Most Embarrassing Place You Wear Your Riding Clothes

Hi Everyone,
Do you ever stop off at the grocery store or drug store on you way home from the barn, STILL in your riding clothes? How about going out for lunch after a ride?
Where is the most embarrassing place you ever wear your riding clothes?

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Yep, have to save time where I can and changing clothes after riding to pick up my son from Monitisourri school in the afternoon and then running errons everywhere with the kids I don't have time to change outta my riding clothes. I don't think people would know who I am if I wasn't in anything else. lol
When I was growing up there was this one local restaurant everyone seemed to go to. Sometimes a group of riders would come in from the local riding stable. They wore breeches and tall boots or cowboy boots. I'd just sigh and look longingly knowing they'd been riding or hanging out at the barn.

So I don't feel embarrassed going to Tim Horton's before heading to the barn or doing the groceries before I go home after the barn. I have my riding clothes on and I have certain t-shirts designated as barn shirts. Smeared with dirt and horse slobber that won't wash out. They're my hard won badges of honor. After longing for my own horse for so long and finally buying myself one I wear my riding gear with pride. That's my story and I'm stickin to it!

I've even worn my Kerrits boot-cut pants to work. Clean of course! Because they're so comfortable and damn they look good! LOL
Nothing like meeting non horsey friends for dinner, not having time to shower and clean up, changing my clothes at the stable, showing up for dinner, and a friend pulls a piece of hay out of my hair.
I try not to run any errands when I am dressed for riding - but there have been a few times where I realized a store was closing in 20 mins and I had not been yet. (one instance was the liquor store on a Friday afternoon). I hopped in the truck and high tailed it there in breeches, paddock boots, half chaps and spurs... yes... I had a few double takes. Ah well, it is a small town and I am sure I am solidly now in the realm of crazy horse lady too..
We go for breakfast many times in our riding clothes. Grocery shopping for sure.
I'm not usually bothered or embarrassed about where I go in my riding clothes except this one time four of us were starving after working at an equine outdoor trades fair where we were demoing one of our morgans in Liberty, plus it had been raining that day and all we wanted before driving 32 kms home was a really good meal. So we decided to go to where my daughters husband is a chef, at the poshist restaurant in town. We wandered in took our seats and felt very conspicuous, the waiter came by to take our orders and he was good with our funky smells. And we had a great meal which topped off a great day.
The other day on my way home from the barn, I wore my riding clothes into a store to choose some perfume for a friend. I'm sure the sales clerk was wondering how I could smell the samples over the lovely fragrance of horse sweat and barn dust!
I have went to the bar in my breeches and tall boots wearing a vest, it was a good thing I knew alot of people that wouldn't expect anything less from me. I've went to the mall grochary shopping. definatly the gas station. I used to work at a stable and I wore my stable cloths to the mall you can only imagine what I smelled like and my hat brim had particles of shavings on it. I was`a real mess. I worked at a power plant in the area and I used to change before I went to the barn in the winter and for a little while I got the strangest looks. I have not had the oppurtunity to wear my riding clothes outside the yard in a long time. though I do like the strange looks.
I go everywhere in my breeches, half chaps and spurs pretty much daily. I always feel ridiculous and I will never get used to it or not feel uncomfortable. I don't really have a choice though because I board two of my horses at a barn to use the indoor arena and work there 4 days a week. I also have 4 more horses at home, and haying them is always the last thing I do before I get in the car to go anywhere so I always have hay all over myself at the very least. I'm at the barn almost every day at either to ride or to work and ride, which I have a break in the middle of the day and have to go back for evening feed, so I go do my shopping or whatever then. Yesterday my husband and I went to have lunch and play pool at a bar. lol.
One night I got all dressed up and put on makeup, did my hair real nice and we went to our daughter's school play that she was in. Later that night we went to eat and my husband pulled a HUGE piece of hay out of my hair! I thought I was being careful when I hayed the horses because I was all dressed up, but you know how hay is. I wonder what the parents sitting near me at school were thinking. Good thing my daughter is only 8 and too young to be really embarrased by mom.
So glad to know it's not just me who wears horsey gear wherever I go!
I pretty much live in my jods or jeans, almost always have bits of hay or shavings stuck in my hair, and always smell of horse (or to be exact, horse muck!). I even went ball gown shopping with a good friend, some time ago, both of us in jods and mud spattered wellingtons. We got some pretty dirty looks off the shopping attendants, and could hear them blasting air freshener all around after we left the shop...oops!
My daughter and I usually stop at the grocery store after riding so she's always in breeches and boots or halfchaps. People look twice all the time. We sometimes dine out afterwards too, same thing. I'm not embarrassed by it.

The worst thing was standing in line at the LCBO recently and I hear someone behind me say there must be a farmer in here today, I realized it was me, my feet smelled.
Woman horse rider kicked out of Tesco store because she was 'too smelly'

By Dan Newling

Time was when the ripe smell of horses and livestock was an ordinary part of day to day living.

In modern Britain, however, the 'smell of the countryside' - like so many other harmless aspects of life - has been branded a health and safety menace.

Amateur horse rider Krys Gunton fell foul of the edict when she walked into her local supermarket in her jodhpurs and riding boots, having just finished an early morning ride.

She was astounded when, as she gathered her groceries, a security guard tapped her on the shoulder and told her: 'You're smelling too much'.
Krys Gunton

Horse rider Krys Gunton was shopping at her local Tesco store when a security guard asked her to leave because she was 'too smelly'

Miss Gunton, 29, said: 'At first I didn't understand him, but then it became clear that someone else in the shop had complained about the smell to him.

'He kept on repeating "you're smelling too much". I asked him what he thought I should do about it. He suggested that I should change my clothes.

'I just told him that I didn't have any spare clothes - and there was nowhere to change anyway. The whole situation was completely ridiculous as I didn't have any horse muck on me - just a but of mud.

'I was totally humiliated in front of a shop full of people and felt forced to dump my shopping and simply walk out of there.'

Miss Gunton, who works as university administrator in east London, said that she had spent an hour riding her horse, Monty, an eight year old gray Irish draught cross thoroughbred that morning.

As the horse is liveried at a nearby riding school, she had not mucked out the animal at all. Indeed, she claimed that the only mess on her clothes would have been some dried mud on her riding boots.

Miss Gunton said: 'Before I went in I made sure that I wasn't trailing mess everywhere. Anyway, it was not like I was covered in horse muck - it was just "eau de horse"!'

The incident happened on January 2nd at a branch of Tesco Metro in Romford, Essex. The store is located near rolling fields and is near a number of riding schools.

Miss Gunton claimed that other horse riders regularly use the shop, although she said this is the first time that she has heard of anyone being punished for it.

A Tesco spokesman said: ' The customer was asked politely to leave the store as she had manure on her riding boots which is of course not acceptable in a store which sells food."


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