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Baby steps

Let me introduce you all to Bruvin. He is a 4 year old native Norwegian breed called Døla hest. He is 165 cm and 700 kg (50 kg of summer vacation belly).

I’ve known Bruvin since the day he was born. I was out in the field trying to find the horses and after 90 minutes I found them underneath some big old trees. Bruvins mom had two feet sticking out. Needless to say she was giving birth, and I helped her.

I was the first… Continue

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When we breed a mare and a stallion it is a fact that we breed the brain as well as the body. Nothing strange about that, and trainer after trainer, coach after coach, and expert after expert all continually repeat the line about the need for a good temperament…a good brain for working with humans. Unfortunately this message is often ignored as we put greater emphasis on beauty and brawn rather than brain. Or we misinterpret the message by breeding the type of docile horse that will put up…


Added by William Micklem on July 24, 2009 at 10:00am — 12 Comments

Exercises to help your Flying Changes

Flying changes are important in show jumping because you have directional changes in courses.

The easiest way of teaching flying changes is by using a cavaletti or a raised pole. Position the cavaletti or raised pole on the diagonal. Canter over it making an 'S' shape with a slightly exaggerated curl to the line. As your horse goes with an elevated stride to jump, slightly change the bend and adjust your leg aid. With the jump and the slight change of direction, the horse…


Added by Tim Stockdale on July 24, 2009 at 9:30am — No Comments

When Should You Move Your Dressage Horse from Training Level to First Level?

Riders often ask me, "How do I know it's the right time to move my Training Level dressage horse up to First Level?"

In this article, I'll give you a way to come up with a logical plan for introducing new work at Training Level.

First, I just want to make a general comment. All training should be a systematic progression toward a desired end result. So you need to be able to see the big picture.

For example, even at Training Level the quality of your…


Added by Jane Savoie on July 24, 2009 at 9:00am — 3 Comments

Equine Science: Weekly News and Trivia Question - July 24, 2009

This week has been relatively quiet on the equine science news front, but there's still been some great stories in the news. Here's my weekly round-up:

Australian scientists have found that giving stabled horses one hour of exercise a day makes for happier horses.

Dr Raf Freire, a lecturer in animal behaviour and welfare from the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at Charles Stuart University carried out a study involving 24 horses each of which was allocated… Continue

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Have you ever gotten run over?

This week's quote from Will Rogers: "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." makes me think of a time when I got run over.

My horses ran over me once -- of course it was my fault. I was desensitizing them to an umbrella. They were all at one end of their small outdoor pen and I was about eight feet away from them, opening and closing an umbrella. Of the four horses, I knew one (Ollie) was not… Continue

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Spotlight on...Working at the races.....Kat's story!

Going as Far as She Can in an Industry She Loves

by Stacie Roberts | Canadian Thoroughbred July 2009

Most people on the backstretch at Woodbine just call her “Kat”. A shortened version of her full name Katerina Vassilieva, she is also otherwise known as the Assistant Trainer of Pennsylvania based trainer Mike Pino. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Katerina’s mother and father brought her to Canada in 1989 in hope of securing a brighter future for their only… Continue

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Competition Riding vs. Riding for "Fun"

There I go again...putting "fun" in quotations. Hey, for those of you that ride, you KNOW why that is! LOL For those of you that don't, riding is fun in the same way that a serious visit to the local gym is fun. It is hard work. Even when you aren't riding, horses are work; you clean the stall and paddock, you maintain the barn area, you groom the horse, you carry feed and hay and tack, etc.--it is physical (well, except for those of us that pay to have all that done for them). But even those… Continue

Added by Mary McGuire Smith on July 23, 2009 at 8:00pm — 3 Comments

Selecting Horses for Amateur Riders and Horse Life at Kirby Park

Hi everyone! Here are two questions I've recently been asked.

1. When you are selecting a potential event horse for an advanced amateur rider/a beginner amateur rider, what are your priorities?

When looking at horses for amateur riders, for me the most important thing is temperament. You can forgive movement that is not great or a slightly wonky leg as these horses are not going to have the legs galloped off them in a hurry. I think you need to be very realistic.…


Added by Megan Jones on July 22, 2009 at 6:00pm — 1 Comment

Season Half Over???

Well we have made it to the half way point of the season. Seems like we just got started - May does not seem so far away when we arrived in Calgary for two weeks of the May Classic tournaments at Spruce Meadows - but alas it is - half over.

I can not remember where we left you last - I believe it was the beginning of June in Blainville and from there I went on to Spruce Meadows for the Summer Series - five weeks of tournaments that highlights some of the best horse and rider combinations… Continue

Added by Evie Frisque on July 21, 2009 at 8:00pm — No Comments

Six tips for picking out great music for your horse!

6 tips for picking out great music for your horse

1. Know your horses ideal BPM (beats per minute)

2. The average horse has BPM as follows.

Walk 90-106 BPM

Trot 138-160 BPM

Canter 96-108 BPM

3. Pick music that matches your horses BPM within 4-6 BPM range.

(For example if your horse has a canter of 104 BPM, choose music that is between 100 BPM and 108 BPM)

4. Choose music that has a very clear down beat. (The down beat is the beat that you… Continue

Added by Ruth Hogan Poulsen on July 21, 2009 at 4:30pm — No Comments

Economic Recovery Stimulus Ideas

dont know who wrote this, but LOL.....



TO: President Barack Obama

RE: Economic Recovery Stimulus Ideas

Mr. President, it has come to my attention that you're having some challenges with the economy. If I understand things correctly, we're in a recession, consumer confidence and spending is down, credit is tight, investors are spooked, we need renewable energy, and health care costs are through the roof.… Continue

Added by Michelle Synnot on July 20, 2009 at 9:21pm — 5 Comments

Horses as Guide Animals for the Blind... Radio Interview

Hi gang!

At Animal Matters Radio we had alot of fun talking to Janet Burleson (The Guide Horse Foundation) www.guidehorse.org.

And as a horse person I have to say that if I ever did lose my sight I would opt for the mini wonder seeing eye horses as my partner.

Not living in NYC though, they need at least a back yard! and TGHF gives each recipient a companion mini so that the seeing eye mini has a herd friend when not on duty.

The Guide Horse Foundation operates… Continue

Added by Christianna Capra on July 20, 2009 at 1:22pm — No Comments

Accepting intermittent contact

Every summer I have to face the fact that my normally good hands deteriorate. My tremors increase, the sensitivity of my skin decreases, and my responses slow down. The horses I ride notice this long before anyone else, and by various means they tell me--hey, time to go bitless.

The first signal of my degredation comes when the horses I ride ACT like they are on full contact, but when I see my reins they are slightly sagging. My horses are still perfectly willing to…


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From Canada to Ethiopia

Just returned from a wonderful ten days in Canada - ostensibly to see family, but how can you go to Canada without getting stuck into the wonders of nature ?

So we spent lots of time in the woods, looking for bears, wolves, moose and all the other wonderful creatures of the northern latitudes - especially exciting for someone who likes to paint or draw them.

It's not only the big, sexy numbers that give pleasure - for us, watching dragonflies flitting over the lily-covered… Continue

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chopped mane

hi everyone i am new. This morning i went to see my horses and came across something very upsetting,someone has trespassed on the property where my horses are boarded and have crudely chopped my chestnuts flaxen mane and his forelock. I have been to the police and have a file number but this is very hard to find the viloent offender. It is punishable by law,Mischief/trespassing. So my horses are near the Herd Road area in Cowichan Valley. So beware that there are predators out there.Should… Continue

Added by barb stevens on July 19, 2009 at 7:20pm — 12 Comments

American Idol Show ...(or "So you think you've got dressage talent??")

The show Saturday night was a blast. We drove 2 1/2 hours to get to the Waikato Polytech, in less than perfect weather conditions. Fortunately it was held indoors - it's never very nice at this time of year! There was a lot of chaos with various 'acts' getting ready and doing their last minute practise runs, and with some interesting seating arrangements (BYO chair, blankets) they managed to fit about 400 spectators in, with room to warm up (in the dark) behind them, and the arena (18 x 50m) in… Continue

Added by Ottilie on July 19, 2009 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

New training course available for "Equine Abuse Investigation" - Aug 2009

Horse council, cattlemen to develop course

July 18, 2009

The Kentucky Horse Council is partnering with the Kentucky Cattlemen's Association to develop a three-day training course for investigators which includes education on identifying neglect in horses cattle, sheep, goats, and swine.

The hands-on course is a continuation of the Level 1 Equine Abuse Investigation Training taught regularly by the council throughout the state.

Prior Level 1 course attendees… Continue

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I am good at compartmentalizing, and my patience is a perfect example of that. Let me explain.....

I have the patience of Job when it comes to training horses. I ask much, but accept any shred of correctness with lavish praise. But ask me to wait in line at the grocery store, and I seriously consider not eating dinner that night.

Explaining the minute details of what it means to be "in front of the leg" to a student may put me 'way behind in every other thing I have to do that day,… Continue

Added by Mary McGuire Smith on July 18, 2009 at 7:30pm — 3 Comments

Competive Trail Success in Ohio July 11 & 12

The last weekend in June saw me in Kemptville Stewarding the Tulip Arabian Horse Shows. I think this was my 6 or 7th trip to Steward the Tulip show. Great bunch of people in the Ottawa area and some lovely horses. Always a good time in the Ottawa area.

Then I had to work a weekend while the boss was on holidays. Finally I got back on the road for July 10-12th to head to the OAATS Celebration CTR in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park just north of Akron OH. A 7 hr trip with a stop for… Continue

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