklem for his kind generosity in donating:

*The Micklem Multi Bridle
*The new Micklem Competition Bridle
*William's international best-seller, The Complete Horse Riding Manual

William is renowned as the consummate horseman. His revolutionary design is changing the way we think about bridles and his training philosophy is followed by some of the world's most accomplished riders. To learn more about William, visit his website at:

Your entry can be long or short and you can add a photo with a story or on its own! Post your entries in the comment box below. Good Luck!!

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WE are partners-
I, horse, play your games
I, horse, try to understand
I, horse, give good advice
All I ask is the freedom to move to fulfill your desires.

I, human, try to "speak" clearly
I, human, work to expand our possibilities
I, human, learn to listen to you, horse
All I ask is to learn your unique motion.

We gain courage from each other
Giving each other the freedom to give
Joyfully exploring all the ways of moving
Knowing how we can trust each other
And learning to never betray that trust

Because you are riding me/
Because you are under me
Each of us has the courage to go on.
Holly The Dolly

My Name is Holly,
I’m such a dolly.
I’m so sweet
It’s such a treat.

My Owners Sarah
She’s such a career,
She and I
See eye to eye.

I jump so high,
It’s like we fly,
We have gone so far
Like a shining star.

We’re not finished yet,
Without a threat
We’ll show them all
We’re the best of all.

By Sarah O’Loughlin

Picture says it all ... I love my boy and looks like he loves me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love all these replies. I admit, I'm tearing up a bit!
To my wonderful chestnut mare

I run a loving eye over your glistening, rich russet coat,
Its dapples and shine radiate your health, your happiness,
It shows nothing of your past, no glimmer of pain, no hint of fear.

I touch you, with a steady, calming hand and gaze into your eyes.
Soft, warm whickering breaths are returned to me,
You show no sign of tension, no flicker of fright, no ounce of uncertainty.

And then I realise,
How I have succeeded where others have failed,
How we have conquered the doubts, the ridicule, the 'impossible'.

How my dear friend have we ended up here?
It seems so simple now, all that was lacking from your past,
All that you needed for your future , all that now makes us great...........

This is a wonderful testment to your wonderful horse. I love the way you expressed what you
feel for your horse. Good Job.


Casper, trying to eat my camera: "you got any treats?"
I know exactly how you feel. This is well written and you sound like your horse is very
important to your life. I understand that for sure. I have a rescue horse who I love so much as
well. Good JOb.




This is the first stallion I ever rode, a Polish Arabian. He changed the way I rode forever. He was a reining horse and was trained to stop from the seat. I had spent years mostly riding off my hands. He taught me to be a better rider and use my aids more independently. It was either that or I got to harrow the arena with my face. We won a lot of ribbons together, rode many miles of trail, and spent countless hours carefully combing out his mane and tail!! He is a very special horse, and will always hold a place in my heart.


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