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The Budweiser Clydes

The Budweiser Clydesdales are what I consider to be one of the greatest marketing ideas ever to trot the face of the earth. Who's going to resist not one, but ten adorable gentle giants? They're internationally recognized from numerous Super Bowl ads and advertising campaigns. So what exactly goes on behind the scenes of a Budweiser horse's life?

Well let’s start with their history. They were first introduced in 1933 to August A. Busch Sr. in celebration of prohibition’s repeal.…


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Adjusting to my MS--Fatigue

Fatigue is the worst symptom of my Multiple Sclerosis.  Not only does it affect my riding, my fatigue makes it extremely hard to take care of horses.  If it was not for the fatigue the rest of my symptoms would not matter as much, but everytime I ride or handle horses I tire quickly, and as I tire all the rest of my symptoms rapidly get worse.  ANYTHING I do before I ride tires me, getting up, eating, riding in the car to the stable, and then walking…


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Saddle Fit and Equestrian Medicine


Today’s blog is written (with some judicious editing) by my good friend Dr. James Warson MD, author of “The Rider’s Pain Free Back” and a recent addition to Barnmice as an expert.  I wanted to share with you this extraordinary man’s thoughts on his passion, what makes him so absolutely unique in this industry and the role he plays in the team of horse, rider, and saddle.


“Rider health is what I do. It’s the application of medical knowledge, combined with knowledge of…


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Waiting for a foal

It's foaling season at Sweetwater Ranch.  One of my clients bought a lovely dressage mare by Olympic Ferro already bred to Grannius II - and I covered two of my own mares with Louie.  So, this year I will get to see what he produces, and we already have one foal on the ground.   He has been named Sweetwater's Alliance - barn name Lance - and he is lovely with good straight legs, up on his pasterns and nice feet all around.  And BIG.  In fact, Dr Marteney said he is the biggest foal he has…


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Beauty -Redefined from the Saddle.

“Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate and wine in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “WOO HOO what a ride!”

The first time I saw this quote it was on a…


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Be more gentle to your horse!

Since three years ago, I removed the metal from his mouth, as I always felt it was cruel. We are now both happy. From the very first trial he showed positive and thankful response. He does everything better…


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Going there...

Had a lesson last night, which is certainly not unusual, Wednesday is lesson night. But, we're working on getting Maggie more sensitive, so off with the spurs and on with the GET MOVING!!! It was not the most fun anyone has ever had, but, at the end, we had the best walk ever, good trot, but awesome walk. And my trainer and I talked about the work we're doing with Mags. And her comment was that a LOT of trainers won't GO THERE. They aren't going to engage the work that needs to be done to truly… Continue

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Little Girls and Riding Lessons

Yesterday, I gave Bella Benedict another riding lesson on Gunny. This wouldn't be so significant, after all I teach horseback riding lessons for a living. But Belle is just 6 yrs old and she has to clean corrals to EARN her own lessons. Her family is Very tight financially, so I offered Belle a chance to join the 'work to ride' program. She works Hard to earn enough credits to get to ride.

So, this was her 3rd lesson, and we worked on developing a SMOOTH whoa - a nice easy slow pull…


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Navara goes online

Navara's story is now part of a fortnightly article on this page :)
How exciting for her story to be shared!
Ever doubt you, or your horse?, ever feel alone, ever have anyone tell you your horse isn't good enough? See her story

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Back to Blogging

Well, I feel I left a story untold.  So, I will quickly tell you all that Belle and I happily completed our first endurance ride last May- we actually placed 13th in a field of 30 - so I was pretty happy.  And maybe a bit over confident as we sent in entries to go all the way up to Mendocino to a ride in the redwoods.  SEEMED like a wonderful idea - camping, company, and a ride.  But the haul up was a basic nightmare - instead of an easy 9 hours, we were in the truck for 12, I was so tired…


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Can your barn job be Deadly?

Sometimes it is not the horse, but the horsepower that is a real danger on the farm or around the barn.

In 2010 alone, There were 22 work related deaths on Alberta farms in that year. Of the 22 fatalities, 19 were males, 12 were 60 or over, and 3 were children. Four incidents were electrocutions, and another four involved either baling or moving bales.  This number doesn't even come close to the number of work related injuries.   Do we take too much…


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My Favourite Horse Ladies

My dad always said it was his lot in life to be surrounded by beautiful women. He has a wife, two daughters and all of our pets- horses, dogs, hamsters, rabbits- were female. We had a male cat once but I think even he knew there was only room for one man in our household so he eventually up and ran away with the cat next door.

Anyway, my dad always did his best to keep his ladies inspired with different articles on dynamic women who pertained to our interests. For my mom and…


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Horses of Sable Island

Sable Island is by no means a great place to live. It’s composed mostly of sand, rocks and salty marsh grass. The surrounding sea is also home to over 350 shipwrecks, recorded since 1583. Still, to five people and a herd of wild horses, this island is home.

Sable Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 300 kilometres south of Nova Scotia. Five people –four from Environment Canada and one researcher- inhabit the island in addition to approximately a little over 300…


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Adjusting to My MS--Balance

I have had problems with my balance my whole life.  My faulty balance is part of the reason that I never really learned how to jump well.  It is probably also the reason why I never managed to get the results I wanted when I tried to use my seat aids to subtly influence the horse.  When I learned I had MS I finally realized why I was unsuccessful in attaining the highest levels of horsemanship.  They all require perfect balance.  This lack of balance is…


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Your April Horseyscope

Aries March  21 - April 19

Happy Birthday Aries! A fabulous year for those overseas trips which you have been postponing.

This year you will be able to take stock of your life. Changes to your career will be putting

you in the limelight. You are a bit shy about…

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Top 10 List: Riding in the Wind

Top 10 Wind List:

The advantages of not having an indoor arena on the flat, windy, treeless plains of Colorado.

10. Less time is spent working the arena -as all hoof prints are erased hourly, along with the top inch of sand.

9. Wind helps with the spring grooming -working like a brand new shedding blade.

8. Riding with feel is increased as your goggles get covered with dust, or you simply ride  with your eyes closed one direction .

7. Un-cued, near…


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