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Horse Blanket Repair Tips

Through the course of the winter season, horse blankets take a beating. Your horse’s blankets may be showing rips, tears, and even missing hardware. If you’re hoping to get them through just a few more months, then repairing them by hand is probably the way to go. These tips will help you get your blankets to last the…


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Tips for Building a Barn Apartment

Apartments in or above barns can be convenient and appealing to both boarders and barn owners. A barn apartment offers many advantages, but building it requires special planning. Be sure to do the following when designing your barn apartment.

Investigate Local Housing…


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Is Your Barn Energy Efficient?

Given the rising cost of electricity, you certainly don’t want your electric bill to be any higher than it has to be. Your barn may be a source of wasted energy, though, resulting in higher bills. Check out these common ways that your barn may be inefficient with its electricity usage.

Running Old Refrigerators

Old refrigerators…


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Should You Build a Barn Apartment?

Many barns, especially large facilities, feature apartments that are either above the barn or located on the property. When planning your barn building project, whether or not to include an apartment is a choice that you will face. You will want to consider the following points when deciding whether to…


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Fun Ways to Beat the Winter Riding Blues

As the cold weather drags on, it tends to feel like the end of winter is nowhere in sight. Luckily, we’ve come up with some fun activities for you to help beat the winter riding (or non-riding) blues.

Host a Barn Movie Night

Bring together students, boarders, trainers, and everyone else in your barn for a barn movie night. Choose a…


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What Is It Like Living Above a Horse Barn?

Have you ever wanted to live with your horses? Or maybe you’re considering building an apartment above your barn for a caretaker, or to rent out. Living above a horse barn may seem simply idyllic to a lifelong horse enthusiast, but it’s not always all that it’s cracked up to be. Wondering what it’s really like to live above a horse barn? We’ve got the scoop for…


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Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your First Barn

If you’ve never built a horse barn before, then when you set out to build your first barn you will be in unfamiliar territory. While building a barn will require some research and question asking on your part, we thought we’d give you a little help now with these common barn-building mistakes that you will want to avoid.

Entrusting the Project to a…


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The Day-to-Day Life of a Working Miniature Horse Farm

Owning and managing your own barn is a dream of many horse owners. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have horses in your backyard? When Karen Rudolph of Frost Hill Farm Miniatures in…


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New Beginnings: Little Changes That Mean Big Improvements for Your Barn

Years of use can take a toll on your horse barn, but luckily big improvements don’t have to mean big renovations. If you’re looking to give your barn a new beginning in 2015 but don’t want to do a full renovation, there are still many ways that you can improve it.

Horse Stalls



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Top New Year's Resolutions for Horseback Riders

Are you still searching for that perfect New Year’s resolution? We’re here to help. These New Year’s resolutions can work for many riders – hopefully you’ll find an idea in this list that inspires you as we kick off 2015!

Become Physically Fitter

While losing weight is a popular New Year’s resolution, resolve…


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Tips to Prepare for Your Horse's Move to a New Boarding Barn

When planning to move your horse to a new boarding barn, it’s helpful to make a to-do list to ensure that you get everything necessary done before the day of the move. Knowing that you have accomplished what you need to do before the move will make the actual moving day less stressful on both you and your horse. Need to put…


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Tips for Choosing Stall Accessories

If a barn renovation or upgrade is in your plans for 2015, then choosing stall accessories will be on your to-do list. When choosing stall accessories, there are particular factors that you will want to look for. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the most out of the stall accessories that you…


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Caring for Your Barn in the Winter

Winter brings with it unique challenges when it comes to horse and barn ownership. When caring for your barn during the winter, it’s important to stay ahead of the game to avoid larger issues. Do you have a handle on winter barn care?

Insulate and Drain Pipes

Before temperatures dip below freezing, take the time to…


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Great Barn Christmas Party Ideas

There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a barn Christmas party. Whether you hold the party in a house or in your barn itself, you might want to put one of these great barn Christmas party ideas to use.

Stall Decorating Contest

Announce a stall decorating contest a few weeks before the date of your barn…


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Use Horse Stall Partitions to Create Atmosphere In Your Barn

There are many ways to create atmosphere in your barn, such as the use of high ceilings, wide aisles, and plenty of natural light with barn windows and skylights. But one factor will have a significant influence on the atmosphere of your barn:…


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Can We Talk About Barn Bathrooms?

It was my first day at a new barn with a perfect indoor arena! Before lessons began, I asked the owner where the bathroom was. She pointed to a roll of tissue on the tack room wall and told me to use any stall. I picked the one with the sleepiest looking gelding. I think he had visitors like me before.

Disclaimer: I grew up on a farm. We got…


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Looking for a Sign…

When the autumn time change happens, I always feel like my house gets smaller- by a few acres. The outside is my favorite room and I resent winter for taking it from me.

And is it just me- or is every winter somehow a bit more twisted and confused than the one before?

In the dark months, everything on the prairie seems the very definition of the dead of winter. It’s a monotone landscape, flat-cold, with not many trees to distract my sullen gaze.

And just when…


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The Marlboro Man Isn’t My Type.

The Marlboro Man isn’t for me.  He’s the strong and silent type- it might be a romantic image on film, but it doesn’t look like much fun in real life. He probably eats an unhealthy amount of meat, that’s a given. A legendary smoker- no way would I let him in my barn. I doubt we would share the same taste in horses, (or anything else.) A hug from the Marlboro Man would feel like carrying an arm load of sticks and cans- way too boney for my taste.

And wouldn’t the Marlboro Man be…


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I notice that no one is asking me for beauty tips.

I have been blogging along for a couple of years now and I notice that no one is asking me for beauty tips. I wonder why that is?

It couldn’t be that I offended with last week’s rant about non-helmet wearing riders who have more concern about their hair than their brains.

It can’t be a grudge about the blog where I referred to my truck as The Perfect Purse, that was…


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All I Want for Christmas…(is Thanksgiving.)

I got an advertisement in the mail from a local tack store this week. It was printed to look like a Christmas wish list, personalized with my name at the top. Surprisingly, there was nothing on that alleged list that I actually wanted. Disbelief still hangs heavy in the air.

What would be on my Christmas wish list? Let me think…

The way lessons are canceling for weather this winter, I suppose I could ask Santa for an indoor arena. But really, does this countryside need…


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