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Equine Science: Weekly News and Trivia Question - August 14, 2009

Sleep, saddles and social behaviour are just three of the things I'm going to be looking at in today's equine science weekly round up:

Researchers in South Africa have discovered that friendship with unrelated mares, can increase a wild mare's reproductive success.
The scientists from the University of Pretoria in conjunction with colleagues from New Zealand studied the social relationships of feral horses in the North Island of New Zealand and found that mares who formed… Continue

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I am posting this blog to educate people about the disease to help better understand it. I hope u find this helpful.

Thank you

Hazel Miller BHSAI

Strangles - The Diagnosis

Strangles is an infection with the bacterium 'Streptococcus Equi'.

It's extremely contagious and is spread by direct contact with the pus and nasal discharges that occur so readily with this disease.

Contaminated tack, feeding utensils, water…


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Convincing people of the need for thoroughbred blood in the event horse is the easy bit in this series of articles. Ireland has been the World Breeding Federation number one country for event horses for the past 14 years with horses that are almost exclusively 3/4 to full thoroughbred, as have been the majority of the greatest event horses in history. The key component and value of the TB is obviously speed……and safety.




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Rhythm and Tempo... Understand the difference before you pick MUSIC!!

Before you can pick the perfect music for your horse, you need to understand the difference between rhythm and tempo.

Many people use the words rhythm and tempo interchangeable, but they do not mean the same thing. I will talk about the meaning of each, both in musical terminology and in riding reference.

Rhythm - When riding, regularity of the rhythm refers to the even spacing between each step in a stride of walk, trot or canter. In music, rhythm is made up of sounds and… Continue

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Tickets to the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

Tickets for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games go in sale in just 44 days!

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Have you ever felt that things have been so mad and so enveloping that you just need to be a little reckless and go and have some fun?

Things have been pretty tough for me this year and over the last few months I have had one thing and another effect me and tire me out.

Things are pretty hard for most people any way so, to go and have every day life that the normal fit human would cope with can be pretty difficult for someone with a chronic illness or disability to cope… Continue

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Strategies for Downhill and Ditches on the Cross Country Course

I am often asked what types of strategies I am thinking about for different types of jumps, that aspiring eventers might also keep in mind.

When I ask riders what they most fear it is normally jumping downhill, apexes (corners) and ditches. I'll focus on downhill and ditches today.

When I walk a course and I’m walking it to ride a young horse, I’m very mindful of the lay of the land. I will plan to slow down in plenty of time when a downhill jump is coming up, as the…


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Ride Fit 1-2-3 More Stretches: Get better shoulders


Since the questions and comments to last weeks' lengthy blog on stretching were related to how to get better shoulder mobility, I've uploaded a new video showing some pre and post ride stretches for chest and shoulders.

You can post comments, questions and even photos to this Ride Fit blog anytime. The… Continue

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A day in the life of....

As a young girl, I had a dream to work with horses - I spent countless hours at the local riding school working as payment for my lessons. (although I would have worked for FREE but don't you dare tell them that!) We at are planning a series on "a day in the life of.." and are focusing on the stories of riders like YOU who have worked your way through the horse industry.

Tell us your story, about the work you do and your journey, for a chance to win a cooler… Continue

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Reading Dusty Tomes of Horsemanship

I started reading non-fiction books about horses for about 47 years ago when I got my first serious horse book "Cavalcade of American Horses" by Pers Crowell. Since then I have been trying to read just about every non-fiction horse book I have run across. In 1963 I got access to books on HOW TO RIDE in my junior high school library and have been reading books on how to ride ever since. In high school I finally got access to two serious riding books, "Common Sense Horsemanship"…


Added by Jackie Cochran on August 10, 2009 at 10:00am — 3 Comments

Understanding Why Riding to Music Works!

I am amazed at how perfect music can improve and enhance a horse's movement and the rider's rhythm! When music fits the horse and rider, both the quality of the gaits and movements improve. The music enhances both the artistic aspect and the technical side of the ride. Because rhythm is maintained!…


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Topping off a great week - some CNE Results

Well I just got news that the Percheron mare that I prepped for my boss went Supreme Champion at the CNE. I know she still has the Mare Cart class yet to go, so I will have to wait to hear the news on that class.

Also the 4 year old Clydesdale gelding (over 18.2hh) that I have been "creating" since last Sept is most likely sold. I like this gelding but I hear that I might get a couple of fancy young geldings in replacement to "create". Nothing like taking a gangly, growthy youngster… Continue

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Love the horse Blogs

Did you know that there almost no better way to promote your business than get involved with blogs and the horse community. I just thought that I would put that fact out there. I love blogs and I love the horse business world. I believe that the horse industry has it own set of rules for marketing.

One of the things I adore the most, it the intimacy that is required between the horse owner and the store owner. If I want to have a life long friend and customer, I better not only know… Continue

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MIchigan's Shore to Shore Endurance Ride Week - Aug 2-5/09 (or what I did anyways)

Friends have been talking about what an awesome experience the Shore to Shore Endurance Ride Week is so finally we bit the bullet in order to work on Bask N Coins' (Loosi's) ApHC Medallion.

On Sat drove to the beautiful town of Oscoda MI to the base camp for the first 2 days of competition. Having met most of the ride management (manager, head vet, timer) at the White River Ride we were made to feel like long lost friends.

We quickly set up camp and then headed back down… Continue

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Kentucky Horse Council Standards for Equine Care - A guide to keeping healthy horses?

The Kentucky Horse Council ( recently developed an eight page educational guide called Minimum Standards for Equine Care in Kentucky.

The guide is a free resource offered for educational purposes to horse owners, potential horse owners, law enforcement officials, and all horse interested individuals.

The guide features photographs which depict healthy horses receiving good care Minimum Standards for Equine Care in Kentucky and is deemed appropriate… Continue

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An Exercise for a Proper Jump Approach

Very often problems on approach are caused by rider involvement in the wrong areas and an incorrect focus. The rider’s focus should be on trying to keep a nice regular and balanced approach, while staying within a rhythm, not the take off distance from the fence.…


Added by Tim Stockdale on August 7, 2009 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

Use Visualization When Riding Your Training Level Dressage Horse

Here's a fun training tip that uses visualization to help you ride your Training Level Dressage horse better. I call it RIDES WITH FRUIT.

I'm sure you remember Kevin Costner's movie, Dances with Wolves. Well, I call this training tip, Rides with Fruit. I thought it was appropriate since it's summer, and many of us start to eat more fruits and vegetables.

So let's use visualization and bring some fruity images to your dressage horse! When you're on a circle, your…


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Equine Science: Weekly News and Trivia Question - August 6, 2009

Welcome to the first August edition of the Equine Science blog. Here's this week's round up of science news from the equestrian world:

Tomorrow (Saturday Aug 8) sees a seminar on “Science of Horses” at Gloucester County College, in the US. The event is aimed to educate school teachers and those working in further education in agricultural and equine areas such as 4-H. The session covers basic horse behaviour, careers and education, nutrition as well as equine abnormalities.… Continue

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The Right Thing

This painting is of Nanning, a Friesian stallion with such stature, he stands out in a crowd -- even a crowd of Friesians!

Friesians seem to be such willing horses, always willing to do the right thing. Not all horses are like that (and probably not all Friesians are really like that either!), but after having just read Mark Rashid's new book, Whole Horse, Whole… Continue

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It is to the advantage of the European stud books to be quiet about their thoroughbred genes as they develop their highly successful brands…and that is what most have become. They are often presented as breeds but in fact they are brands, and part of a marketing system rather than a method of showing the true breeding of horses. A number of leading sires are even approved by all the major European stud books, and therefore have registered offspring in different stud books. In addition many…


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