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WEG Freestyle with Fuego XII-Spanish Style
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Started this discussion. Last reply by EvaZ Oct 15, 2010.

allergic reaction to vaccinations by Fort Dodge??
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Cassy Wunsch Mar 1, 2009.

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Still finding new - satisfying - ways to connect with and learn from my horses, cats and dog. Enjoy sharing a riding hobby with my family and friends. I also like all the barn, field and yard work that accompanies the hobby. Just added two beautiful PRE Andalusian mares to the herd. Can't explain the changes they brought, maybe its the pride of ownership, but now have built an indoor arena. Spent most of my life loving and caring for horses and other pets, can't imagine life without. I also have a day job in the banking industry.
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At 10:47am on November 22, 2011, Jochen Schleese said…
HI Brenda - Please don't think I was ignoring you - for some reason my internet browser doesn't show Barnmice very well and I don't even realize I get comments or questions!
I hope you are still interested in the saddle fitting tips - your question about the asymmetry is a good one and I have written about it in one of my later blogs. I will revisit the topic in the next couple of weeks again, as it is an often recurring issue. There are two schools of thought on this - do you adjust the saddle so it sits straight on the given musculature, or do you try to ride the horse in such a way that you try to counter act the asymmetry? I will go into this in more detail in the blog. Flair is one way of rearranging the panel 'flocking' to allow the saddle to sit straight, but the tree also has to be adjusted to accommodate the unevenness.
At 3:40pm on October 23, 2010, Ellin McGinley Daum said…
Hi Mona,

Ellin Daum, Brenda's friend and teacher. Perhaps I can help clear up the fog about the registries. Start with the simple one first: IALHA, registers all Andalusian and Lusitano horses and their "half" or more crosses as long as both parents are registered with them (for purebreds). Horses with pure Spanish heritage have the suffix "S" in their number, those who are part Lusitano have S/P and the pure Lusitanos have their own, but I don't know what it is. Half-Andalusian registry can be had with one registered (IALHA) parent and it is possible to have the other parent's registration information on the papers if one has it. I breed my stallion, Pavon, to some very nice Paint mares so the foals are eligible to be registered as half-Andalusian with the non-Andy parents registration info on the papers as well.

The Foundation of the Pure Spanish Horse began many years ago when the Cria Caballar and the IALHA were having trouble servicing the breed's owners efficiently. Long waits for papers and mistakes led to the Foundations existence. Initially they hoped to become the North American arm of the Cria Caballar which predated the ANCCE, but when the Spanish government transferred the responsibility for the maintenance of the PRE pedigree to the ANCCE the Foundation was de-barred from acting as a registry. As a result the Foundation developed the PRE Mundial which it is pushing as the international authority to approve and register PRE horses. They do bring some of the old military judges from Spain to do inscriptions and revisions, but these are not recognized by the ANCCE. How this situation is ever going to be resolved is a huge question, but for now I think it best to stick with the tried and true ANCCE.

Hope this helps clear things up.

At 9:46pm on October 20, 2010, mona buchanan said…
Hi Brenda. Thanks for this info . I must confess however that t am confused more than ever because it seems to contradict the info I was given in Kentucky? Why would a rep with the foundation say that it is possible to have my mare inspected by the spanish colonels? .I'm obviously missing something here. In the bigger picture however, it really isn't that important. We live in a part of the world where spanish horses are extremely rare and clubs/associations for this breed are non existant. I do hope that changes some day and that all owners can share in their pride and enjoyment of these regal horses. We searched hard to find our Solara and chose her over all the PRE horses we saw when we toured Ontario and the north eastern states 4 yrs ago . It was love at first sight and in the end, that is what is really important to us
At 10:09am on October 10, 2010, mona buchanan said…
Hi Brenda. Yes, I think I am indeed confused. The rep from the foundation says they are recognized by ANCCE? Perhaps I misunderstood as I am not well informed on these matters. Yes Solara is registered with the IALHA and has a (s) suffix after her registration #, which apparently signifies a spanish lineage, I have not investigated any further regarding cost and did not even think about asking about a passport. As you can see, I have much to learn about this process.if the foundation is not recognized by Spain, I will not bother for sure. She did though mention that Spain has opened the books at different times allowing spanish horses to be included in the registry? ,Do you know what she meant by this?
Thanks again Brenda
At 8:48am on October 7, 2010, mona buchanan said…
Hi Brenda. Thanks you so much for this info! I have already been in touch with Cordia Pearson about a gently used l&r elipse saddle to see if she can make it work for us. I find the idea of a 17.5 tree with an 18in seat most intriguing and may be the answer to our problem! Apparently Cordia has much experience fitting andalusians so we will see. My spanish mare Solara de los encantada is by Malandante and is half sister to Millenium TCV and Renaissance TCV. She is registered with IALHA but not spain. The Canadian association CAPREH told me it would not be possible to get her revised because her dam was never presented. However, after meeting the people at the Foundation for the PRE at the WEG, I learned that this is not so. Since Solara's breeding is all spanish, I would be able to get started by having her inscribed. Well I am so pleased to learn this and not very happy with the rep at CAPREH.. My beautiful Solara is 8 yrs old now and we purchased her in New Hampshire unstarted 4 yrs ago as a dressage prospect. she is rather timid and spooky so have not shown her to date but attend clinics regularly. We are looking for a nice stallion for her known to pass on a calmer temperment. A cowboy reiner has helped me tremendously with the behavior issues recently and I am confident that we will be showing next yr. We also have a home bred part andalusian by Botijo M. We call him baby brio, haha and he has the golden temperment that I wilsh Solara would have. Regrettably, he is on the small side at age 4, 15hh. Nice talking to you
Best regards
At 2:32pm on October 5, 2010, EvaZ said…
Hi Brenda,
the whole idea behind bitless is to learn to use different riding practices, which can be radically departing from the "usual". I emphasize CAN, because some people are stuck with a head and neck manipulation even when the bit is not there. They just use pressures and friction movements on the nose instead of the jaw.

I know, there are federations that do not allow bitles bridles in the official competitions. That is not going to hold forewer. There are already some federations in Europe that either approved, or are in the process of it. Our Club, that uses bitless bridles as a staple tack has just been asked to forward recommendations to the Czech Equestrian Federation. It is a start. Of course, the next challenge is to learn how to train horses differently. That is not going to be easy under the current state of equestrian decadency.

All methods are currently based on submission first. Submission is achieved when we restrict horse's freedom to the point, it realizes he cannot do much about it. It can be done via a roundpen, flexion exercize of the neck, manipulation of jaws, rollkur, even lunge-lining with sidereins etc.. It can also be purely psychological. The so called excellent trainers have one thing in common - they achieve this type of dominance quickly, without any apparent resistance.

We, in our Club are striving for different approach. The approach is based on helping the horse to discover the benefits of being ridden, and accept work as an evolutionary concept. The motto is simple: SKILLS before FORMAT. Never the other way around. The result is fabulous, but it takes longer. Friendly horse, mentally stable, healthy and not proned to injuries and stress, pleasant to ride, showing you a joy ... and people actually leaving stable HAPPY, with no need to compete or show to get a thrill. They are in different places :-)
At 10:37pm on October 4, 2010, EvaZ said…
there is a long explanation and a short one to the problematics of so called "jaw flexion" (no, I am not talking about rollkur, I am talking about messing up the horse's mouth so it would bend its neck a give a rider better control of its body). The long one would make a brochure. The short one is simple: what you perceive as a relaxation is actually a submission. It is the inability of the horse to fight you. It feels soft to you. But it is still a bad form of training, and most people never progress far since they never actually learn how to ride a horse without using their hands to manipulate the horse's neck.

Only in horse riding, we use a mouth of a living creature to "relax" the body. I would like people to name me one human experience, where such physiology would take place? Crazy idea, isn't it?

When we manipulate horse's mouth, we make it helpless. Mentally. The horse bend their neck, they cannot use all muscles for propulsion, and they become mentally subdued. The resistance seemingly disappears, and we are free to do our way. Therefore, mouth-neck manipulation has been a staple method of training, in all disciplines, no exception. People go by their own feeling, never even think for a moment, why the horse in their opinion is supposed to feel good all of the sudden about something, he would never give up voluntarilly? Strange thing, isn't it?

But I have been through it. Many times. I have left this practice. I no longer use bits, and I don't demand - so called flexed necked. Flexion of the neck must in my training come from the athletic development, from the body itself, from increased level of coordination NEVER from the hands of a rider. I learned, that if I cannot train my horse through the whole body, through a friendly approach, positive motivation, free of fear, force, exhaustion, without taking his freedom, I am nothing, but a sorry state of a rider.
At 8:19pm on September 28, 2010, C Mercer said…
Hi Brenda
I have not been on here in a long... while. Wow I wish I were going to the WEG We were planning to but so difficult to find a resonably priced hotel! too bad I would have loved to have gone. I was thinking about signing on to the games FEI tv but have not:( How are you and your horses? I have ridden Arador a few times with nurtural Bitless bridle and saddle, with lead attached, so far so good!! I should get some new photos up! email if you get a chance, if you do not have my email any more let me know :)
At 2:08pm on September 4, 2010, amy said…
Well slight change of plans this summer. My old instructer had some issues in her personal life and she resigned from her position and so I spent the summer in search of a new barn. I finally about a week ago joined Beckett Run Equestrian Team and my first IEA show is going to be on October 9th. So naturally, I'm just happy to be riding and again. The thing is, I've only been riding dressage, but Beckett Run is a hunt seat barn... so I've got a lot of relearning to do in a month. I guess I did always say that I wanted to be able to ride several different disciplines... Anyway, schools started for me again, and life's crazier than ever. Great to hear about your showing this summer! :)
At 2:41pm on May 6, 2010, C Mercer said…
Hi Brenda
I have not been on this site for awhile. I had signed up to facebook as well and the more I view it the more I find friends and people I know in the horse world. looking forward to hearing from you. So you are going to the equesterain games in Kentucky 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games? I would love to go to that have been thinking about doing just that. email me at home if you still have my email.

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