November 2019 Blog Posts (6)

Riding Between the Showers

Riding Between the Showers

Wednesday morning was sort of dreary, passing showers left the ground damp and there was a breeze. Driving to the stable raindrops would start to fall, taper off, stop, and start up again. Since Wednesday was the only day I was guaranteed a ride we just drove on, maybe it would stop precipitating by the time Bingo was ready for riding.…


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Everyday Art for Everyday people

Everyday Art 

Social Experiment

To determine if art enriches your life.

There have been several scientific studies on how art enriches our lives. 

According to Professor Semir Zeki, neurobiologist at the University College of London, when you stare at great artworks, the part of your brain that is stimulated…


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Small Bit Guards are a Total Pain

Small Bit Guards are a Total Pain

And once I realized it life became much easier.

I have been using my new Fager titanium mouthed bits and I got interested in their bit guards. The promise was that they were easy to put on (and take off), and that promise was fulfilled beyond measure. Since I have cursed out bit guards more…


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It Sure Feels Like Winter

It Sure Feels Like Winter

Apparently it was the Siberian air mass visiting NC this week. It was cold, with a pretty brisk North wind and it just sucked the energy out of me.

Since Wednesday morning was too cold to ride I did not get my lesson until Friday. Friday morning I opened the front door to see what it felt like and I…


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I Try Out Two New Bits

I Try Out Two New Bits

After a week without riding I was sort of frustrated. I had two new bits that I was eager to try out on the horses. I really cannot complain too much if I can't ride because of rain, we have been getting dryer and dryer down here in NC. The ponds are shrinking and the creeks and river are low.



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Strange And Beautiful Horse Breeds Around The World

There are many more breeds of horses located all over the world than most people are aware of. We know the breeds of our home countries the best and we may know a few of the very popular breeds, such as the Arabian because they have been so popular as racing stallions and for breeding programs in the USA. This is just one horse out of hundreds…


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