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Summer Camp!

Hey all you CHEC girls! WE I repaet WE are doing summer camp this year! Sighn up at www.canterburyhill,org By the way...are we doing summer camp? Anyway...sighn up! :)…


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Do-it-yourself Sports Drink for Summer Riding

Sports drinks are expensive. If you would rather make your own, dissolve a tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt in a tablespoon of orange juice or in 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and add 7.5 ounces of cold water. This mix has all the benefits of a sports drink.

UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, March 2000

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Professional Groom

Looking for a Pro Groom for 5 Dreesage Horses for Korean Client residing in the USA, Horses only compete at CDI Level, Person must be fluent in Englisch , must have drivers License and be experienced as a Groom. Opening immediatly, all cost will be taken care of for flight, Visa, Housing, Tarnsportation - THIS IS A LONG TERM EMPLOYMENT - not just for 2-3 month - please conatct Katja Eilers at

Added by Katja Eilers on May 21, 2008 at 8:25am — 1 Comment

Reggio Emilia 2008

Sono di ritorno dal salone del cavallo americano di Reggio Emilia, che anche quest'anno è stato un evento bellissimo. Tanta gente, tanti che sono venuti a trovarci allo stand. Abbiamo instaurato un sacco di buoni contatti con gli altri espositori.

Eccezionale Rudi Kronsteiner che nel Derby ha marcato 236 con STAR SPANGLED WHIZ, con una performance da togliere il fiato!

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No time is wasted when it is spent on the back of a horse!!(a small Horse)

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Molly the Amputee Horse

I received this email from a friend and thought it was a great story to share!

I've written articles over the years about horses who survived amputation surgery. There was Boitron, the California Thoroughbred stallion who could service mares after amputation surgery. There were Dr. Ric Redden's dramatic cases of founder survivors who galloped around his paddock on artificial feet with 'transplanted frogs'.…


Added by Margaret on May 16, 2008 at 5:48pm — 1 Comment

Separating Yourself From Your Own Fear

For anyone who has been following Dr. Karen Sharf's advice on Healthy Rider, she has a great video on leaving your fear at home. What you may not know is Dr. Karen has helped me enormously in dealing with my own fears. Here's how it worked for me.

Dr. Karen first suggested to me that I start by giving my fear a name. I named it "Blob." Not very interesting, but there it is. Then she asked me to come with an image of what my anxiety looked like - short or tall, what

color, etc.… Continue

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Headline News Story on Horse Slaughter - Warning - Very painful to read

COVER STORY | Horse Racing | Battle to save horses from slaughterhouse

Battle to save horses from…


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The Amazing New Dressage Test For Horses Unsuitable to Become Anything (Written 1974)

A classic after all these years...

The Amazing New Dressage Test For Horses Unsuitable to Become Anything By Joanna MacDonald et al

The Test

1. A. Enter at ordinary serpentine.

X. Sprawl. Salute.

2. C. Stop dead. Stare in horror at judge and shy to left.

Continue at…

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Hey it's a hospital. No horses allowed!

AP News Sun Mar 23, 2:07 AM ET LIHUE, Hawaii

A man hoping to cheer up an ailing relative at Wilcox Memorial Hospital hadn't considered one of the visitation rules: No horses allowed.

The man thought the patient would enjoy seeing his stallion, said Lani Yukimura, a spokeswoman at the hospital. He and the horse entered the hospital earlier this month and rode an elevator up to the third floor, where they were met and stopped by security personnel, Security managed to get… Continue

Added by Barbara F. on April 30, 2008 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

Two Horses Die at Rolex - USEA Pushing for Frangible Pins in Fences

US Eventing wants frangible pins compulsory

April 28, 2008

A frangible fence.

The US Eventing Association Eventing Standards Task Force is pushing to make frangible pins compulsory for all cross-country courses in the US.

The move follows the serious injury or death of several riders and horses in the sport recently. Frangible pins allow a jump to collapse if it is hit by a horse. The frangible pin, manufactured by Barriers International, was the… Continue

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The Saddle Club Videos

Here is a compilation of some of the videos of The Saddle Club, a Discovery Kids Channel… Continue

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Mice gnawing horses' hooves?

Hi to everybody! Somebody here can maybe be of help on this matter with some advice?

Some friends in my stable complained that their horses had their hooves, up to the coronary band, gnawed by mice. We actually have some mice around and couldn't manage getting rid of them (we can't use venom in the stable and the dogs are lazy :-) ), but none of our horses have problems, only two of them. I had never heard of mice gnawing the horses' hooves before (not at least of healthy and standing…


Added by Iltuocavallo on April 21, 2008 at 12:39pm — 4 Comments

When horse scents come to the rescue


Volunteer search teams are using horses to hunt the missing, but the riders are the ones who need the most training

Special to The Globe and Mail

PARKSVILLE, B.C. -- The warm afternoon sun beats down on Joe Kinch and his horse Max as…


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As Im new here I thought I should say "hello" and "thank you" for this wonderful web community.

Forgive me for not quite knowing how this works but I'd love to learn so feel free to explain!

Thanks again


(I am known also as Amilois)

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Che cos'è la gimkana - risposta per Giulia!

La gimkana è una gara di velocità ed abilità del cavallo. Consiste in un percorso con diverse difficoltà da affrontare nel più breve tempo possibile, che in parte riproducono delle difficoltà che il cavaliere può incontrare in campagna: ad esempio cancelli da aprire e chiudere, piccoli salti, trasferimenti di oggetti (spostare anelli, bottiglie o altro) da un posto all'altro, paletti o barili da affrontare in velocità, ponticelli da oltrepassare, e altro.

E' una disciplina molto…


Added by Iltuocavallo on April 8, 2008 at 11:09am — 1 Comment

Watch Foals Being Born via Live Webcam!!

The first foal of the season has already been born at Mulligan's Run and the next is very close!

Watch a foal being born via live webcam:

1.Go to our Mare Stare Group page

2. Click on the link to Camera #1

3. Watch the mare on the top left screen (Piper). Tune in frequently...She will deliver any time now!

You may have to very brifly load some software to get the view and you can get there quickest via Explorer!

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Horse Theft - Prevention

As you step into the barn on a crisp spring morning, you are greeted by three nickering equines. You freeze instantly - you have four horses. You rush to the stall thinking: cast? colic? The answer is far worse: stolen.

A close friend of mine went through the horifying experience of having her horse stolen out of her four stall barn. He was annonomously returned six months later with a hairline fracture in his pelvis. Before he was stolen, he was nothing special (except to her, of…


Added by Ashley on March 29, 2008 at 9:51am — 4 Comments

Check List for Problem Horses

If you have a problem with your horse, he starts acting differently than normal, here are some things to check:

  • Get an equine dentist to check his teeth and do necessary work. Perhaps his wolf teeth have not been pulled, or teeth need floating.…


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Mares Currently due to foal at Mulligans Run Farm

Mares Currently due to foal at Mulligans Run Farm We currently have four mares on cam #1. On the top left we have Piper. Piper is a fatty even when she's not pregnant. This makes her breathe harder when she's laying down...also giving false impressions of labor. We have tried to get weight off her....she has dropped some, but looks as big as can be carrying this foal. She is due 4/2 but has a full tight bag - the biggest in the barn. On the top Right we have Shanza Blue. Shanza is my favorite… Continue

Added by Heather Troglauer on March 21, 2008 at 9:21pm — No Comments

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