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  • Oakcrest Farm

    19 members Latest Activity: Apr 14, 2013

    Oakcrest Farm is home to Olympian Belinda Trussell and Grand Prix rider John MacPherson. We are an elite dressage training facility…

  • New England Equestrians

    3 members Latest Activity: Mar 2, 2012

    This group is for those of us that ride during the "four" seasons!  Since we're unique in the sense that our rides must adapt to the…

  • United States Pony Club

    6 members Latest Activity: Apr 25, 2013

    All members of the USPC

  • Dreamz...

    13 members Latest Activity: Sep 29, 2011

    This group is for people who have horsey dreamz or other dreams and want to blab them out... even possibly find out the meaning!…

  • Barn Bumz

    9 members Latest Activity: Mar 5, 2011

  • Irish Draught Lovers

    7 members Latest Activity: Feb 7, 2018

    Irish Draughts  are the corner stone of most breeds, Look far enough into warmblood breeding & you'll find an Irish Draught mare. ID's are…

  • Xtreme riderz!

    14 members Latest Activity: Dec 3, 2011

    This group is 4 people that like to play around with their horses, in a wild, crazy, but cool way or any other ways!

    Enjoy!! :)

  • Grand Valley Dressage Society

    1 member Latest Activity: Dec 23, 2012

  • Photography freaks

    40 members Latest Activity: Jul 31, 2014

    This is a group where photographers, eguine or other, get together. We can help each other, post our photos (OURS, not the internets!) and get…

  • Equine Therapy for Autism

    2 members Latest Activity: Dec 6, 2010

    Horseback riding as calming therapy for autism and ADHD.

  • 4H Horse Clubs

    4 members Latest Activity: Dec 7, 2013

    A group where 4H leaders and members can discuss events, lessons and ideas.

  • Nova Scotia Dressage

    7 members Latest Activity: Jun 23, 2016

    An Information Network for the Nova Scotian, and Maritime, dressage rider! Or for anyone from the Maritimes who live away, or for anyone who…

  • Equestrian Collections

    40 members Latest Activity: Sep 24, 2013

  • Body language

    65 members Latest Activity: Jul 25, 2014

    This group is for analyzing and talking about the horses and our body language to improve our communication with horses.

  • Glanbrook Cadora

    5 members Latest Activity: Sep 3, 2011

    Glanbrook Cadora is the grass roots organization of dressage riders. Its outcome is to foster, encourage interest and participation in dressage…

  • Community Yard Sale

    64 members Latest Activity: Jun 19, 2017

    Sell items you never use and find great bargains on stuff you need!

    CLICK TO JOIN, then post your items in the categories below.

  • I Wish I had a Horse...

    5 members Latest Activity: Jul 25, 2014

    Are you a fan of horses? Well of course you are or you woudn't be here, anyway if you are a fan of horses and DESPERATELY want one this is the…

  • My horse...

    25 members Latest Activity: Sep 20, 2011

    In this group u can boast about u and ur horse. Try c how ur horse compares with others and c how u can improve... bond wise! :)

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