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The Cowboy

A while back I wrote an…


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American Quarter Horses

The American Quarter Horse: we've all seen them before, whether it was at a fair herding cows or in the country on a ranch. The Quarter Horse is our heritage and what we all know. They've been around as long as we can remember and have put out many great sires and mares in our time. Some of my favorites include No Guns Please, Metallic Cat, Peptoboonsmal and Lopin N My Blu Genes. All great sires famous for great things. Quarter Horses are stereotypically known for reining, cutting…


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From Work Horse to Stylized - The History Of The Cowboy Boot

Many people may think that they have a pretty good grasp on the history of cowboys and a lot of the things associated with them. The fact is that the cowboy boot has quite a storied past. Despite what many people think, cowboy boots did not start in the United States. The first recorded instance of wearing cowboy boots or the…


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Gypsy Gold

It all began in 1988 with a man named Dennis Thompson on a small ranch in South Texas. Dennis was raised in Indiana where he worked in marketing research designing and marketing animal products such as Silver Shampoo and…


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Trakehner - Elegantly Powerful

I believe I said I would do a write up on the Trakehner a while back. Well, here it is. Allow me to introduce you to the Trakehner, an elegant and fine breed of horse. 

In the 13th century in what was once East Prussia a horse, the Trakehner, originated. The base stock for this breed was descended from the Tarpan(another write up for another time), however in 1732 King Frederich Wilhelm I founded a stud at Trakehner to develop coach horses and later a calvary(using…


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The Hackney Pony

Are you lucky enough to have a Hackney Pony in your barn? This flashy, high-stepping pony has an intriguing history and makes a popular horse show competitor.


The Hackney originated from Norfolk, England. Norfolk Trotters, a popular breed of horse, were used in the region and were bred to emphasize both speed…


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Akhal-Teke: A Shining Horse

The Akhal-teke horse is truly remarkable. Pictures of the Akhal-teke have been found dating back to the 9th century B. C. which means it's older than the Arabian horse. The Akhal-teke was favor by Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Marco Polo as a mount…


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Zippo Pine Bar: A Quarter Horse Legacy

January 12, 1998 marked a significant date in equine history, as Quarter Horse lovers mourned the passing of legendary sire Zippo Pine Bar. Zippo Pine Bar’s breeding career was remarkable, and he had a monumental influence on the Quarter Horse Breed.

The sorrel stallion Zippo Pine Bar was born in 1969 by Zippo Pat Bars out of Dollie Pine. His bloodlines…


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The Clydesdale

Few draft horses are as iconic as the Clydesdale. Whether pulling a classic rig or the famous Budweiser wagon, the Clydesdale is a breed that is recognizable in most American homes. Want to learn more about this beautiful breed?


The Clydesdale owes its origins to the region of Clydesdale, Scotland. Flemish…


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Chimerism and Brindle: What Are They?

Chimerism: what is it?  Chimerism is when fraternal twins fuse together while still in utero, resulting in an organism with two sets of DNA. It doesn't occur often, and both equines and people can be…


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Azteca: A Great Breed of Horse

It all started with Mexican farmers,looking for a horse able to do farm work,bullfighting and look nice. So they bred their Andalusion Stallions to Quarter Horse and Criollo…


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Remembering Top Show Jumper Gem Twist

On November 18, 2006, the world lost one of its best show jumpers: Thoroughbred Gem Twist was euthanized following a pulled muscle that prevented him from standing. The 27-year-old horse led an impressive and inspiring career at the Grand Prix level under multiple riders.

Gem Twist, born in 1979, competed in show jumping…


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The Trakehner Horse History

The Trakehner, one of the most popular sport horse breeds today, originated almost 1,000 years ago. This warmblood breed makes an excellent dressage and jumper today. Have you ever ridden a Trakehner?


The Trakehner’s origin begins with the horses owned by Lithuanians and Old Prussians during the Middle…


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History of the Trait Du Nord

Have you ever heard of the Trait du Nord? This beautiful draft breed originated in the 1800s, yet it is endangered today and its future remains uncertain.


The Trait du Nord originated in the grasslands of the southern Netherlands, northern France, and throughout Belgium. Its…


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Thoroughbred Racehorse Zippy Chippy Loses His 100th Race on September 10th, 2004

Whereas many racehorses are renowned for their incredible winning careers, there’s one racehorse who is known for just the opposite. Zippy Chippy, a 1991 Thoroughbred gelding, lost an incredible 100 races during his racing career, the 100th race being at the Northampton Fair in Northampton, Massachusetts on September 10,…


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Missouri Fox Trotter Horse History

A truly American breed, the Missouri Fox Trotter originated from crossbreeding various popular breeds of horses. What resulted is a unique horse whose “fox trot” gait provides a smooth and comfortable ride.


The Missouri Fox Trotter originated in – you got it – Missouri. The breed was the result of the crossing of many different breeds, including the…


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The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

From August 23rd through September 7th, top equestrians and their equine partners will descend on Normandy, France to compete at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Participation in the World Equestrian Games is an accomplishment in…


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The Connemara Pony

Have you heard of Erin Go Bragh, the talented pony stallion who was a top eventer during his prime? Erin Go Bragh competed at the Advanced level with Carol Kozlowski in 1998 and 1999, and Breyer Animal Creations made a model of the bay stallion in 1998. Holding his own against the larger eventing horses, Erin Go Bragh, a Connemara Pony, is just one example of the incredible talents of this…


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Fascinating Facts About the Waler Horse

How much do you know about the Waler? This fascinating breed of horse played a monumental role in Australia’s history. Here are five fascinating facts you might not know about the Waler.

The Waler’s Journey Began By Ship

The horses from which the Waler breed descended were brought to Australia by means of ship. The first ship arrived in 1788, with ten…


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The Nez Perce Horse

Appaloosas roamed the Americas during the 19th century. The Nez Perce Indians knew these horses well, and the horses were central to the Nez Perce Tribe. These Appaloosas were highly athletic, elegant, and prized by the Nez Perce. They carried entire tribes great distances and helped the Nez Perce hunt and survive. However, the horses were taken away by the U.S. Cavalry at the Nez…


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