I have tried for a long time to sell a couple of horses that are roan...very good bloodlines, cheap prices( maybe too cheap) and generally I find that even though I mention their colour in the ads, that when pics are sent,
the colour of them is a turn off....what do you think? Would you by a horse of a different colour?

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I also love odd coloured horses. Most important to me though, is the horse's build, conformation, movement & then the colour. A good horse comes in all colours.
To me color doesn't matter.I look at the horse its' self.Maybe I am crazy,as a friend once said....I wanted a horse of every breed,color and a thousand acres to ride in!Seriously,maybe raise your prices a bit and the right buyer will come along..best of luck!
I think if you're discarding potential horse due to color, you may be missing out on some really good prospects. Why narrow the field? Unless it's a really inappropriate color choice for a discipline for someone serious about showing, give the horse a chance.

I also meet people who won't look at a really good match for them because the horse sticks at 2" too short or tall. There is so much more to a horse than his height, color, and gender!
Hi, May:

I couldn't agree more. Colour, sex, and height are the least important factors when looking at horses. After judging for 8 - 12 hours per day I usually couldn't tell you the sex of most of the horses I've seen that day, and the stand-outs are the great performers, regardless of colour and size.

Last weekend I had a little (and I do mean little) plain bay Connemara in a clinic. He stood out because of his spectacular movement, which was miles beyond many of the WB's in the clinic. I also had a little (15 hh) paint gelding, bought at the auction for $700, who also stood out because of his tremendous ability and willingness to collect.

Good horses are good horses, and it pays to look at them as individuals. I would never discount a horse on the basis of colour, sex or size.
I don't care what color a horse is. I go by the motos "a good horse is a good horse no matter breed, size, sex, or color" and "you ride the horse not the color." Sadly some colors are stuck with a stereotype. Like paints, apps, roans, buckskins, grullos, duns, and palominos are considered "western." I just hope that the majority of people remember that it is conformation, movement, and temperment that really matter in a horse. What color they are is only a bonus point for the owner or potential buyer.
I LOVE odd color horses. I like the ones that have the colors or the design that is unique. I don't want a horse that is like everyone elses. I want something that is one of a kind. For some people it may be ugly, but I would be the one to buy that ugly horse. Odd color horses are my thing. Good luck in selling your horses. Wish, I could take one.


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