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I’m a very proud Ponymom!

Well, this picture says it all.

The Pony (who looks really small in this picture) finally got the beat right in the trot and I could ask her for more, and more and more until she understood what I was asking and stretched her little legs out as far as she could. Oh I love that pony so much!!

[TSSP = Tanum Stjerna (the ponys name) Super… Continue

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This Week in Horse History - November 29th Through December 5th

This Week in Horse History - November 29th Through December 5th

November 30, 1963 – Quarter Horse Jet Deck wins the Josie's Bar Handicap. Jet Deck was the first Quarter Horse to earn over $200,000 during his racing career. Born in 1960, Jet Deck was first bred in 1965, and it was instantly apparent that he passed his talents as a racehorse on to his offspring. In 1969, the wins of Jet Deck's offspring totaled 25 firsts, 14 seconds and 12 thirds in stakes…


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Patience . . .

Thank you for patiently waiting for me to post this week's to-do list. I'm just a little behind schedule!

Click here to download and print the newest quote/painting/to-do list.

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Comfort, Revisited

The past two weeks I have been reminded by the mares I ride that horses REALLY appreciate being comfortable. The past few months I have been using the Micklem multi-bridle with snaffle bits (Dr. Bristol egg-butt and today a copper roller eggbutt snaffle.) The mares I ride do appreciate the multi-bridle, though I have had to modify some things to keep them comfortable.

Two weeks ago I changed the reins I use with Mia. The old ones I use are well broken in and I have…


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Tips on Walking a Course with Tim Stockdale - More from Spruce Meadows '09

Tim was able to give me some very important considerations to keep in mind when you're walking a course. The key point is, 'know your horse.' Here are his tips:

1. Look at the course "through your horse's eyes." Specifically, walk the course thinking about your horse's eye line; you need to see the fences as he/she will see them. What's in the background that may take the horses eye off the fence? Is the fence big and bold, or does it blend in with the background? For example, are… Continue

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Modern Major General - update

Well I really rode Pixie for the first time today. I've had her in the boarding barn since Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I did groundwork for a week, then hired the girl that been training the ponies all summer. I must say Heather has done an excellent job with the boys and with Pixie. I had started both the boys over the past couple of winters but COLD weather after working outside all winter doesn't make me want to get on a green pony and time is just not there in the summer. Both boys w-t-c… Continue

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Equine Science: Weekly News and Trivia Question - November 27, 2009

This week the big topic of conversation in the equestrian industry has been the FEI’s decision to allow horses to compete on small amounts of Bute and other anti-inflammatory drugs. No matter where in the world you are the new regulations are being discussed, so rather than going into detail about it here, I recommend you check out the following links if you’d like to hear about some of the latest news surrounding the FEI’s decision:

Horse & Hound Online… Continue

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Gain Your Horse's Respect and Become the "Leader"

I need advice for my daughter and her horse. My daughter is 10 years old and very interested in riding, however she lacks confidence in riding. Her horse has come to figure this out. Cheyenne is a very sweet and gentle horse and a tad bit on the lazy side. I would like to find out information or suggestions on how to teach my daughter to win her horse's respect and have him respond to her commands. When she asks him to walk he refuses. He cocks his back leg and stands there no matter…


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What Does the Dressage Term "Long and Low" Mean?

Lots of riders seem to be confused by the dressage term "long and low". Some riders even think long and low is different from the stretchy circle in the dressage tests.

Long and low is the SAME as what's being asked for stretchy circles. The stretchy circles were added to the dressage tests to check that the horse's connection was correct and that the rider wasn't fudging things by fiddling with the reins.

To get correct long and low, your horse must be connected…


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Thomas Ritter: On the Bit 1.0

On the Bit 1.0

©Thomas Ritter 2009

I want to explore the notion of riding the horse “on the bit” in the next few entries. It is something that most riders struggle with for a long time. It is something that is considered to be of central importance in dressage. Yet, it is not as well defined as one should think. Opinions on what being on the bit is or looks like diverge. A posture that is considered to be on the bit by rider A may be considered to be above the bit by rider B.… Continue

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BEST OF WILLIAM MICKLEM - 1 - A special horseman…and a lifelong lesson about difficult horses.

This is an amazing true story about acceptance and lack of acceptance. It shows how wrong it is to assume all ‘difficult’ horses just need to be ridden more forward. It is wrong to assume that just because a horse is unwilling, napping, rearing or bucking that they are being naughty and need discipline. Indeed it is dangerous to assume this. A proportion will undoubtedly have this behaviour because of pain.


As part of his… Continue

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"What It Takes To Be Jockey" by Frank Lovato Jr

What It Takes To Be A Jockey

By Frank Lovato Jr.

(Aug. 2008)

For many youngsters who feel the need for speed via horseback, the idea of becoming a thoroughbred jockey seems the perfect solution. I get so many kids each year that come to me looking for some sort of advice and direction into this career of being a… Continue

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Team Challenge and CDI3* Freestyle Night at the Royal

Royal Team Challenge

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair introduced a new event to this year's Royal Horse Show; the Team Challenge was an action packed, international jumping competition that pitted teams from… Continue

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Ride Fit 1-2-3: Self-carriage & Centered Riding

Since my last blog entry, I decided to follow up the Centered Riding clinic that inspired that blog, with some lessons in the process of becoming a Centered Riding instructor.

It's an interesting journey. If you've never read Sally Swift's book, Centered Riding, I highly recommend that you do: there are great illustrations and visuals in there which can really help you with awareness and posture while you are riding.

The Equifitt work I do most of the time is about building… Continue

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Sesame Street

Tonight's episode is brought to you by the letter "D".




Seems I'm not the only fan of Sesame Street. Monday night, Sammie conjured up the above adjectives in our workout, reminding me of what used to be one of my favorite childhood TV shows. I should have predicted the outcome. It was so predictable that it was practically scripted. But what seems patently… Continue

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Medical Approach to Teaching = the evening with Andrew Murphy. The mud and comforting cup of tea.

It's the winter that's always the hardest in this job. It's not even the cold and the rain and short dark days, it's the tiredness that comes with it. I feel shattered and organising everything so it runs more or less smoothly seems like a grand effort. It's even worse when one or two things crop up unexpected which means whatever managed to be painstakingly planned ends up upside down and inside out.

I spent last evening in Hampshire… Continue

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The Checklist: Everything You'll Need At The Show

This week I’ve set up a complete list of everything you need to take with you to the competition. I know it looks a little overwhelming, but you’ll find most of it can be kept in your trailer for the season.

Needing only to pack and unpack the perishables before and after your trip.

I keep this printed and on a clip board in my trailer for quick reference. If I run out of something at the show I put it on my clip board to replace when I get home.

This way, getting ready to travel… Continue

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Back to Basics 2

Hello again!

After much research yesterday, I found some resources and articles by Clinton Anderson, outlining what to do for lunging for respect, and I went to the barn last night armed with my refreshed knowledge to see what I could do.

I went into the paddock, and he didn't pay too much attention to me. I put the halter on him, and brought him into the barn. When I first bring him in, that's when he usually gets a carrot or two. I've stopped all treats until I can get… Continue

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World Horse Welfare Background and Role with the FEI

Lately there has been a lot of interest in the organization World Horse Welfare.

Public Relations Officer, Hannah Colbourn is a long-time Barnmice member and World Horse Welfare has their own group with us which all are welcome to join.

Hannah was kind enough to forward me the following information, as well as answer some questions about World Horse Welfare's role with the FEI.

About World Horse… Continue

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Back to Basics

I board a horse in Blackwater, north of Uxbridge. His name is Apache, and we just became companions in the beginning on September. I have not ridden in years, and am new to learning natural Horsemanship. I have had a few lessons with him, and have done research on groundwork, and we have worked together to the best of my ability, thus far. I realized two days ago that the two of us have a long way to go, in that since he has been moved to this barn, we seem to have lost a bit of our connection… Continue

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