Most Embarrassing Place You Wear Your Riding Clothes

Hi Everyone,
Do you ever stop off at the grocery store or drug store on you way home from the barn, STILL in your riding clothes? How about going out for lunch after a ride?
Where is the most embarrassing place you ever wear your riding clothes?

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I once had to stop at the library on my way home from riding. I was pretty much stared at untill I left! lol
I also go to resturants when I'm at horse shows but there are usually a lot of horse people around so I don't feel to out of place.
When our stable is at an out of state horseshow, our trainers always take everybody there out to eat. One time we were in St. Louis, and we wwent to this really fancy italian resturant. Since everybody had finished pretty late, everybody was still in there breeches, zocks, and shirts! one person even wore her helmet in to "Disguise" her awful helmet hair. When we went in, everybody gavew us weird looks. the whole stable strutted around the restuirant like "ya, we now that we've been riding, and we're proud of it!!!":) LOL
Most of the time when my mom takes me to the barn, she has to go somewhere afterwards. So one day on the way to the barn she says she got to go pick something up from the mall. Normally she would tell me if we were going somewhere afterwards so i could bring extra clothes to change into. (but i end up forgetting shoes so i have to wear my paddock boats anyway) So I have no idea where we are going untill she pulls up infront of a MALL ! Not just any mall. One that all the prissy girls go to to buy their clothes. I wanted to stay in the car, but of course my mom wanted to show me something inside. So yes, i had to walk through the mall in my breeches, with my paddock boots and half chaps, and dont forget the helmet hair.
oh jeez, I've been everywhere in riding pants! the worst would probably be over to my hot neighbours house. they have two dogs, and having horse slime, barn dirt, the smell AND two huge dogs crawling all over you just aint that attractive.
Im proudest of myself when I wear my riding cloths out :D Never embarrassed. I wear my riding stuff anywhere I might need to go (much to my mothers horror) because those are the cloths that make me feel happiest. I get odd looks sometimes, but mostly its looks from people going "hey, she rides too!"
I live in downtown Chicago, and commute out to the barn, so when I leave my apartment people stare at me like I'm absolutely crazy. I sometimes then have to go straight to work ( a shoe store ) and change in the bathroom, and I think most of the people I work with have never set foot in a barn.
I have walked into our local Starbucks a few times in breeches and tall boots. Only a few people actually get why I am dresses like that, the rest of them just give me an odd look over their latte.
I am never embarrassed about wearing my riding clothes in public. I even went to class in my breeches and half chaps one day when I didn't have time to go home and change after a ride. Nobody seemed to care. I did get some odd looks but all my friends and the prof knew I was a rider so they didn't think much of it. I ride at home and there are times my mom will ask me to run a errand right before or after riding and I never bother changing, I just go as is to save time.
I am in my breeches for the day! I will also go out to eat with friends and clients after working at the barn late and not having a change of cloths and often yes i am the only one dressed like this. The best is when i go out for a quick bite to eat with friends who do not ride and are all clean. The other good one is when you go to pick up food in show cloths...
I live in a small cowboy town so lots of people walk around with mud on their boots and hay on their clothes. But since I ride English I do get some funny looks at the coffee shop or grocery store in my breeches, tall boots, and flat hair.
Okay, this is the most embarrassing moment ever when wearing my riding gear..... breeches and long boots.... I stopped off at a grocery store after riding, bought my groceries, and as I was returning to my car, a man came up to me and handed me a business card asking if I would do a porn movie in my riding clothes! Yuck.......
Actually someone told me they found "riding pants" at the superstore, so maybe they are just coming into style. I did love the comments my friends and I got walking out of McDonald's on the way home from the show- one guy asked where we parked our horses and the other commented they hadn't seen any horses in the parking lot- now that time we had breeches, tall boots, show jackets and helmets on.


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