Which series did you cherish?

I read them all! But lately I laughed when I came across the Saddle Club on discovery kids on comcast tv. I had no idea they made it into a series.

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Thoroughbred was my favorite, but I did love Saddle Club as well. Heartland came out when I was in my adolescent years, but I read them anyway and enjoyed them. I also read the classic Marguerite Henry books and a few other stand alone novels whose names I can't remember.
I started reading fiction horse books around 1958. The only really big series I read was the Black Stallion series by Walter Farley, who also started other series about horses.
The BEST fiction books were by C. W. Anderson, his stories taught me a lot about how to be a proper horseman, and his book "Afraid to Ride" taught me how to overcome my fear of riding horses. I don't remember him having a series, but his books are good, and his drawings are wonderful. I remember these even 40 some years later.
Marguerite Henry's books were also good, but on a different level.
I still have the entire series of Thoroughbred. I don't think I could ever part with them. I loved reading them when I was a kid. I hope to pass along when I have kids. I never really got into Saddle Club.
I have my mother's collection of the Black Stallions series, most autographed by Walter Farley!
I also grew up with CW Anderson (a graduation gift from an uncle and aunt is an original drawing by CW Anderson!) and Marguerite Henry's books.
Lived and breathed "The Black Stallion" and "Misty of Chincoteague." There were other British ones ... about three girls named April, May and June and their adventures with their ponies. I read those over and over.
Thoroughbred( I really liked the Ashleigh ones), Saddle Club, Black Stallion, I recently read some Phantom Stallion ones, Dancer, Abby Malone, Stagestruck, Sundancer all by Shelley Peterson. Not a series, but all relating to the same people/area :)
HEARTLAND! my favourite!!!! I read the Chestnut Hill book, but I don't like them nearly as much as Hearltand :)
I signed my youngest grandaughter up for the PonyClub4Kids. It sends books, sometimes a video, cool horsey things, like a keychain, breed poster, etc. I wanted to inspire her to read. She loves the goodies, and reads the magazine and if there is a comic. But hasn't gotten into the books yet. She is 7. All the other grand girls love to read. Her mom is an avid reader. Me, too. Well, when she is ready, she won't stop reading, hopefully.
I used to read "The Black Stallion", "Misty of Chincoteague", and "Fury" with my dad when I was young.
One of my horse crazy friends came over today just to chat and she let me borrow her Black Beauty book. I just joined a rescue group, that book will put me over the top.
I think Saddle club was amazing - especially when I got older there were the Pine Hollow Series... but I was devestated at the ending of the Pine Hollow series - awful. It was a bitter ending and I hated BB afterwards.

I had every book imaginable though. Like some ghost horse series, and I was too old for Pony Pals, but even all the black beauty books and horse legend books (smokey the cowhorse, misty, the red pony, etc)

Thoroughbred was always a favorite, but I liked the jumping series better than the racing.
C.W. Anderson's book "Heads Up, Heels Down". I read that book over and over and over again - it actually taught me to ride before I even got on a horse for the first time!
This was a real good book, I remember it too. And his drawings are soooo wonderful.


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