Someone made a comment to me the other day regarding the number of saddle pads I own. When I stop to think about it, I must own at least 15 different saddle pads -- two sheepskin dressage pads (one black; one white); two white dressage show pads; my baroque pad in black and gold; three other dressage pads in varying colours; and then about six pads for my flat/jumping saddle. Yup ... that's about 15 ... for one horse ... yikes! And for most of those I even have matching polo wraps! :-0

So, what about you? If saddle pads aren't your weakness, which piece of equipment in your tack collection just seems to duplicate itself beyond your comprehension? There's probably something ... ;-)

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Brilliant thought!
Yesterday I added another set of polos to my collection ... just couldn't resist. They're turquoise!!! Now all I need to do is order a co-ordinating polo shirt from Lands End and we'll be ready to roll ... :-) I believe that brings my collection of polos up to about eight sets ... for one horse. (Having said that I'll be disposing of an old set of white ones soon ... that makes it all better ;-) )
I have turquoise too! Haha, as well as the classic white, navy, hunter green, and pink.
Now I am going to sound really stupid but we have a terminology challenge here - what are 'polos'? I know of polo shirts (short sleeved tee shirt with a collar and a few buttons) and obviously the game of polo, but what are polos for horses? Over here in the UK, the only other polo you would associate with horses, is a type of mint with a hole in the middle!
LOL!!! I remember those mints!!

Polos, or Polo Wraps, are used as support bandages around the horse's lower legs. (See my photo of Bear with his lavender polo wraps and I in my matching shirt ... ;-).) My guess is that they derived from the sport of polo ... (Perhaps someone can clarify that for me.) They can come in a variety of colours and patterns -- those most commonly used in dressage are white, which look stylin' but can be boring, so I have supplemented my personal collection of polo wraps with those of colour, including sage green, lavender, black, hot pink, navy blue, hunter green and the aforementioned turquoise. I complement his polo wraps by wearing a similarly coloured polo shirt (when I can find the right shade ... still looking for the turquoise!) and together Bear and I are a stylin' duo when we step out to train. Nothing like co-ordination, baby!!!

Are you clear now? ;-)
Why thank you kindly ma'am. That is clear as a bell and I love it! I guess I would call those 'exercise bandages'. I am quite sure they do come from the sport of polo! They may even call them polos in this country but since I don't 'do' horse wear of any variety i have probably missed it. I will check it out with my friends... Just mentioned to my husband I was talking about polos with Dorothy and he said. 'polo ponies?' so it's not just me! He also said ' ooh is that Dorothy from Canada - that's really nice!' see, I have mentioned you before!! In fact the photo of us all is still on my desktop on my computer. ;-)

By the way my horse likes bananas - do you think I need to be worried????!!! Perhaps I should start a new thread - 'What weird things does your horse like to eat?'
I already started that thread. You'd need to go look for it ... I think it's under general discussion. Join in the conversation ... there are some pretty quirky horse appetites out there.

Back to saddle pads ... I gave one away the other day. Starting to clear out ... one at a time. But then, I took my horse to his first show ever yesterday and broke out a brand new white dressage pad that I'd purchased at the World Cup in Vegas a couple of years ago. It was truly christened when the saddle slipped off his back before I could do up the girth (due to a sudden impulse to move caused by excitement and a stiff breeze) and he stepped on it and left a lovely hoof print upon it (fortunately on the underside so it didn't show.) I now call it our lucky saddle pad ... we got two ribbons. :-)
Wow if my horse's saddle had fallen off he would have completely freaked!! He thinks saddles and saddle pads are out to kill him! That is quite funny though... i also like the fact that you started the thread I was thinking about (psychic connection there Dorothy!)... x
...And here I thought that I was bad. lol
This topic made me LOOOOOOL..

I'm such a tack rat (like pack get it..)

I'm a total bridle hoarder..loool, if it comes in Oakbark or Chestnut, I own it. LOL.

When I was a kid of course it was polos. polospolospolos... and when you couldn't find the right "loud" enough pattern in the tack store, it was off to the local fabric shop to find flames and polka dot p;olar fleece...'CRIIINGE!!'

I've only got a few saddle pads,
One sage green memory foam quilted w gold rope piping
Two Roma quilted pads
and my Gel Pad..
Well i have 6 horses, and only two are riding horses, the other 4 are minis, so for the riding horses they each have an english saddle, 4 saddle pads, a show bridle, a bridle for riding at home, and one of them also has a bitless bridle. Now that's just english tack.
Western tack:
3 saddles (one for riding at home, a show saddle, and a kids saddle), 9 saddle pads, 3 bridles for at home, a hackamore, and 3 show bridles.
I also have tons of halters, i don't know why but i just have millions it seems, i have atleast 3 per horse, then i have tons of extras...they just pile up, i'm finally going to donate them all to the rescue we got our one mare from.
I also keep getting more and more lunge lines, i think i have about 5 now, when really i only need 2.

Everything in the tack room just mom and i loveee tack stores;)
Hi I too am a halter collector... I have 3 race halters... 2 nylon (had four I gave 2 away) and two leather halters... one is 23 years old from a favorite of ours... and the other is the one that my horse was bought in with his halter plate on it for racing/showing. This is a small number since when I had a stable I had at least 5-6 halters for each horse!!! and I had mostly 8 to 10 race horses!! And that wasn't even for the show horses... for them I had one for each occasion... that could add up to 8 most times since I never pitched the old ones as I went!! Yikes!!! I never thought about it until I read the start of this thread!!! I'm an equipement collector!!! lol lol


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