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Rest In Peace, Hickstead.

    When the news of Hickstead's death reached me, the first thing that came into my mind was denial. There was no way a great horse such as him could have an end such as it was. Hickstead was a horse that deserved another Olympic performance, a retiring ceremony, and many more years relaxing on a stud farm. But when I watch the video, the great horse sinking to the ground, carefully rolling as if to set Eric safely down, I realized there was no denying it. Hickstead's death had really…


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Spanish Horses

Henk writes:


More new horses! So much for the quiet country life. I think Lil’s losing her mind. But, hey, she’s the one who has to feed everybody and make sure we get turned out and our stalls get cleaned, so I guess it’s her prerogative. And anyway, at least these last two are only visiting. Good…


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The Benefits of Clicker Training

I was riding Cole in the arena the other night, and a really nice boarder at our barn brought her horse in to lounge.  She has a sweet Paint mare, that I have never seen truly misbehave, but her owner is afraid to ride her.  She needs to lounge her a lot before she will ride her, and with her busy work schedule, she usually doesn’t have the time to both lounge and ride.  As we all know, fear isn’t logical, and it certainly isn’t in this case. 


I thought that demonstration of…


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Perfect Fall Weather for Trail Riding

What a perfectly pretty November weekend in northeast Ohio.  Of course, you could find me out on the trail with my Morabs.  I love this weather.

 Friday, I took my very last evening trail ride of the year.  The time changed this weekend, and I no longer have the daylight to ride on the trail.  Anyway, Cruiser made it a good one.  He was energetic and silly.  What else would I expect from him on a cool evening…?  I rode Cole in the arena, and he wasn’t too keen on working.  Before the…


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November 6th 2011

Rode Amigo. Worked on the canter depart again. His canter is better going counter clockwise. I ended work when he did one depart really pushing from behind. Then my bestie rode him at the walk. So proud of my boy!

My goals for him is to create more impulsion and have a crisp canter depart instead of a bumpy trot going into the canter. He has come along way considering the fact that he used to try to buck me off every time I asked for the canter! There were no bucks and not even the… Continue

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A New Type of Turning for Me

Last week, riding on three horses, I tried out the new (for me) technique for turning described in Jean Luc Cornille's blog "Lateral Bending and Transversal Rotation Part 2." 


When riding Forward Seat turning is rather simple, the rider uses the inside leading rein for gradual turns, the inside rein of direct opposition for a sharper turn, always advancing the outside rein, and using…


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Lesson 17 Nov 3 2011

We did the serpentine exercise again from one end of the arena to the other.

This time I was also working on trying to get Coopers head lower.

Like the coach says, it's very ugly looking during training, but he was starting to lower his head near the end of the night, when I finally started to relax!!

He was moving great, well a little spooky in one corner where the skid was up against the wall.

There was actually another horse going faster than him and passing us…


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Part One: Thanksgiving Every Day.

I saw the first holiday decorations come out a few days before Halloween. I did not burst into a rousing rendition of Here Comes Santa Claus. Christmas is not my holiday.

Thanksgiving is my holiday; low expectations and high reward factors. It is a holiday…


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A day off to ride

I took yesterday off from work because they were forecasting perfect weather—and they were right.


Cole and I went on a 2:37 hour ride. He wasn’t quite as good as last time—he went through a balky stage, tossed in some squeals and spins during the ride, and it took a little more work to settle down his trot towards home. We did canter 4 times for short distances, and that was really nice. He didn’t do the mad gallop that I have gotten in the past, but an actual canter. After…


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Halloween Rides

I took Cruiser on a quick trail ride before sunset, and we didn’t see a soul—not even the headless horseman.  It was a cool and pretty evening.  There are still some leaves on the trees, and they were very vibrant in the dimming light of the evening.  Next weekend, the time changes, and there will be no more trail rides after work.  I sure will miss them.


I then rode Cole in the arena.  I had the place all to myself.  We worked on a little of this and a little of that. I…


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Written by: Louise Parkes

Client: Alltech National Horse Show

Release Date: 2011-10-31Lexington, KY - October 31, 2011- - Anticipation and excitement is at an all-time high as the Alltech Arena at The Horse Park in Kentucky receives its final make-over ahead of this week's Alltech National Horse Show. In five days' time, a new era in the history of the oldest indoor horse show in the world will begin, and fresh life… Continue

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Alltech National Horse Show Prized Trophy Collection Arrives in the Commonwealth

Written by: Kenneth Kraus/

Client: Alltech National Horse Show

Release Date: 2011-10-31

[Lexington, KY] – The trophies for the oldest indoor horse show in America have arrived in the Kentucky. The Alltech National Horse Show trophy collection was transported at the Alltech Arena in the Kentucky Horse Park with a ceremonious entrance. The trophy collection that dates back to…


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Guadalajara to Lexington! Pan American Gold Medalist Christine McCrea Headed to Alltech National Horse Show

Written by: Kenneth Kraus/

Client: Alltech National Horse Show

Release Date: 2011-10-29Lexington, KY - October 30, 2011 - - Christine McCrea, who on Saturday powered her way to the Pan American Games Gold Medal in Guadalajara, Mexico, makes her next stop at the debut of the Alltech National Horse Show in Lexington, Kentucky, beginning on Wednesday.

McCrea, who was perfect through five…


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ASPCA Celebrates Rescued Horses with Parade At Alltech National Horse Show

Written by: Kenneth Kraus/

Client: Alltech National Horse Show

Release Date: 2011-10-24Equine Welfare Ambassadors and World Class Riders will Take Center Ring on November 6

LEXINGTON, KY--Sunday, November 6 has been officially designated as "ASPCA Day" at the Alltech National Horse Show in Lexington, Ky. and to celebrate, the ASPCA is holding a parade of rescued horses that will be…


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Fun weekend with horses

We had a nice, horse weekend.  The river wasn’t crossable, but our younger niece came out, and she made it fun for us.  I started out riding Cole in the arena.  He had a lackluster day.  I then let my niece take him down the hill to the river.  He was pretty good for her, and she is getting used to his bouncy walk down hills.  When we got to the bottom, we let her trot on the flat part a bunch of times.  Cole has a normal trail trot, and she was posting is beautifully.  (She can’t manage his…


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Royal Adelaide Show 2011 2nd Show Hunter Galloway (-:

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Royal Adelaide Show 2011 1st Pair of riders (-:

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Natural Born Riders

First, I am NOT a natural rider. 

I have heard about or read about natural riders since I started riding in Chile some 54 years ago.  I was told by my parents that they had been told that there were these people who could just get up on a horse and ride perfectly from the very first time.  Perfect seat, perfect hands, perfect timing, perfect from the very start.  My father was…


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Videos are done at last

Three weeks ago I filmed my schooling of Sundust the ex-WP Quarter Horse that I am re-schooling.  We made the video into a how to use Spirit Bridle and how to ride using Sympathetic Aids......

Last weekend we filmed Sundust's two owners, Gloria and Cathy, schooling themselves and him.....  And then put a brand new rider up for the first time......Sandra did very well learning to sit up straight, the hands, etc......

So now I have three videos, one each of the Ladies, that will…


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A Cautionary Horse Tale


Once you decide to ride horses, you put into place a domino effect of consequences, which will occur whether you are conscious of them or not. It is like a rule of nature – the results are the results regardless of your intentions, desires and motivations.

And so you proceed to put your weight on horse’s back, asking him to move in tandem with your (sometimes uncoordinated) instructions, changing the weight distribution on his back and legs and (quite) possibly…


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