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So here's an interesting question that came up at an industry round table discussion recently.

If you could put it in a nutshell...Answer this question; What are employers expecting from equine studies or equine management graduates in the workplace?

What are you thoughts and experiences here?

Is the current equine education system leaving us feeling a bit short changed ?

Do you feel that current graduates possess the required level of horse sense as…


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Twist is my sweet heart lovable medium pony his show name is twist `n` shout and i ride in the trillium and came reserve chapiuon or chapion every show exept for 3 and hoping to do the AA shows this year and make it to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto this year on him.The two videos i have of him are my two first shows i am out of control hahahha. i have lots of pictures on him in my pictures lookfor the cute cheasnut with for white socks pony. The…


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RDA Riding Lesson.

It's Wednesday, and the day I look forward to most in the week. It's the day of my riding lesson.

I love this day, being able to go and ride and get out of the house. I love being able to get on a horse....even if it's just for a few mins, it gives me a buzz. I have always been like this ever since I was little.

Any way before I get side tracked, I had better get on an tell you about my lesson.

I rode Pink, who is genuine, a super little dressage horse and a great horse…


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My Visit to Kine in Norway.

I'm a little behind on my blog, but I hope I can catch up on it now!

Over the Easter holiday I flew to Norway to visit and stay with Kine, my friend of a couple of years and a Barnmice Blogger.

I had heard and seen so many photos of Pernille that I really wanted to meet her and Kine. So after loads of invites, an opportunity finally arrived for me to go and visit Kine for the first time. Kine and I speak online virtually every day, so to actually talk in person was really…


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On the Road Again with my Measuring Stick & Rule Book....The Travels of 2 Canadian Hunter Jumper Officals

As the days are getting longer, competitors are moving outside, preparing their horses for the upcoming outdoor show season. The long hours of training will soon be tested in show rings across Canada. And we as Equine Canada officials are not immune.

Evie Frisque is an EC and USEF senior and "R" hunter and jumper judge and course designer. I am Chris Brandt, an EC and USEF senior and "R" course designer. In the last year I was named the Chair of the Jump Canada Course Design Committee,…


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Horse Kid Scholarship 2009 for Danielle Herb's ADHD Horse Level 1 Master Class 21st - 28th June 200

I've written before in my own personal blog about Danielle Herb, the teen who teaches Natural Horsemanship as an aid to other kids suffering with ADD/ADHD, in the hopes of focusing their attention and getting them off their meds.

I make no claim as to either the efficacy of her methods. It's too soon to tell whether an ADHD/ADD kid can come off their meds by using behavioral methods…


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Eventing thoughts

have put together a few thoughts and added a lot of other peoples thoughts to write down some points of interest on modern eventing safety, thought it might be interesting to and thought provoking.

I was lucky enough to have had a very enjoyable and reasonably successful eventing career when I was a young man. Over the recent years I have also had time to reflect on how things have changed and have given a great deal of thought and deliberation on the human fatalities in our sport…


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New here !!! -- introduction.

I am new here on Barnmice, and thought I'd introduce myself with a blog post.

My love of horses started when I was very young (probably from the day I was born really) as it tends to run in my family. I never had the chance to have my own horse until I was ten, when my mom bought me my first pony, Teaspoon. Teaspoon was a standardbred/hackney , (what a cross huh?) and was only ever used for driving, but she was sweet enough to let me hop on bareback and ride her all over the…


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More legs and a dirty horse.

I went to the stable late yesterday, and checked her back leg (as I told I would do in the previous blog).

Still not good enough, but no limping and no heat.

Figured out I would just leave it and check more today.

Well, got to the stable today. My horse totally LOVES to roll around in dirt, so this is about what I get every day now:

*LOL* She's so cute, but a total mess every day...

Well, back to leg:…


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More about Monty

Well finally I have been getting some steady riding in with my new gelding. The ring isn't dry enough to ride in yet so most of our sessions have been out on the roads and trails, but still, a lot is being accomplished.

I am very pleased with the way he is coming along. He is so sensiable and easy going even though he is just coming up four. We do most of our road work at a walk or slow pace and he is constantly looking around at eveything and taking it all in, but rarely spooking or…


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What's up in Norway?

I guess it's time for yet another blog from our part of the world.

First of all I would like you to meet my friend from the stable Kine R.

Her horse lives next to mine, but they aren't really very good friends, you know mares! ;)

Linda is being Linda and has started breaking out at night and knocking over the feed bins so she's eaten 20 kg of oats in 3 nights. (this for a horse that usually gets 1/2 kg a day) Thankfully she didn't get sick, just very…


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Do you have O.C.E.A.N. Syndrome?

Living with O.C.E.A.N. Syndrome by Scooter Grubb

Just recently, after years of research, I have finally been able to give a name to what my wife and I have been living with for years. It's an affliction, for sure, which when undiagnosed and misunderstood can devastate and literally tear a family apart.

Very little is known about O.C.E.A.N. Syndrome. But it is my hope this article will generate interest from researchers involved in the equine and…


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My Ultimate Grid

My Ultimate Grid

This is an exercise that I do with all my horses and riders to help them improve their techniques and most importantly the way they work together.

I call it the ultimate grid because the first part of it is designed to help the horse develop a good basic shape and technique over a fence and to use the shoulders, whereas the second part of it is about getting the horse to come back onto his hocks and go up. It’s simple but tests the horse in all…


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Lieveke alias Job (mini Shet)

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Kolbrie Prince Romeo (New-Forest Pony) (Carlo X Kantjes Korporaal)

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Rossums Isabel (New-Forest pony)

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Swollen foot, no riding.

Yesterday, I went to the stable early (so early, that the horses weren't outside yet).

Hannah and I had plans on a sunny day in the woods with our wonderful horses. Instead I found my horse with a huge and swollen leg.

I am not sure what caused it, but I think it may come from several things.

-We started with new food last Tuesday

-She got her shoes off last Tuesday

-She was inside the whole night, and it might come from too little movement

-She might have…


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