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Essential Equine Health Care Products For Every Horse Owner

Horses are majestic and large animals, and they require a great deal of responsibility. For first-time horse owners and experienced horse owners alike, you’ll need a comprehensive list of horse care products to properly care for your horse. Here, we provide you a handy list…


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Bingo's Selective Memory

Bingo's Selective Memory

Due to Debbie's endless list of tasks to get her stable ready for a show today I had to take my lesson on Thursday. I'm just glad that Debbie was able to fit me in!

When I got to the stable I noticed a sign in the wash stall, to NOT shed the horses out in the wash stall because all the hair had…


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Choosing the right set of horse riding boots

Horse riding is a fun-filled exercise. You get to experience adventure while embracing mother nature in its pristine form. One can spend an entire day in the English countryside while enjoying and admiring some breathtaking natural beauty.…


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Bingo's Vacation Ends

Bingo's Vacation Ends

Bingo had a 8 month long vacation with nobody riding him at all. He's been fed, his hooves trimmed, and blanketed when needed (he lives outside), more than enough time for his body to heal from any little undetectable injuries. Debbie had started grooming out his winter coat the week before my lesson, getting a lot of hair off outside the barn.…


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I Will Be Changing My Lesson Horse

I Will Be Changing My Lesson Horse

My lesson on Wednesday was the usual. Cinnabar, came in with his usual “you again” sour expression, he did not particularly enjoy the grooming (mostly Debbie), and the overall impression I got from him was that he thinks he is overworked and “underpaid” (he gets fed plenty and has lots of turn-out with his buddies.)…


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Riding in the Drizzle

Riding in the Drizzle

This week I had a choice, I could ride in the drizzle or take my lesson on frozen footing.

I decided that getting damp was better than risking a wrenched fetlock joint.

Sunday I was really hoping that the precipitation would hold off…


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At Least I Had a Lesson This Week

At Least I Had a Lesson This Week

I only got to ride on Wednesday this week, at least I got a lesson in!

Cinnabar was my lesson horse again. It was so warm I did not have to use any of my butt blankets. I think I felt a lesser degree of the muscles in his butt moving smoothly because we did not have the BOT butt blanket on.…


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