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The Central Park Horse Show Brings Horses Back to NYC

Olympic-caliber horses and riders will return to New York City this August for the first time since 2001. The first-ever Central Park Horse Show is scheduled to run from September 18th through September 21st. During that time the competition will feature a variety of…


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Making the Leap to a New Discipline

Do you find yourself wanting to give a new discipline a try? Making the leap to a new discipline is an exciting, and sometimes stressful, time. If you’re toying with the idea of changing to a new discipline, here are some ways to help make the transition go smoothly.

Evaluate Whether Your Horse Can Go With You

Do you dream of trying a new…


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6 Tips for Selling Your Saddle

Do you have an extra saddle sitting around in your tack room? Chances are there’s a rider out there who could put that saddle to good use while putting a little extra cash in your pocket. Thanks to the internet, selling a saddle online isn’t particularly difficult. These tips will get you started.

Clean and Evaluate Your Saddle

Before you list your…


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The Advantages of Riding to Music

Have you ever ridden to music? At first glance, riding to music might seem like an unnecessary distraction for the rider, but it actually has a number of advantages. So whether you have speakers in your arena or would have to rely on your iPod (use external speakers, not ear buds, when riding), here’s why you might want to start up the tunes when you…


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5 Tips for Breaking In Tall Boots

You've just purchased a new pair of tall boots – congratulations! Now the oh-so-fun process of breaking them in begins. Breaking in tall boots is uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and even a bit frustrating. It takes some time. However, there are a few things you can do to help speed the process along.

Wear Heel Lifts

It’s generally recommended to…


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Thoroughbred Racehorse Zippy Chippy Loses His 100th Race on September 10th, 2004

Whereas many racehorses are renowned for their incredible winning careers, there’s one racehorse who is known for just the opposite. Zippy Chippy, a 1991 Thoroughbred gelding, lost an incredible 100 races during his racing career, the 100th race being at the Northampton Fair in Northampton, Massachusetts on September 10,…


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Is an Equine Community Right for You?

If you’re tired of having non-horsey neighbors, an equestrian community can solve that issue. But before you look into moving in, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of life in an equestrian community. Is an equestrian community right for you?


One of the major advantages of living in an equestrian community is the safety that it…


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Get Involved in Horse Biomechanics Book

Most riders echo the sentiment expressed by this high-level professional dressage trainer, who said, “As a riding teacher, trainer and student of ‘the horse’ I’ve searched high and low to understand how to make the horses job easier for them and applicable for my students. Various training…


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What You Need to Know About Tying Up

Tying up, also known as exertional rhabdomyolysis, or ER, is a syndrome that affects the horse’s major muscle groups and tissues. When a horse is tying up, he can present as being unable to walk or move, since his body cannot control what would be normal muscle contraction and…


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Inheriting Fear and Anxiety

What if the some of fear and anxiety you have when riding comes from fear and anxiety suffered by your grandparents?  Many of the riders I work with state that they don’t know why they are fearful, just that they are.  Recent research suggests that some forms of fear and anxiety may result from…


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Olympic Rider to offer Inspiration to N Ireland's equestrian community, in aid or Breast Cancer charity.

Excitement builds In a sleepy corner of N Ireland and i want to tell all - even though attending the event will be impossible for nearly everybody who reads this, but of course you are all welcome and as Irish hospitality is legendary, it could be worth the trip! However for those of you who dont make it, I will furnish my blog with reports and photographs of the event which should make for interesting viewing. Any tips and advice on getting the message out there will be…


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Absurd Helmet Excuses.

This week there was a photo of Queen Elizabeth riding at age 85. Bless her heart; she has always been a lover of horses. She was wearing her usual outdoor head wear- a scarf. There was some internet banter about the missing helmet.

I notice her family members wearing helmets for polo; perhaps she falls into that category of riders who think that some equine events require helmets, but not others. It is the ‘Sometimes Dangerous’ argument. I used to use it…


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~ My Own Miracle ~

     Hi everyone, sorry it’s been so long since my last post. You see, I had some unwanted drama in my life this past month and I’ll share the details with you soon, but first I wanted to share this short video of Chance and I. We were filmed a few weeks ago for the “Story Tellers” segment on the AZ Central website. You can find the finished product here:…


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Cat's Young Rider Years ~ The Del Mar National CDI and the Willy Arts Grant

     This past weekend Chance and I had a fantastic time at the 2011 Del Mar National Horse Show CDI!!! After a hard week of training in preparation for the show, we arrived at the show grounds on Wednesday to get Chance settled in and used to his new environment. Then on Thursday we had a great warm-up ride before the start of the show and I was definitely pumped up and ready to ride!…


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Deaths on the Jump Race Course


Herald Scotland reported today that:


 THE Scottish Grand National was marred yesterday by the deaths of two horses after the race, sparking calls for changes to gruelling steeplechase races and the introduction of better animal welfare.


At Ayr yesterday, Regal Heights and…


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De-Spook YOU ~The Missing Piece of the Horse Riders Confidence Puzzle

If you aren’t getting the full experience with your horse that you would like to have because of confidence, please read on!


We work hard to help our horses become “bomb proof” and confident, well now it’s time to De-Spook You™.


My clients, who are Olympic hopefuls, backyard riders and everything in between, have shared with me the thousands of dollars they’ve spent on training gear, clinics, lessons, books, DVD’s, CD’s etc all to help their HORSES…


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An Experiment with Two Different Results

For the last two months or so I had been driving by this new sign in Midland, NC saying Tack Exchange. Finally I found the store in the rear room of a beauty salon! I haven't entered a beauty salon in around 40 years, but this one didn't smell too bad so I ventured in. The owner of the salon has started a consignment tack store, with bits, saddles, clothes, spurs, etc., both Western and…


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Western Saddle Fit

Dear Julie,

My friends and I have a problem with our saddles rolling over to the side when we get on. My horse in particular has a flat, broad back with wide withers. Any suggestions? I know we are cinching…


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Discover how to win the blue

Quick story, well perhaps two short horse stories.

A mom thought that her youngest daughter was too optimistic, so she took the young girl to a therapist to get some help. The therapist agreed, so they decided in order to get her to look a little bit more dimly upon life, they brought her to room fulled of horse manure: Piled high.

The young girl's face instantly was covered with absolute shock. She clambered to the top, dropped to her knees and… Continue

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