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Ckokes and what to do

Any one else out there ever experience the streak of fear when your beloved horse starts coughing and turns away from their food?  Do you know the signs?  Do you know what to do before you call the vet?  Don't get me wrong, I do recommend a vet check after a choke incident.  When our horses have choked in the past, it has varied in severity.  I have seen everything from a persistent cough to laying down and rolling the standing and coughing. It almost looks like colic sometimes.  The cough…


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A New Beginning

Well, 2011 marked a new beginning for me.

In the spring of 2009, I suffered a serious injury (not horse related). I fractured my leg and totally crushed my ankle. Extensive surgery, which included the attachment of permanent hardware, was followed by a very long recovery period.

In the fall of 2010, I attempted a couple of western riding lessons on one of my own horses. I wasn't very comfortable, so I tabled my riding and didn't know if I would ever have the confidence to try…


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Time Marches On

It’s so hard to believe another year has come and gone. 2011 gave birth to my second book, Tales of an Animal Communicator ~ Master Teachers. Although the animals whose stories are shared in it waited a long time for it’s arrival, I think they’ll agree it was worth the wait. I was blessed to work with many wonderful animals and their people in 2011. While some were ready to make their transition back to Spirit, most others chose to remain with their people. Being able to help…


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Give Peace a Chance- Start in the Barn.

This is the time of year holiday greetings include Peace on Earth. We need it- there is so much conflict in the world…


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Love, Kidney Failure and a Broken Heart

Love, kidney failure and a broken heart

-Dedicated to Spook and my determined riding career that will lead me

to the Olympics

After eleven years of life and a year of living with kidney failure,

Spook passed away.

Our paths first crossed on a frigid cold day. He was two and I was

only twelve years old. Who knew that the next decade together would

change my life forever; all because of this young white and chestnut

painted foal with a… Continue

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Melt Down

It was really chilly last night.  The temperature in the indoor arena was below freezing.  Of course, that is not too cold to ride, but last year, I would have had to lounge Cole before riding on a night like last night.  He would have been awful, too, with much rearing and bucking.  I decided to just ride him and see how he did.


I am happy to report that he behaved beautifully.  There was no spooking, bucking or bolting.  Yes, we have come a long way.  He didn’t perform very…


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Need you now Equine

Need You Now Equines takes horses (that appear sound/sane) that are in the feedlots in Quebec waiting to be "processed". 

We are a volunteer group based in the Ottawa and surrounding area that receives no funding.  Horses are purchased directly from the feedlot and then go onto their new homes.  Some of these horses are registered and come with papers.  Some are former school/camp horses that have been shipped due to bankrupcy or business closure.  There is a huge variety of horses…


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Last Great Ride of the Year

Last Great Ride of the Year


I had the Monday after Christmas off from work.  The weather gods were looking down kindly at us, and furnished the best sort of weather for a winter ride.  It was sunny and about 40 degrees F.  Bliss…  We had ridden the last 3 days on the hill because the river was too high, but even that cooperated with us and was low enough by Monday.  We were going on a Christmas trail ride.


Unfortunately, my sister had to go into work.  She…


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How to Have Fun on the Trails in the Middle of Winter

Originally posted at:

Hard, unforgiving ground,

chilly winds and cloudy sky.

Slap on your winter woolies,

throw on the saddle pad,

tighten the girth

and head off into the beautiful trails with leafless trees and…


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As my body changes due to my Multiple Sclerosis I often loose the "feel" in my hands.  I usually don't pick up on it immediately since everything feels normal to me, but the horses do!  First the horses try to adapt, raising their heads a little, just enough to turn the steady contact into intermittent contact.  Often this is enough to make everyone happy for a while, but if my hands deteriorate further the horses get more emphatic, either refusing to move into contact…


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Merry Christmas!

Sorry I've been so silent for so long. Was busy writing and publishing by second book, Tales of an Animal Communicator ~ Master Teachers, which was released in October. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday. May it be quiet, all that you hoped for, and spent with those you love. Hana, Saba, and I are spending the rest of Christmas Eve putting the final touches on my new artificial tree. Finally laid the old one from my farm to rest. It served me for well over 12 years! Unlike the…


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Stuck in the Muck?

Woke up at 12:10 am this Christmas Eve with an image in my head that needed to be transcribed.  Of course it was applying to the snails pace so many of us take when schooling our horses.  But it does apply to life in general. Have a wondrous Holiday Eve and Holiday tomorrow.  Here it is.

You Stuck in the Muck?


Break through the barrier that inhibits performance acceleration.


Supreme performance through…


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What Does Your Horse Want for Christmas?

Originally posted at:

What would your horse like for Christmas?

This one is a no-brainer and it’s so mmm-mmm-mmm-good! (Even you might want to take a bite!)

You wouldn’t have to listen very hard to…


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A New Way

Horses are my life. As a person who is deeply involved in all aspects of the horse on a daily basis, I strive for a connection with each of them and work at understanding and communicating in a way that is fair, humane and encourages trust and connection. This stuff doesn't happen overnight (necessarily) - it doesn't happen immediately in our human-to-human relationships…


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Cruiser is Who He was Meant to Be

Cruiser is Who He was Meant to Be


Way back when I bought Cruiser, I was given his papers.  He is not registered as a Morab, but as a Half Arabian.  I don’t even have proof that his mother was a Morgan.  I just took the word of his previous owners.  Quite honestly, they could have told me he was half St. Bernard, and I wouldn’t of cared.  I fell in love with him, so none of it…


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The True Christmas Spirit?

Giving from the Spirit Within

We as the human species are the most self-centered, self-righteous, and greediest of the living species upon the Earth. If we are of one Spirit, then why do we have so many religions and doctrines within those religions that void the Spirit Within each of us?

It is simply because mankind must feel superior to all that surrounds him or her. We dominate in many ways, such as physically and emotionally, however the worst way in which we…


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An Everyday Nativity Scene.

Infinity Farm is not located in the Holy Land, but we are a stable.

This isn’t really a manger. It’s a banana yellow pull-wagon.

And this isn’t Baby Jesus. It’s Hannah- she helps me with…


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Posting gone wrong, but feedback loop gone right

I found out that I can’t post Cole at all in the arena.  I tried and tried.  I felt like I never did it in my life.  I would go a couple strides and fall into the saddle with a boom.  Poor Cole would immediately halt in confusion.  I had to give up because I felt I was torturing him.


So, then I tried it with Cruiser.  He simply didn’t give me enough oompf to get off the saddle.  I gave up with him, too.


I post both horses all the time on the trail quite…


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Musings on Arena Riding

Sorry everyone.  I haven’t been blogging because I have been busy.  Not with riding, but with work.  Hopefully, we are finally breaking out of this bad economy.  I am a printing estimator, and in the world of printing, if the estimators get busy, everyone else will be getting busy in a few weeks.


Of course, I am still riding.  The weather has been strangely good in the last few weeks.  Sure, we have had rain, and that’s never any fun, but we haven’t had that much snow at…


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New Programs to Help Horse Owners Stay Up to Date on Health and Medical Issues

There are some great new programs and websites to help horse owners get timely information - check them out!


Outbreak Alert Gives Veterinarians and

Horse Owners the Edge in Fighting Disease

When it comes to equine health care, a partnership between horse owners and veterinarians is a must. Equally important is staying informed about potential disease threats that may put a horse’s health at risk. That’s the reason Merial…


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