October 2020 Blog Posts (6)

Sogginess and Wind Gusts

Sogginess and Wind Gusts

This week we had to deal with the outlying rain bands of Tropical Storm Zeta, and then the storm itself came through. The river is full, the creeks are full, and the earth goes squish when we walk on it.

I got Debbie for my teacher this week. She has been busy the last few weeks getting herself and…


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Cider Said "Yes"!

Cider Said “Yes”!

When I called Shannon last Saturday night to see if I could ride on Sunday I excitedly told her that I finally had a double bridle made up for Cider. I asked if I could introduce Cider to it, and Shannon said yes! She told me she had never used a double bridle herself, and had not used one on a horse, and she was eager to see how it all worked. I warned her we would probably…


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Sam Agrees About my Lower Leg

Sam Agrees About my Lower Leg

I just got my lesson in this week since we have been having plentiful rain at times.

Debbie was going off on a trail ride when I got to the stable so Tercel was out in the hall. I went up to say hi to him, and Debbie told me he had turned 20 years old. Apparently, from what Debbie has told me,…


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A Scary Experience

So I had an extremely interesting ride today. It's been a couple weeks since I have gone out to the barn, but with clients coming out tomorrow I really had to get on a couple of the buggers to get them ready.

My first ride was great! The horse is extremely trustworthy and equally good outside as he is inside - a total ammy horse!

The second ride... Well this is where things got fun. The mare is not only chestnut, but…

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MJ and I Try a New Bit

MJ and I Try a New Bit

In my eternal search for a yet more perfect bit I decided to try one of Fager Bit's two new types of Weymouth curbs. Unlike the Mullen mouth Victoria curb these new curbs have a “port”, but it is not angled like the Cambridge mouth port which is parallel to the shanks of the bit. The Fager “port” goes up vertically from the line of the shanks of the bit. The Fager site…


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R. I. P. Bingo

R.I.P. Bingo

I was not able to ride at Debbie's for two weeks. When I got to the barn Debbie told me that Bingo had died, he had gone down, could not/would not get up, and the veterinarian put him down. The vet had known Bingo for many years, and she told Debbie that Bingo could well have been even older than the mid to late twenties we had assumed. Debbie stayed with Bingo during the process…


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