For me personally, this video was the last straw:

Watch it, please; read the accompanying article here...

Ask yourself when enough is enough.

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Heather Moffett has started campaign on Facebook with a linked petition asking the FEI to outlaw rollkur - see
This is really awful. Apart from the lolling tongue, the swishing tail and the little cow-kick aimed at the rider are also pretty heartbreaking. That poor horse. How it manages to move forwards at all is a mystery!

I am not an expert in dressage by any means, and I'm not at all knowledgeable about competition riding in any sphere, but I am still amazed by the fact that people who ride horses in such an obviously unnatural position are winning in the show ring. There's none so blind as those who will not see, but what I don't understand is why they won't see it.
Just showed my non-horsey husband this video and he said it was 'horrible' and clearly not a natural position for a horse to be in. Who has decided that this is good?? They can't be horse people. It's so bizarre.
Thank you, Dr. Ritter, for making some very good points! I don't think that the correct mindset is gone, many of us practice it with great dedication, but horsemanship appears to have been completely lost at the elite levels, at least among many of the top riders.

I'd like to make the point that Scandic is never "behind the bit" in this video. In fact, there is nowhere behind the contact for him to go - it is not physically possible for him to be "behind the bit". The pressure of both bits is cutting off the circulation and nerve impulses to his tongue, which is making it turn blue and hang the way it does. As a result he is grossly behind the vertical, dropped in the poll and the shoulders, and heavily on the forehand, all of which is the antithesis of classical riding and the development of horses. Behind the bit is another issue altogether, but this kind of riding will promote it. There is no evidence whatever of "self carriage" in this video!

Gerd Heuschmann has done a terrific job of explaining the damage done by this approach in his book, "Tug of War", and in his new video, "If Horses Could Speak".
wow. that's disgusting. Thanks for the support too, FEI.. quit tip toeing around and take a stance on this. Why don't they ask the general riding public what they think about Rolkur? I love the statement 'naw we won't punish him because everyone does it, he was just the one the took the fall' give me a break. So it's ok for me to abuse my horse, but only if every other farm on the block abuses theirs? PLEASE!


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