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A few lovely horses

These images were taken last November in the Collingwood, Ontario area. I was lucky enough to stumble upon some farms and these beautiful animals came galloping towards me. I had a wonderful interaction with them, almost like they sensed my intention of capturing them with my lens. They are intelligent, sensitive, super aware creatures!



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So,here I sit, waiting until it's morning, so I can go get my baby boy. We're leaving the barn at 7am. On week days I don't get up at 7am, let alone leave at 7am, but, I have imposed upon my trainer to go get him, and said whenever was good for her, was good for me. Of course I have my own truck and trailer which I can convert to a stock, but, I'm one of 'those' horse owners. I have some anxiety about this move. He's 10 months old, never taken a big trip, I figured I'd leave it to the… Continue

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A Lesson Horse is Born….

… and Grace gives herself a promotion.

Dressage borrows lots of language from ballet -after all, we are the dancers of the horse world. Pas de Trois is a dance of three. I have commandeered that phrase to describe riding lessons as a conversational dance between horse, rider and instructor. All three participants have to be heard for the dance to succeed.

I am always…


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Celebrating National Donkey Welfare Day

There are over 1.8 million donkeys in Kenya and around three quarters are working animals used in transport and farming, playing a key role in Kenya’s agricultural economy. 

Around one third of the working donkey population are in a poor condition, suffering from work-related injuries, malnutrition and lameness. Many of the problems arise from a lack of understanding…


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Saddle Fit and "Banana Panels"

I have often been asked by clients why our saddles aren’t flat on the horse’s back all the way from front to back – which makes them look like they don’t actually fit and will probably rock. Many riders don’t understand that ideally the saddle needs to slightly ‘rock’ at the cantle as the horse’s back engages.


It is the duty of the saddle fitter to explain to the client that a slightly rocking saddle will never put so much pressure on the horse’s back that…


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Looking back, looking forward...

Today, little Maggie was in season. I knew it was coming, I rode Friday, I know the mare. She's been delightful lately, making great progress. But today was the worst day of her cycle. There's always one crap day, often I can avoid it, but, I thought it would be yesterday. So, 7 nervous poops before we even went into the arena, and I put her on the longe line. Did get on her for a bit, she was tense, but not bad.

So, my tendency is to look forward, where we need to be, what we need… Continue

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Back in the Blogosphere!

So good to be back after a very long winter!  I've been freshening up my groundwork skills, reviewing Parelli and catching up on all the Downunder Horsemanship (Clinton Anderson) episodes I recorded from RFD-TV.  Yesterday I decided to get back in the paddock for a first session, and I was amazed at how much Brody remembered, particularly changing direction on a circle.  We seemed to have just about picked up where we left off.  I decided to keep it short and vary the exercises a…


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Rasping Toes

Over 40 years ago when I got my first horse I never saw a woman under a horse trimming hooves.  I bought into all the people that said that only farriers knew enough to do a good job on hooves, and as I looked around ALL the farriers were men, strong muscular men.  However once I switched my horse to pasture board he just did not get his feet trimmed regularly.  Luckily I had his shoes taken off or the situation would have been worse!  One day I was in…


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Horse Couture

And yet another poetic ramble from my alter ego, Shakespeare "The Equine."




Horse Couture


Spring has arrived

My coat’s a state.

No way to be

A fashion plate.

Hair’s falling here;

It’s falling…


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Therapy Animals -Every One.

I was being half-mauled by a terrier. I was running an errand in an urban office and the dog’s owner was horrified. She apologized, explaining that her dog never did that.

In the dogs’ defense, I have a very special stink to my feet. I carry with me a cornucopia of delightful smells from several species in my barn. I smell like an exception to the…


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Cat's Young Rider Years ~ The Del Mar National CDI and the Willy Arts Grant

     This past weekend Chance and I had a fantastic time at the 2011 Del Mar National Horse Show CDI!!! After a hard week of training in preparation for the show, we arrived at the show grounds on Wednesday to get Chance settled in and used to his new environment. Then on Thursday we had a great warm-up ride before the start of the show and I was definitely pumped up and ready to ride!…


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Thinking Like A Rider

Growing up on Long Island in the 1960s was a lucky break for an aspiring horseman.  The quality of competition, even at the lowest levels, was keen with local riders vying for National honors every year.  With the level of competition so high, the riding instruction had to reflect that quality.  While there were many good people to learn from, and I took advantage of many of those opportunities, one teacher will always stand out.  He was Captain Vladimir Littauer.  Captain Littauer was…


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The Changes Comfort Can Bring

First, let me send my sympathies for all of you affected by the wildfires, droughts, floods, tornados, earthquakes and other disasters.


I was not in my best riding form this week since I'm on an antibiotic.  My feet feel sort of like they are not attached to me.  My balance is not at its best either.  In spite of this I had some amazing rides, well amazing rides for me. …


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Resetting Goals

I am now 53 years old and I have realized I am not going to the Olympics - at least not as a rider! If fact, I am not sure I will even go watch - I did that in 1984, and while it was exciting and I learned a lot, I am not sure I want to invest the money it would take to go again.

And that is part of why I have surrendered the dream of competing at the international level. Money. It takes a Lot of it, and I do not have that kind of money, nor the access to the backing that it would… Continue

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