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Story time: Tell us about what you did for the difficult to catch, the horse that either refused to go or refused to slow down.

I want to hear you stories, and share some of my own.  Tell me about the one that got away, didn't take a step no matter what you did, or wouldn't slow down long enough to get anything done. 

For our difficult to catch we had a myriad of Galicenos that had been raised with minimal human contact after the first year. They were all halter broke, some lead broke, but still very wild.  Of these we had a pair of full brothers, 8yo Flash and 6yo Peanut Butter.  Both sons of El Cacahuatito…


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A new pair of Cowboy boots

Last Sunday morning, I waited in the car, while my business partner went into a local bakery in downtown Tempe, AZ to buy some piping-hot, super fresh, right out-of-the over, cross-top buns to take to Easter dinner Needless to say the lines were long and it took him awhile.

I had brought a book to read about expanding my spiritual awareness, called "The Force". I was deep into reading my book, deep into feeling more spiritual and ready to take on every new challenge that came my… Continue

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Rattler Warning!

Here is my post this morning to my Facebook, thought you might enjoy the reactions.

Just wanted to let you know how my day started:




It is OMG time!!!

( PS: that was me as my heart was beating very fast, as I ran back into the… Continue

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Sesame Street

Tonight's episode is brought to you by the letter "D".




Seems I'm not the only fan of Sesame Street. Monday night, Sammie conjured up the above adjectives in our workout, reminding me of what used to be one of my favorite childhood TV shows. I should have predicted the outcome. It was so predictable that it was practically scripted. But what seems patently… Continue

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Regroup, recover and replan...

My recent attempt at BHS SM exam was not successful. I spotted the postman and as soon as I felt the envelope in my hand I knew. It was not heavy enough to be carrying a certificate. I thought the exam had gone well and felt confident. I knew I had made some mistakes and unfortunately they were enough. I have been rationalising with my disappointed self this week:

I started working full time with horses in October 2007 – 2 years ago which is not really that much time to get the… Continue

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Ups and downs

I didn’t win! So I left the BHS Young Instructor of the Year final quite disappointed. Having said that, it was a great experience and I did learn a lot, so overall I am pleased that I entered. It was good to meet other people of my own age, following similar paths and also the judges who were all Fellows of the BHS. It is a fabulous opportunity to take part in such a competition and I will be going back next year for another try.

Last Saturday I visited Oldencraig EC in Surrey to… Continue

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2009 - What a Year It's Been (endurance wise)

Just looking back over my 2009 season and all I can say is "Wow, what a year it has been!"

First off I would like to thank the Graber Family in Indiana who purchased my matched pair of Hackney Horse fillies last October thus giving me the funds to make 2009 possible. Also to Leigh Gowdy-King for letting me pair up with Bask N Coins+ (aka Loosi). Many more thanks to my pit crew Vivianne Macdonald and Art King and all the others who have helped along the way.

I started off… Continue

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Cameo Z just blows me away

That little boy does not put one wrong foot down. He is such a good boy for such a youngster. Here I was, with my niece getting him all ready for the National Foal Championships and CSH Breeder show. Driving along, I was watching the time getting nervous as I was worried I was going to get to the RCRA late and miss the first class. We ended up pulling into the parking lot at 9:50am. My friend Jane helped me unload him and we literally ran to the office and then into the arena. I just made… Continue

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Honeymoon in Purgatory

In my last post, I mentioned the new home I had picked out for Sammie, in Clancy's backyard. Amazingly, though I live in a community with loads of equestrian zoned real estate, bridle paths that wind through the streets, miles and miles of trails into the foothills and mountains, and even a public park with two large arenas and a round pen, when I bought Sammie, I had only three public board options within 10 miles, and none of them would be suitable.

There was one nice facility,… Continue

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There's Nothing Like That New Horse Smell

Buying a horse takes an incredible leap of faith. You hope that this will be your "forever" equine partner. And yet, you are ready to commit after less time than you would spend on a typical first date. How many people do you know who got engaged to be married after a coffee date at Starbucks? Ask any horse owner how much time they spent getting to know their horse before purchase, though, and the answers will probably range from an hour or less to a few days, on the high (and rare) end. I… Continue

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Does This Horse Make My Butt Look Big?

Between the first time I saw her ad on Dreamhorse, and Lisa's phone call to her seller, somebody else put a deposit down on Samba, taking her off the market. But the morning of Lisa's call, mere hours before the scheduled vet check, the buyer forfeited her deposit, canceling the sale. "My trainer saw the video, and told me this horse makes my butt look too big." Seriously. I was getting the opportunity to buy my dreamhorse, because someone… Continue

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Have you ever felt that things have been so mad and so enveloping that you just need to be a little reckless and go and have some fun?

Things have been pretty tough for me this year and over the last few months I have had one thing and another effect me and tire me out.

Things are pretty hard for most people any way so, to go and have every day life that the normal fit human would cope with can be pretty difficult for someone with a chronic illness or disability to cope… Continue

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Competition Riding vs. Riding for "Fun"

There I go again...putting "fun" in quotations. Hey, for those of you that ride, you KNOW why that is! LOL For those of you that don't, riding is fun in the same way that a serious visit to the local gym is fun. It is hard work. Even when you aren't riding, horses are work; you clean the stall and paddock, you maintain the barn area, you groom the horse, you carry feed and hay and tack, etc.--it is physical (well, except for those of us that pay to have all that done for them). But even those… Continue

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Competive Trail Success in Ohio July 11 & 12

The last weekend in June saw me in Kemptville Stewarding the Tulip Arabian Horse Shows. I think this was my 6 or 7th trip to Steward the Tulip show. Great bunch of people in the Ottawa area and some lovely horses. Always a good time in the Ottawa area.

Then I had to work a weekend while the boss was on holidays. Finally I got back on the road for July 10-12th to head to the OAATS Celebration CTR in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park just north of Akron OH. A 7 hr trip with a stop for… Continue

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On Balance

The vertigo I have been suffering turns out to be due to a condition called Meniere's Disease, or so I'm told...

It has been about 5 weeks since the first "attack" and I have only really been able to do normal activities for the last week, as I was unsure if I would be safe to drive, and to be honest didn't feel like going out for a few weeks there. After the extreme dizziness abated, there was just a constant feeling of "brain fog" and a buzzy feeling, like a swarm of tiny bees in my… Continue

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Nice and Easy.

I'm back to riding again! That really makes me happy.

My ride this week was pretty relaxed compared to the previous weeks of preparation.

The others in my group that qualified are now working hard to prepare for the Nationals in a few weeks. so my ride at the moment is not so focused.

But I will get myself back in to that focus again, as I want to become the best rider that I can possibly be despite my FM - I don't want it to get the better of me.

Riding is my… Continue

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Crazy People Have More Fun!

Since I leave tomorrow to move my stuff home from Uni. (summer vacation, yaaayyyy) I won’t have time to write a blog later this week. Nor will I have time to ride any for at least 3 days! *Sigh*

This week has been so much fun! Linda is still on sick leave but The Pony and I have been working harder than ever. (Or not) We’ve just been enjoying each others company and having fun. I’ve also been riding Bruvin (The 4 year old) a little. (that's him and me in the picture)…


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Training - small steps from a non-pro

Training Brasilia

Yesterday I was riding Brasilia do Summerwind, a green 3 year old mare. After the ride, my husband John said “You know I watch her move under saddle and she moves exactly as she does when she is running at liberty in the pasture”. What a compliment! All the energy, enthusiasm and beauty

of a natural moving horse was still there! After basking in the praise (I assumed it was for me), we talked about how we had gotten there.

We believe it is the…

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A long way to go, but we'll get there in the end!

Lately I haven't been blogging much.

Had a period where we just tried to figure out how to practice the most effective way for our clinic next Saturday.

Well, to be honest, I am not sure if we will be ready to go there. You see, last Tuesday she had her hooves fixed, and had a huge bacterial infection in them. The barefoot trimmer had to dig a little to make it better, but unfortunately she was sore under her legs the day after. And she still is.…


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The Big Day

I was so nervous! I felt really ill for two days!

Thursday was my first ever Dressage competition. It's the mid west RDA regional competition, So it's an important day for all those who entered qualifying classes. I entered a non qualifying class.

I felt incredibly smart in my jacket and pretty impressed with the hard work our groups helpers and instructors had done getting the horses ready and warmed up for us.

We were lucky with the weather as it was beautiful and the sun… Continue

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