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We Check Out the Weymouth Curb

We Check Out the Weymouth Curb

One of the advantages of the double bridle is the ability to communicate with the horse at a level of great subtlety. The bradoon give the snaffle effect or course, like the Weymouth curb gives the curb effect, and the subtleness of the double bridle comes from how the rider uses both bits in combination. For most purposes the individual bits are used to indicate…


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I Introduce Bingo to the Double Bridle

I Introduce Bingo to the Double Bridle

My French-link Egg-butt Bradoon bits finally arrived on Monday. Yeah! I got out my cob size bradoon hanger, found my longest Micklem bit straps and my new reins. My Hinterland notched reins stayed on my Wellep double-jointed snaffle since I really did not expect for Debbie to tell me to go ahead and use my made-up double bridle, but I went ahead and put my…


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Understanding How Distant Reiki Works

There is a lot of curiosity around how Reiki healing works but once people are open to it and can experience what a treatment feels like they realise how healing the practice can be. Distant healings is something else that people find hard to grasp, so I have put together an article dispelling some of the myths about reiki…


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Bingo Slowly Improves

Bingo Slowly Improves

The shedding season is in full force and the bug season is just about to start down here. Bingo hair is all over my saddle pad, my girth, my riding clothes, and tracked into my mini-van and house, Bingo hair is taking over my universe (with some help from Cider.) You'd think after weeks of weekly thorough groomings that the quantity would decrease, that his coat would look…


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A quality horseback riding lesson is key to achieve the ultimate horsemanship

Horse riding is a kind of sport that demands the skill of riding driving or vaulting with horses. With having such skill of this kind of a sport one can use horses for many practical purposes such as transportation, competitive sport of horse riding or recreational activities along with many cultural horse-related programs.


A General overview regarding the utility of horse riding…


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Learning How to Use My Upper Thigh

Learning How to Use My Upper Thigh

Several weeks ago I had run into a quote from Stephen Peters that said that the lower legs do the driving aids and that the thighs do the collecting aids. From what Debbie has told me about how she gives her halting aids I knew that Debbie had already figured this out long ago, even it she had not put the idea forth in a pithy statement. After discussing this…


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