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Horses give us the wings we need to fly..... so let's soar!

Free. That's how I feel everytime I ride 'my'  horse indoors and outdoors. Empowered. I think we all feel Empowered when we sit upon the back of a nine-hundred pound animal and ride. How could we not feel this way? Great kings, emperors, leaders and generals and even traitors rode today's horse.

 Alexander the Great had Bucephalus. Genghis Khan was believed to have a stunning Akhal-teke. George Washington rode Nelson,  a horse who carried him through Valley Forge and Yorktown.…


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Horses Equal Happiness Which Equals Health

It has been said that people who are happy have lower blood pressure, less stress and live longer. Those who are always miserable and grumpy have higher blood pressure, more stress and don't…

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Influential Female Riders Today

Stacy Westfall. Beezie Madden. Debbie McDonald. These are just three out of many great riders out there.  Stacy Westfall is best known for her natural horsemanship, riding bareback and bridle less every time. She's competed in many competitions, appeared at the Quarter Horse Congress for guest performances. She is best remembered for her farewell routine on Wizards…


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Dead jockey Sign for New Life?

Frank Hayes, born 1883 died 1923 due to a heart attack he had on June fourth.  He rode a lovely mare named Sweet Kiss(later renamed)  in a race in Belmont Park in New York. Sweet Kiss's owners didn't expect her to win any races in her lifetime, but Frank convinced them to let him try her out.  Not only did the name win, but Frank set history.  Half way through the…


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Azteca: A Great Breed of Horse

It all started with Mexican farmers,looking for a horse able to do farm work,bullfighting and look nice. So they bred their Andalusion Stallions to Quarter Horse and Criollo…


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