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Lesson 9 Aug 30 2011

Lesson was moved to Tuesday night. We got to the barn early again and spent lots of time before our lesson grooming, doing round pen work and some ground work in the indoor arena. Cooper looked very good tonight, must be all this work we have been doing finally putting some muscle on him. He moved really good in the round pen and listened very well, doing transitions from trot and canter, and he was doing them much slower. 

We were jogging 10 steps, whoa & back up, then moving off…


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Aug 27 2011

Can't always have good days, have to throw in some bad for variety LOL

I was going to practice Lesson 8 on Saturday but things changed. I did some ground work inside then went outside because there was a nice breeze and would be no flies. It was hot in the indoor arena. He was jittery as soon as we went outside and I should have went back inside, but I didn't. The dogs at the next door neighbour, new people, were running loose and barking.

After I got on and walked around a bit…


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Lesson 8 August 25 2011

8th training Lesson and our 44th Ride together. I can't believe how far we have come in the 5 months we have been at Five Star Ranch!

Cooper was moving good, there were a few slips but I really think it's because he needs to build up his muscle and balance.

I had all his PC boots on again today and added the pretty blue breast collar. I also have a royal blue show saddle blanket, have to put it all on together somedayl

We rode indoors for our lesson, it's getting too…


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Lesson 7 Aug 18 2011 & Aug 20 & 23

What a fabulous night it was! I left work early again to do work things and got stuck in traffic.! It took me half an hour to get from one exit to another that usually takes 1 minute!! I heard there were storms all around us too, but we missed them. It was dry at the barn. I was there early still even though we left at 4 p.m. My lesson wasn't until 8:30 p.m. and we were there at 6. Love it when there is a bank deposit on lesson night, that way I am not so rushed at the barn.

When we…


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Aug 16 2011

Went out to the barn right from work, got there at 6:30, it took 1 1/2 hours in the rush hour traffic, oh boy! 

We worked a bit in the round pen, turns, come to me and sideways towards me. He is getting so good at that, I am going to try to do that everytime, it's great for getting him to come towards me at the mounting block, which I haven't tried yet.

We did a little giving to the bit in the indoor arena then went outside to ride. He was so full of zip, mister speedy!! There…


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August 13 & 14 play days with Cooper

Saturday we were going to go outdoors with another rider but by the time I got the grooming and everything else done she was finished so I rode inside. I did some ground work first with the rope halter on. We set up some trot poles and went over them a few times. I have been doing some stretching exercises on Coopers legs and they have really been helping. His muscles are not strong enough yet or something, that is why he kept slipping with his back legs.

I rode with the bit and…


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6th Lesson Aug 11 2011

I got off work early and at the barn by 5:30 p.m. for my 8:30 lesson!!

We were still getting ready by lesson time LOL.

We worked in the round pen for about 20 minutes, but first I groomed him and did some stretches on his legs.

He did great, a little stiff but much better.

I was having a hard time keeping him going slow again, he just wanted to go go go fast fast fast.

We did more circles at each end of the arena outdoors then when they others were doing…


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Aug 9 2011

I gave Cooper the weekend off as it seemed he was sore after a lot of hard work that he is not used to. I worked him a little in the round pen, he was a little stiff on his left rear leg. He went at a nice slow pace, kicked out a little when asked for a lope (canter) but did very well. I did some stretches on his legs and tacked him up and went for a ride. We were both relaxed and it was a very nice ride. We didn't work long, on the ground for about 15 minutes and in the saddle for 15. We…


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5th Lesson August 4 2011

Much, much better ride tonight during our lesson.

I got to the barn early and did some natural horsemanship ground work in the indoor arena. He is very bored with it, you can tell. I have to start doing some of the things from the next level, challenge him more. I am still doing Level 1 Parelli things with him. I am also viewing my Jonathan Field dvd's, I think I might do his method when I finally add in loping to our work with the rope hackamore, which is still a long way off. I do…


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4th Lesson Aug 2 2011

Phew, what a challenging lesson again! I was getting frustrated again but not as much as before and things are getting better. I still forgot to try the leg cues while using the elastics on the stirrups, was too busy trying to get shoulder and speed control.

I was having such a hard time controlling Cooper, he just wanted to go go go and I just wanted slow slow slow!!

His poor mouth, I had so much contact almost the whole lesson!! My prosthetic leg was sore and rubbing again…


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