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Riding with confident humility.

Humility - The professional horse trainer who joins in to help set the trail course. The champion who uses his moment in the spotlight to share his own life challenges as encouragement. The clinician who includes the novice riders along with the experienced. The judge who smiles. The winning rider who claps for everyone – even when in 2nd place. The rider…


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What Does Joy Look Like ?

What does Joy look like?

My name is Linda Finstad and for the past 15 years I have earned my living as an equine photographer and artist.  My my art work is very distinctive - always bright and colourful with a child like innocence.  However there is a deeper meaning behind why I paint the way I paint.

Everyone know that for a painting to be considered “Art” it has to stir an emotional response within whoever looks at it.  “My goal as an artist was to…


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A Week of Walking

A Week of Walking

I am still recovering from my trip up North, the weather has become muggier, I am trying to save my limited energy to go to my grandson's birthday party tomorrow, and, then, it turned out that all three horses were not quite right when moving. With Cider it has happened during the last few months (possible arthritis? Shannon will get her a supplement.) Mia had been trimmed the…


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The confident rider – how much is too much?

Our prime minister set off a national conversation about showing more "swagger" as entrepreneurs in business. So as a riding coach I was thinking - what's the role for swagger in the horse world? Is riding different than in other sports?  Some describe it as an expectation of success. Others, cockiness. Does  an "Own the Podium" attitude, get in the way of some riding…


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Boredom Relief--I Try a Different Bit

Boredom Relief—I Try a Different Bit

Since I am still recovering from my trip up to Maryland two weeks ago I have not done much in the ring other than walk. This week Debbie was glad for me to just walk during my lesson since the ring was wet, wet, wet. For a while there I had been afraid that we were entering another drought, but for the past week the heavens have opened up, the crops are…


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The Nineties Have Arrived

The Nineties Have Arrived

Yes, four days of 90ºF+ in a row. Summertime temperatures and it isn't even the middle of May. I guess it makes up for all those lows in the 20's this year.

So after months of…


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I Finally Get Back to North Fork School of Equitation!!!

I Finally Get Back to North Fork School of Equitation!!!

It had been almost four and a half years, between my appendectomy, several exacerbations of my MS, and problems with doctors and insurance I could not get up there, but I FINALLY felt well enough to make the very long trip up to North Fork. When I called Karen Fenwick to set up my lesson she sounded glad that I was returning, and I…


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