Where are you coming from to see either the Kentucky Cup in 2009, or the long awaited World Equestrian Games in 2010?

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I'm coming from Toronto Canada.
Me too!
New York State!
Was at the museum a few years ago and the guide was telling us about all the plans. Can't wait to see what's been done!
I'm coming from central Connecticut. A college friend offered me a place to crash at her house near Danville, so I'm very lucky. I grew up in KY and went to college there (go, Colonels - EKU!)

BTW, I saw a lot of complaining about the ticket prices on another horse forum. I wrote an article for my own blog on how to get a family to the Games.

I think attending the Games, even just one event, would be the experience of a lifetime for horse crazy children.
If I can afford to go, we will be coming from New Mexico.
LOL. I am coming from FL, and I think I will be driving the whole way, and I doubt I will find a hotel, so I will do the unthinkable, sleep in my car if I have to!

I am signed up as a volunteer, I majored in equine sciences, I speak several languages

If I can afford to go, I will, but it depends on this years business result. I'd be coming from Cologne, Germany.
If I go it will be as a groom for the Canadian Para Team. At least I won't have to worry about finding accommodation, or sleeping in my car!

I'll be coming from the southern interior of British Columbia, in Canada, which is about as far as Bernd will have to travel.
Birchmont Western Australia how exciting.
Langley, British Columbia (just outside of Vancouver) on the west coast of Canada.
I would love to go but my mom won't hear of it. I guess I can understand since we would be traveling all the way from Roblin, Manitoba!


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