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I had a wonderful ride today. The arthritic mare I'm riding is starting to respond to the supplements. I had to warm her up, but after a while she started loosening up. After some rest she gave me the first turn on the forehand I've been able to get from her, went to a turn on the hind quarter, and after a few more minutes and another rest she, for the first time not only extended her walk but kept it up for a few minutes without me having to use my leg at all! Every other time I had to use my legs, alternating, for each stride. I rode along resting my legs with a BIG smile on my face, as I've been working for this for over a year.
I felt like I was floating on a cloud, so smooth and so sure a motion, just like I dreamed it would be.
Fantabulous! We worked on shoulder in on a 20m circle and threw in some spirals and hill work. finally got some decent lateral work to the left (both of our's weaker sides)
N/A.... wouldn't ride on a smokey fire day anyway.. but I haven't ridden in a long time.... I posted why on another thread. can't remember where... glad you guys are having good rides and have good horses to ride. :)
I did not get to ride today... office day, but i did sneak out this morning to be in the field with flint for a couple of hours!!

TOO CUTE!! And kudos on the clinic with the H/J kids....and the clip on the TV news!
I am so thrilled this question was asked... My ride today was fantastic!
Merci dumped me yesterday because of a bird in the corner of the outdoor arena, so when I got to the barn today I wasnt even sure I would ride.
But she seemed to know I was a bit stiff & sore, and when I was grooming her she told me she would be gentle.
So I tacked up & headed to the outdoor again (beautiful night!).
We walked for about 5 min, & then trotted for the first time!!
My ride was only 10 min long, but it was perfect. Tara
I don't ride my 27 year old much because he's a little scared away from home, alone... we went on a glorious walk though yesterday..... just a flat walk cuz he's out of shape... and then my mustang colt and I, we worked on manners and energy... I don't want to ride him till he's better mannered..... we have so much work to do. :) but we played in the sprinklers.... and practiced body language and stuff..... I want to lead him, then I'll ride him bareback, then trails, here we come... he's 4 and I figure we'll be riding daily by the time he's 7 or 8.. sorry, I'm slow and boring...
Oh my gosh, my ride yesterday was crazy!! First of all, I took my daughter and her friend. Her friend is the one who introduced me to the place so she's been there before. At first we just took out the 2 horses I lease, but the owner offered to let us use a third horse since we were three. While my daughter went with her to pull out the horse, I was observing her friend on my little mare Tuffy. She was springing around in an unusual way so I asked Morgan to trot her in a straight profile so I could watch her move. She was favoring her hind end in a way I've never seen before, kind've bouncing from foot to foot and pulling her hind legs up high...hmmm..had to take Tuffy back to be checked out immediately. So, we pulled another horse. Sounds fine except for I had to saddle, unsaddle, resaddle, etc, all those horses. Then I spent a bunch of my time getting off and on to fix stirrups(theirs), and reins(theirs), and finally to trade horses with my daughter, who got the new horse and wanted to ride Billy(my horse), because she is familiar with him. Worst of all, her friend Morgan took a dive when her horse took off with her. Even though I was screaming Whoa, she never pulled back on the horse. Un-nerving to say the least!! Fortunately, she is ok, a little shaken up but the only thing broken was her cell phone.OOOPS!! I usually get a lot of relaxation when I ride but not yesterday! On the bright side, my actual riding time was great, I rode three different horses in one day!!
I have not rode today yet but my ride the last 5 days has been amazing. I was planning on selling my 12 year old appy gelding but have changed my mind because he's like a totally different horse and i wasn't sure if i was going to be able to part with him as i've had him since he was born.
He used to be really bad for riding, he's got attitude, i've got bucked off a couple times, but the last 5 days of riding he's been amazing. So i plan to keep him. Lots of work to do though. Right now i'm working on jumping, he's jumped 3' without a rider, right now were only jumping about1' LOL, he loves to jump but needs work with form and not getting so excited and I haven't been jumping very long either.
I'm also going to start some reining with him over the winter:)

My ride tonight will be right after dinner, hopefully it's good.
sounds Ok anyway, for you! nexty time if the trainer says woa, you better listen.
I'ts not that hard to get along with equines, everything seems to revolve around familiarity/routine though


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