The German Equestrian Federation has issued a comprehensive statement against Rollkur. It begins with "Every training method, be it for the long-term training at home or in
the warm-up area of horse shows, must be in line with animal welfare and
the fundamental principles of the equestrian federations."
The full statement can be found at Eurodressage

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Thank you so much, Barbara, for this late-breaking and outstanding news from the FEI--I was not holding my breath about this decision because frnkly, I didn't think it would happen, but I am so happy with their absolute stand against hyperflexion!! I have posted a new blog about it at my site. with more to come when I have time--running out to give a lesson right now! Thanks again for keeping on top of this (thanks also, to Eurodressage and Astrid for the article).
Hooray for the German Equestrian Federation!! When will the FEI get in line with this, too? Just glad to see some positive steps taken to end the suffering of horses ridden in extreme positions. Winning at all costs and particularly at the cost of the horse's happiness and soundness should be questioned and forbidden. If judges continue to reward those riders either local or international who use these methods in their warm-ups, things won't change much, but perhaps the attitude of the Federation will cause a rethinking of judging principles. One can at least hope.
Thanks for posting! If you guys want to read about the same topic discussed at the FEI Round Table Conference I posted the link to the Dressage Daily article below.
Has the FEI finally taken a stand on this issue? I thought is was only the GEF although they should have some punch.
Better late than never. Now if they would start judging the way the stated purposes of the tests as stated. As others have mentioned on other topics, there are lots of despicable training that goes on behind the barn. But when the proponents of such methods feel free to exhibit them in the warm up, the problem as escalated to a whole new level. I just hope this forces the FEI to take a stand.
Ahhh, sweet relief. Now if the FEI will follow suit, we can get back to doing some dressage.
As much as I would hope this issue would go away, I believe it more than likely wont. There will always be ignorant people who do not take the animal's welfare into consideration. I have always been biased on Rollkur. It hurts me to see horses biting their chests with their tounges hanging from their mouth. But also, there has not been any medical evidence of it causing damage to the idk. The fact that there is finally action being taken towards this is the first step to improvement. Hopefully the right course of direction is taken.
Not true....there is medical evidence of the damage this type of riding does. Check out the material by Dr. Gerd Hueschmann and also take a look at Jean Luc Cornille's blog here on Barn Mice. Makes my neck hurt just thinking about it.
Elizabith has it right. Watch Hueschmann's "If Horses Could Speak..." Any horse lover, dressage rider or not, will be convinced of the inhumanity of this action and can see on the video the damage it does to the nuchal ligament as well as the muscles of the neck and back. Is it too much to hope for that the FEI and other governing bodies take a quick and firm approach to this. I favor eliminating anyone who uses Rollkur from the competition. Period!


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