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dressage court Dressage tests are a formalized sequence of movements, with transitions between the three gaits (walk/trot/canter) at designated points along a 20 by 60 meter arena, marked by letters. For instance, the rider and horse enter the arena at A, proceed to X (the center of the arena), halt,… Continue

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Tips for Riding a Great Dressage Test Part Two

Hi guys,

Last week my first two tips for riding a great dressage test were about the importance of memorizing your test and what to do to make a great entry into the ring.

The tips this week focus on riding your corners and diagonals properly and how to prepare for your transitions.


Okay, you're in the arena. No matter what level you're doing, you have to ride corners. The general rule for riding corners is that you…


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Tips to Improve Your Horse Training Sessions and Seat Position

Hello Julie,

I was wondering about the appropriate length of time that a training session with your horse should last. I realize that a lot of that depends on the difficulty of what you are teaching your horse and where your horse is in his learning life. But if I was having a regular, nothing-dramatically-new, riding or lunging session with my horse should I expect him to stick with me for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or what? I want my horses to enjoy our sessions together so I don’t…


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What the judges want to "hear" when they listen to your dressage horse's musical freestyle!

When the judges are listening to your music, what are they listening for?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do the judges evaluate my music?”

I’m going to go over the guidelines that are given to the judges so you can be on the same page as they are. In last month’s newsletter, I did an audio clip on what the judges are looking for. But so many of you have asked me to put it in print so here it is.

There are four categories that the… Continue

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This painting seemed like the perfect illustration for the Oscar Wilde quote: "Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing." That quote applies to humans and horses!

Click here to download and print the newest quote/painting/to-do list.

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Koala hay??

For all you people that are wondering what Koala hay is, well it's a long story. In the 30's Koala's were introduced to Kangaroo Island , (not a native to the island) and for a good few years now they have been eating themselves out of house and home. Koala's only eat a particular type of gum leaves. Lots of Koala's ,not much to eat. So the government said we should Cull some of the Koala's so the numbers come down and they don't all starve to death.One quick shot or a slow lingering death by… Continue

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Equine Science: Weekly News and Trivia Question - October 29, 2009

Welcome to this week’s slightly earlier edition of Equine Science News – I’m off to watch the dressage and show jumping competition Equita’Lyon in France this weekend and am flying to Geneva early Friday morning, but wanted to make sure that this week’s latest equine science news was still delivered to you all! So this blog post I’ll be chatting to you about laminitis, strangles and… Continue

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According to NY Times: A Buyer's Market for Horses

I read this fascinating article in the New York Times and thought I would share it with everyone.



Published: October 28, 2009

WHEN Janet Rizzo decided to buy a second horse after her first one was sidelined by an injury, she wanted a mount of comparable ability. She expected to pay a price similar to the $70,000 she spent on her first, 11 years earlier.

But in this withered economy, Surfer Girl,… Continue

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Moving on, Shows, Dreams and Tears

It’s now been almost two weeks without my beloved Linda. It feels like years. I miss her so so much and ever time I’m in the fields I automatically look for her. But she’s not there. And she never will be again. I miss her!

My reason for getting up in the morning, now that Linda is gone, has to be the Pony. She’s doing remarkably well in everything I throw her into and I couldn’t be more proud of her. It feels OK to be back in the stables and back on a horse and when we are out… Continue

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Horses And Oil Don't Mix

This is one of the most viewed posts from my blog, www.aprilreeveshorsetraining.wordpress.com

I'm adding it because so many people are asking questions about "how to feed oil to a horse". This post is by Marijke van de Water, one of the most amazing equine nutritionists I have known. Her findings are both 'results driven' and controversial. This one in particular, goes against many of the articles you read on the web,… Continue

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Patrik Kittel Interview

This morning I had the opportunity to speak with Patrik Kittel about the 4:26 video excerpt of his ride aboard 10 yr old Dutch stallion Watermill Scandic, at the World Cup dressage qualifier in Odense, Denmark.

When did you first hear about the video?

The person who took the video contacted me after the show and after she had posted it on line. She did… Continue

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Germany's Dirk Schrade has just won the last four star international horse trials of the season at Pau in France. He was riding his 'Holsteiner' gelding King Artus. The reports of his win have quickly spread around the world...to the delight of those breeding and selling Holsteiners.

However there is no mention of the fact that his sire is in fact a thoroughbred, King Milford, out of the Holsteiner mare Alida 1V. Then one looks at…


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Paige Presents: This Week in Horse History - October 26th through November 1st

October 26th through November 1st

October 28, 1943 - Kellogg Arabian ranch turned over to govt Will Keith (also known as W. K.) Kellogg originally purchased a piece of land in California, and between 1924 and 1932 he bred Arabian horses in order to help preserve the breed in America. In 1932 Kellogg had decided to donate the ranch to the University of California. He was hoping that the ranch would be kept in its original state and would serve to educate others about the… Continue

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When One Dreams Leads To Another by Frankie Lovato

When One Dream Leads To Another "All through horses"

by Frankie Lovato, Jr.

Since the age of three, there was nothing else I dreamed about more than being a jockey. There was no other plan or anything else I could ever imagine doing with my life. The speed, the danger, mud flying as I raced down a track astride 1,000… Continue

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Stampede to Oblivion

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today you can have your own WILD HORSE FILM FESTIVAL. Fun with a serious purpose.

Right this minute: you can watch the first two parts of STAMPEDE TO OBLIVION. http://www.lasvegasnow.com/Global/story.asp?S=11285225

Tonight: watch ( follow this link for local listings in the U.S http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/schedule/.)… Continue

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Movin' On Up

Dressage competitions are comprised of a series of levels, and tests within each level increase in complexity. The "official" starting level (in the U.S.) is Training Level, though there is an "unofficial" Introductory Level for those who want to get their feet wet with a simpler test, without cantering. After Training Level comes First Level, and this is the earliest stage at which you can qualify to perform Musical Freestyle. Let me get one thing clear: I have no illusions about my abilities,… Continue

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The Forward Seat Position for Jumping

The Forward Seat position for jumping adds several features to insure rider stability during the horse's vigorous movements while jumping. All the features of this seat work together, and if one is wrong then the whole position is weakened and the rider can interfere with the horse. While there are a few very talented riders who do not have to have a proper position over jumps, the normal rider will be much more secure and will interfere with the horse's efforts less when riding…


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Focus First on the Welfare of Your Horse

Wherever I travel, I am asked questions about training the show jumper. It is very encouraging that so many riders are interested in furthering their education, and it is my hope that this series of training blogs will help everyone do just that.

Each week, I shall discuss a different aspect of training, referencing some of the most important points from my training books, but before I start specifically into training, let's talk about the welfare of your horse.



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Im on Van Island and LOVING IT!!!

So, after enduring -15 tempatures in Manitoba, fog so thick in Edmonton that you can cut a hole in it, and the 2 hr farry ride to the island, we are doing pretty good. We got here I sware by a divine blessing. But now that I'm here, I really love it. Today Im going to call (hopefully) my new employer, and set up a time to meet with her early this coming week to see her barn, and hopefully try out a horse that she has for sale. Im really excited. I have, by the way, been off riding for 2 months… Continue

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Where do you see beauty?

"The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone." This Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote is one with which I, as an artist, can really relate. Every artist whose sets out to paint something beautiful needs to take their own path. And the results are not always what others consider beautiful.

Here's an example of how everyone's taste for beauty varies. At my exhibit of the "Beautiful Horses of Michigan" paintings in March, I asked… Continue

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