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"Researchers urge rethink of 'Monty Roberts' horse training method"


I think this is a fascinating view of Monty Robert's methods of "join-up" and of the use of the round pen. Something worth considering. I've also provided a link to his response.


Researchers urge rethink of 'Monty Roberts' horse training method July 13, 2012 Enlarge Researchers used a remote control car to mimic the actions of a trainer using the Join-Up method, undermining the idea of a human-horse connection. ( -- Aspects of a horse training…


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"Loving Arms"


Every few weeks, I receive an email from Barnmice member and veterinary equine dentist, Geoff Tucker with stories of his practice and travels.  He has kindly allowed me to share this very touching story, as well as others as they come around. Enjoy.



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Attitude Dos and Don’ts

I love this post by SmartPak. How true it is that everything is about attitude! I would like to add acouple of "DOs"

1. Be grateful to your body, your mind and your horse that you are able to do what you love - and take good care of them all.

2. Remember that every time you mount a horse, you have a fresh start. A chance to do your best and do things a little bit better than the last ride.


3. If your last ride wasn't so great, forgive yourself  - and your…


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What is Your Helmet Story?

International Helmet Awareness Day is coming up and I have been thinking about my own experiences with (and without) a helmet.


I've been riding for well over 40 years and I can't remember how many times I've fallen off a horse. Most of the time, I was wearing a helmet, but I remember falling twice without one and thinking that it was just dumb luck that I wasn't killed.


 I'm cautious by nature and started wearing a helmet long years ago, when they were very…


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Stomach Upset and Safeguarding your Horse's Health


This article by SmartPak got me thinking about ways to safeguard my horse's gut, especially this statistic: "An astonishing 60% of performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers."


What types of steps does everyone take to guard against ulcers, colic and general stomach upset?


In their natural state, horses are constantly grazing and their digestive system is continuously processing forage, breaking it down into nutrients that are then…


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The Top 10 Things Your Vet Wants You To Know



The folks at SmartPak have put together a really great list for all horse people to read. Does anyone have anything else they would like to add?


The Top 10 Things Your Vet Wants You to Know


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Cesar Parra, Abusive Reiners and Our Own Hypocrisy


For weeks now, I've been reading comments and pronouncements all over the Internet written by anonymous know-it-alls from both sides about the upcoming Cesar Parra case. Everyone's an expert when it comes to judging someone else.


Now I see a video has surfaced of abusive riding at a reining event. Lots more comments and condemnations are sure to come, understandably.




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Horses High Diving Off Atlantic City Steel Pier This Summer

I woke up this morning to the news that Altantic City will feature a new act this summer featuring horses high-diving off the steel pier.

You couldn't…


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How Many of These Training Principles Do You Follow?

These eight principles of training are from the International Society for Equitation Science.

How many of these do you follow?

1. Understand and use learning theory appropriately

Learning theory explains positive and negative reinforcement and how they work in establishing habitual responses to light, clear signals. (Note that “positive” and “negative” when applied to…


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How to be Gracious


Hi all,

Here's a great joke to head into the weekend with!


How to be Gracious

>  Jennifer's wedding day was fast approaching. Nothing could dampen her

> excitement - not even her parent's nasty divorce.


>  Her mother had found the PERFECT dress to wear, and would be the

> best-dressed mother-of-the-bride ever!  A week later, Jennifer was horrified

> to learn that her father's new, young wife…


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Woman tramautized after N.Y. carriage horse fall draws attention to controversial industry


Unfortunately this woman's hysteria draws attention away from the real issue, which is the idiocy, greed and inhumanity of carriage horses in the middle of Manhattan streets.


The fortunate part is that her hysteria has brought the videos a lot of views that they would otherwise not have received.


 Update: Sorry everyone, the woman removed the videos!

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Five Tips from Buck Brannaman


I have just watch the documentary on Buck Brannaman and will be writing a full review shortly.   In the meantime, I came across an article that included these these five tips that are well worth considering for every rider.


1. Don’t intimidate.  You may temporarily intimidate a horse into good performance, but intimidation ultimately leads to fear, which is paralyzing.


2. Loosen the reins.




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Handy List of Weeds & Plants That Are Poisonous to Horses

Weeds & Plants That Are Poisonous to Horses

By: Nicole Salo

- A list of weeds and plants that are commonly found throughout Canada and the United States that are poisonous to horses and ponies. For further info and/or a list of poisonous weeds and plants that can be harmful to livestock in your area, please contact your local Ministry of Agriculture department, they can help you with any concerns and even safe ways to dispose of toxic weeds and…


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Deaths on the Jump Race Course


Herald Scotland reported today that:


 THE Scottish Grand National was marred yesterday by the deaths of two horses after the race, sparking calls for changes to gruelling steeplechase races and the introduction of better animal welfare.


At Ayr yesterday, Regal Heights and…


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WEG Canadian Dressage Team Behind-the-Scenes Update!

Here's the latest update from behind the scenes with the Canadian dressage team at WEG!


Well it's here!

The first leg of dressage starts bright and early Monday morning (8:30am to be exact). Monday and Tuesday mark the team dressage competion, where 2 rider's from each team will go on Monday (one in the morning and one in the afternoon group), while the next two ride on Tuesday in the…


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Canadian WEG Dressage Team Training Camp Update Sept 20!

Hi Everyone!

Today was a quiet day at the barn so a few of us headed over to the WEG site to set up the Canadian stalls. We didn't have many "decorations" in the Canadian team trunks, so headed over to Dollar Tree to pick up anything red and white we could find. Robert also wanted us to have flowers, so we then headed over to a nursery to find something. Little did we know September isn't the best time to find flowers. We found some red and white pansies, and…

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Sept 19 Update and Photos from The WEG Canadian Dressage Team Training Camp!


My coach Belinda Trussell just headed off to the WEG training camp with her horse Anton and two helpers. Bonnie Bonello has had her lovely horse Pikardi at our barn and they went with our gang as well.


Photos and reports have just come in...



Hello everyone!

I'm very happy to report…


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Advice from FEI Judge Janet Brown-Foy

Janet Brown-Foy was teaching a clinic this weekend at the barn where I ride. She had one horse after the next, and during a quick break she was kind enough to remain in a very cold arena and answer a few questions that I thought might be of help to anyone riding and competing in dressage.…


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War Horse Coming to Broadway!

BBC News

War Horse play gets Broadway run

War Horse
War Horse is based on a children's book by Michael Morpurgo

The hit…


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Olympian and Barnmice Member Belinda Trussell Wins the GP Special at the Gold Coast Opener CDI!

Canada’s Belinda Trussell Wins GP Special in the Gold Coast Opener CDI

January 24, 2010:

Belinda Trussell and her 10 year old gelding Anton won the Gold Coast Opener CDI Grand Prix Special with 68.25 percent this weekend.

Belinda talked with me this morning about her ride and her horse.

What were the highlights of the test? The whole test felt so energetic and fluent. The highlights were Anton’s piaffe and his extensions at both… Continue

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Live Mare Stare Donkey Cam!

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