Yesterday I got the following message from Chris Irwin:


Hello All,


Please take a moment to view the two attached links regarding the travesty that happened last weekend at the Festival of the Horse in England when Pat Parelli attempted to resolve a problem with the horse Catwalk, owned and ridden by British show jumping icon Robert Whitaker.  And please post on as many networking websites as possible.  For my Dutch friends, please post this on Bokt.nl.  For everyone else, please help stir this pot.  Enough is enough!!


The first link illustrates the outrage that so many people feel after witnessing the shameful event.  




The second link is to a very provocative video blog response to the sham by Canadian horseman Chris Irwin.  






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I fail to see what damage Chris Irwin has done ?? He wasn't shanking on a horses head so I don't understand why he would have to make an apology. Since when is self promotion such a bad thing, if it was then Pat Parelli would be the baddest on the bad lol. I think it's a classic case, with Mr Parelli, of the emperor's new clothes. The more people that stand up for the rights of the horse the better, clearly no-one at the horse show in question had anything to say while this was going on, and for that they should be truly ashamed.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with self promotion...but true self promotion, that which comes from a genuine and heartfel confidence t in ones' own method, focusses on "I'm good, and here's why..." not on "I'm good because I'm better than him, and here's all the things that are wrong with him"....and that's what Chris did, and always seems to do. Chris IS good and he should focus on that rather than spending his time beating down the competition - if he did that my respect for him would (as a person and as a trainer) be restored..I've never lost respect for his method, but Chris the person gets in the way, to often to the detriment of his message.. .
A very very good point. :) I like the way you put it.
Wise vaquero once said "Cowboy should not take on horse with more cajones".
I didn't think Irwin's video seemed very sincere at all and im surprised no one else noticed how rehearsed it was too much sighing and hand gestures that had been exaggerated, having a quiet horse resting over his shoulder to make him look like some sort of saint. I think it was more about making a gain of more fans that had lost interest in Parelli and getting his name out there to people who up until this display of abuse by parelli had no idea who he was. I believe he was hoping that as horse lovers were infuriated by Parelli's display would look to the 'related' links on youtube and find him there instead. It seems to me like nothing more than a playground squabble with one person trying to gain more friends than the other and the other not displaying what he has preached for so long.

Bottom line. Parelli should quit, realize that he is ignorant short tempered and nothing more than a money grabbing scam artist, and Irwin should have not resorted to such an Unprofessional stunt to gain more views and admirers.
Had to say something.
I have watched Irwin's response about 5 times and every time it becomes less and less sincere. He is trying so hard it hits you in the face the sighing he keeps doing is loud and blatantly obvious ,and the way he is handling the horse is very rehearsed to make him look like a fantastic and gentle horseman, he has picked the dopeyest and quietest horse to use as a prop. I ask people to go to the link and watch this man as he talks and his actions and then try and tell me that you don't see it too

I find this video unbelievable and I have lost any respect for either of them that I may have had in the past (bearing in mind I have never heard of Irwin and have only ever seen brain dead and bored looking animals come out of the 'parelli' way).

The likes of Parelli and Irwin need to stop preaching about how 'wonderful' their techniques are, parelli has shown this kind of disgusting abusive behavior before, it's not the first time, and his wife is just as bad as well, there is nothing gentle, or natural about the way he goes about treating problem horses, and I will always believe that he is in it for the money, not the horses, I am shocked that people stayed and watched for 2 hours, after two minutes I would have been shouting across the arena and maybe roped up his leg and dragged him around for the next hour or so.

I hope that the people who have spent loads of money on silly props like carrot sticks had a wake up call and realized that anyone with enough time, effort and understanding can create wonderful results and a beautiful partnership without attending clinics run by scam artists or buying lines and playing games to prod a horse into submission.

There are 13 year olds that you can watch on youtube that have done nothing but spend time loving their ponies and they can get more out of their pony than any of these grown men ever could, there are children teaching their horses high school dressage moves, fantastic tricks, riding without tack, showing real talent, they don't preach to others, they don't ask people to come watch them, and most of the time they don't realize how good they are, they post their videos to inspire others, not to advertise themselves in order to make money and gain fans or to slag off another persons methods.

Please grow up gentlemen.
I like Chris Irwin alot but I totally agree with you Ayesha... I was sort of embarrassed for him that he made the video.... it was more for him than the horse I thought... bummer....

I don't know jack about horses but I agree with you.. I'm seeing that my patience and love is getting me a nice horse.... hm..... :) you go girl... I'm so glad you are here.. it's been a fun week chatting with you. Jen, Toby and Oliver...
Aww you're a sweetie. Thank you. Have a wonderful week what's left of it, and a lovely weekend with the ponies :)
good comment justice!!
I have studied many trainers, all the pros...have a trainer here too that is brilliant... I've learned though that for me, it is about the energy and the relationship... no trainer can teach me that... I have to get that with Toby and Oliver.... I quit watching trainig videos.... Chris Irwin and Ponyboy helped me the most though.... and I do like their energy..... if that makes sense... I watch trainers where the horse is comfortable and willing.... that is all I care about.... each demonstration between trainer and horse is a new opportunity to learn bout connection... it's sort of case by case... Parelli and whatshisface.. I forget the horses name, did not have a connection... at all.... usually he does way better than that. :) I get what you are saying.....
I find that there is no substitute for the good old English way of horsemanship, followed by the old Western horsemen. Some of the riding is better today (jumping, cross-country) but the ideals of the old British school of horsemanship have never failed me. Subtract the brutal initial training of most Western horses back then, some of the old Western riders were really up there (Californio riders-spade bit.)
People depended more on horses back then. There has always been a need in America for the quick, simple, and effective retraining of ruined horses and several horsemen made their livings giving demonstrations of "taming" horses ruined by humans--Rarey, Beery and Hayes, for example, in the late 1800's. Their methods were quick, reasonably effective if the horse's handlers owners learned proper horse handling, and not particularly brutal for their time. Beery actually had a residential school to teach young men basic horsemanship so that his "taming" methods never needed to be used. (AND Berry highly recommended safety equipment for the horse during the "taming" process.)
A lot of the "modern" NH methods are copied from these old horsemen, they just seem to stretch the process out more. I've noticed when the modern NH stars come upon a problem they can't solve in a half hour they either go to brutality or they go to the methods of these old horsetamers. I prefer the later, especially when done properly, but a lot of the modern NH people don't seem to know how to do them properly.
I am all about the relationship and my trainer has rounded up mustangs on foot, an entire herd...... he has taught patience to me, and Oliver... we are all very patient with each other. Do you know how much flack we get????? that I don't ride my 5 year old? That I'm not out in the wash on trailrides??? it's sad that good trainers that take their time get crappo for it... people will say things like "I want to ride in the rodeo in 2 weeks and I need him ready".. and Steve just has to say no..... my horse is five.. he's like in second grade now...... we figure by the time he's 7 or 8 he is going to be an amazing trail horse..... and he's going to know so many important things.... but 7 years of lessons is alot of money..... I had to just make it a priority and give up lots of things to have someone teach me like this..... the owners of horses need to either commit or just be okay with their horse living in the back yard.... it's not a crime to just have and love a horse and teach it what you can in a long amount of time.. horses just need attention.... :) consistency and patience... patience is not what nh horses teach.. because our fast paced society... anyway, spending TIME with Oliver has really gotten us to doing a little more every day.. it's so fun to bring him along....


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