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Midlife Horse Buyers

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Midlife Crisis?  Maybe a Horse Will Help,” reported that women in their midlife years are returning to horses and horseback riding. Such a phenomenon is no…


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Be Visible. Save Your Tail!

I was thrilled to interview another inventor on my podcast Straight From the Horse's Mouth Radio Show…


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Natural Instinct: The Human Half

The more we riders understand about horse instinct, the better. Instinct is the starting place; a behavioral baseline from which other trained behaviors are built. So we study wild horses to find out what their language is like, how they experience family dynamics, and what it means…


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Building Your Riding Fitness While in the Saddle

Do you find yourself huffing and puffing after a few strides of canter?  Have you been riding less recently and find that now your back in the saddle, your less effective than before?  Are you spending hours schooling your horse but seeing little to no difference in his way of going...

It often amazes me how much time, effort, planning and work riders put into conditioning and increasing the fitness levels of their horses and yet completely fail to invest even a little of that towards…


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Vulnerability in Horsemanship

There is so much talk about vulnerability, authenticity and self-acceptance these days. I love it. In case you haven’t seen the (by now famous) TED Talk by Brene Brown yet or want to see it again, I'll post the link below.

The process of becoming a horseman is…


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Restore your Self Belief, Tip 3

Today is my Tip number 3 in boosting your self belief in you, with a view to aiding your horsemanship with your horse.

Are you aware of the relationship between your thoughts and how you behave, and what your body language and energy are really saying about you?

Now this is something that I see in a lot of horse owners that I meet, and I have a confession, from time to time, I am guilty of the same thing too.

We unintentionally make life much…


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Restore Your Self Belief When Things Go Wrong - Part two

Good morning, now then I promised that I would share some more tips about self belief, so here is tip number two for you.

Self belief is feeling good enough; its the feeling that you can handle whatever life, or your horse throws at you? Its about having a healthy appreciation and acknowledgement (we often forget this bit), of your abilities and talents. Its not about anything superficial.

Its about being OK with you, and OK with where you are at with your…


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What is a Working Student in the Horse Industry?

“Working student.” It’s a phrase that is often thrown around in the horse world, but what does it really involve? If you’re questioning whether being a working student is right for you, or even whether you should take a working student on yourself, this information about the world of the working student may…


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How To Continue Riding As A College Student

Owning a horse in college can be a challenge, with its significant time and financial demands. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to own a horse in college to keep riding. Try out these tips to keep riding while you’re in school.

Join a College Riding Team…


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The Pros and Cons of Owning a Horse During College

If you love horses and will be entering college soon, the thought of owning a horse in college may have crossed your mind. The truth is, many young horse owners opt to sell their horses before going away to college. But many college students also manage to continue on with their horse ownership while also pursuing…


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Decoding Military Horse Statues

Horses have faithfully served our country through countless battles, becoming an integral part of America’s military history. Top leaders are often depicted in statues, and they’re frequently mounted on horses. It’s long been said that military horse statues follow a certain “code” – but is it true?

The Military Statue…


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The Many Advantages of Horsecams

Have you ever thought about investing in a camera or video monitoring system for your barn or horse trailer? There are many great reasons to set up a horsecam on your property. If you can come up with the funds to initially purchase the camera, chances are that installing a camera in your horse…


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Halloween Treats for Your Horse

With sugary candy in abundance today, it may be tempting to give your horse an extra treat, too. But before you dig into that Halloween candy that seems to lurk around the house forever, consider whether it’s really safe (or healthy) for your horse to eat. Looking to give your horse a Halloween treat? We’ll take a look at the treats that are safe for your horse, along with the ones…


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Could a Co-op Barn Work for You?

Among the many forms of horse care are co-op (cooperative) barns in which all horse owners split responsibility for the barn chores and care of all of the horses. Co-op barns provide an alternative to the standard rough, semi-rough, and full boarding options for horse owners who don’t yet own horse barns of their own. Could a co-op situation work…


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The Inside Scoop on Volunteering for a Therapeutic Riding Center

Have you ever been tempted to volunteer for a therapeutic riding center? Do you wonder what exactly is involved? Volunteering in any area of life can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Putting your horse knowledge to good use by…


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The Friesian Horse History

With Halloween right around the corner, what better breed of horse to profile today than the stunning black Friesian? The Friesian, a graceful breed with a distinctive appearance, is quickly growing in popularity. You may even have a Friesian living in your…


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A Tribute to the Riding Instructors

We’ve all had one – that riding instructor or trainer who made a huge difference in our lives and forever altered the way we see our equine friends. October 5th is World Teachers Day, and in honor of that we’ve decided to take a moment to appreciate all that our riding instructors…


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Building the Barn That's the Right Size for Your Needs

Planning the layout of your horse barn is hugely important, and you’ll want to be sure that the barn is the right size for your intended needs and uses. Deciding just how much barn you need can be a challenge, though, especially when you want that barn to last you for decades. If you’re beginning to plan out your barn, these tips will help you decide how much…


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Tips for Designing a Horse Halloween Costume

Tips for Designing a Horse Halloween Costume horse-fancy-dress-05

Halloween is almost here, and October horse shows bring with them all sorts of fun costume classes for both horses and riders. But designing a costume for a horse is a bit different from designing a costume for a human. Looking to design a great horse Halloween costume? Here’s…


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The World Percheron Congress Comes to West Springfield, Massachusetts

The ground in West Springfield, Massachusetts will rumble as the World Percheron Congress moves into town from October 6th through the 11th. The World Percheron Congress, one of the largest competitions showcasing the Percheron in existence, will be held at the Eastern States…


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