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Man-O-Man-Oman! Olympian Christilot Boylen Shares her advertures in Oman!

A New Feature on Barnmice Community News:  


We would like to thank Christilot Boylen for sharing her adventures riding on a special quadrille team for an important horse show this week in Oman.  Oman is a Sultanate on the south east corner of the Arabian Peninsula.  It has a strong and ancient history of equestrian activities and horse breeding.  The current ruler, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, has promoted modern methods alongside traditional practices of horse-keeping and…


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How to Supple Your Dressage Horse's Shoulders

Do you ever feel like your dressage horse's shoulders are so stiff and stuck that not only is it hard to turn him, but his hindquarters are disconnected from his front end?

If your horse’s shoulders are stuck, it’s like having a kink in a water hose. The energy can’t flow from behind, over the back, into your…


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My New Year's Resolution



The name "Shakespeare" is synonymous with great literature. The Shakespeare of old is legendary. The Shakespeare quoted here is a legend in his own mind!…


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Kick Start a Healthy Life – 10 Tips you can Start Today

Kick Start a Healthy Life – 10 Tips you can Start Today

By Lindsey Forkun BScN, PHN


1)      Eat more…


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Slice of Life – Photography – will Boost your Business

Everyone know that if you have a business of any kind – you really need to have a web site – it’s almost a pre requisite for business these days.

Your web site not only helps potential clients find you, but also do a little research about your company.

If you are reading this you are well aware that people not only search on line but they also compare.

If you are offering a “service” your potential…


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Human Body Language v Equine Body Language

Have you ever wondered why such a big strong animal like a horse would allow us puny humans to ride and dominate them.


Now don't give…


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What takes an hour to learn, takes 3 rides to forget.

The Monday before last I had a lesson with Madeleine Austin. She is a very talented dressage rider and trainer and the mother of another very talented dressage rider and trainer. In my lesson we worked on my very tight hips and ankles. I did many tours of the arena stretching my legs out and back one after the other. It did help loosen my hips up. I am thankful for the very quiet school horse I was on during this, since…


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Change the Frame of a Horses Mind to Overcome Resistance

The story I’m about to share with you will be practical information for those of you who really know how to use the Waterhole Rituals ™and who have trained a few horses with them. For those of you that haven’t, let it be “food for thought” for the future as you grow as horsemen and women. I want people to think about what is going on in their horse’s mind. No one should try the strategy I am going to share with you unless they…

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Women Riding the Forward Seat

My wonderful son asked me last week what I wanted for Christmas, muttering that it was probably too late to order on-line to get something by Christmas.  I went to the wonderful book site (amazon) and found that I could get any amount of horsie books by Christmas, and I asked for "Riding and Schooling Horses" by Harry D. Chamberlin, the Captain of the US Cavalry teams for international competition so long ago.  This book,…


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Holiday Messages...

 ”Peace on Earth”, -The Wild Texas Wind, aka Windy, Infinity Farm Matriarch.


  “Good Will to All” -Holliday, Infinity Farm Homeland…


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The Christmas Pony



In Beth’s dreams a pony white

Would dance and frolic through the night.

By day into her mind he’d trot

A fancy, floating, fleeting thought.

Sometimes upon his back she’d ride;

Sometimes behind a veil hide

And simply watch him prance and play.

He would be hers, she knew, one day.…


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The Duct Tape Approach to Health



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Season's Greetings from Equine Canada / Canada Hippique vous souhaite de merveilleuses Fêtes


"We bind ourselves together, by taking hold of each other's hands so

firmly and forming a circle so strong that if a tree should fall upon…


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Getting a Horse Present and Connected to Overcome Resistance

Last week I gave a lesson to a student of mine, Stephanie, who has a Welsh Cobmare that she has been driving and riding. The horse is very fearful and so shehad started doing the Uberstreichen Exercises and working on getting hercomfortable in her territory.

The problem I noticed with this mare was that although she was doing well withthe Waterhole Rituals™, when she was brought to the barn, she did not want…


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Jaimie Holland Finished Fifth in Consolation Freestyle at 2010 FEI YR Dressage WC Final

Le français suit l’anglais


Jaimie Holland represented Canada at the sixth annual 2010 FEI Young Rider World Cup Final, which was held at the CDI-W Frankfurt in Germany on December 15-19, 2010.

On the last day of competition, Holland, 21, of Caledon, ON, and her…


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Horse Council British Columbia Conference

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Canadian Dressage Community Loses Dressage Icon

It is with deep regret that Equine Canada (EC) acknowledges the passing of long-time member, coach, official, clinician and mentor, Jacqueline (Jacqui) Oldham, 72, of Langley, BC, after a courageous battle with cancer.

Jacqui was born in Bellevue, AB in 1938 and started riding as a young girl in Edmonton. By the age of 14, Jacqui directed her equestrian interest to dressage leading into a lifelong dedication to the sport.

Jacqueline continued on to accrue over 60 years of…


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Is Your Horse a Partner?

Is Your Horse a Partner?

By Lindsey Forkun,


There are many different styles of training and working with horses. Some people fawn over their horses with praise and affection, others take a more military style approach with defined boundaries and little affection, and most people fall somewhere in between.


Natural horsemanship professes a balance of boundaries and praise. Horses that…


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Meet Case Study No.3: Suzanne!

Meet Suzanne. An endlessly jolly character who absolutely loves having lessons and learning new things. Suzanne helps out at a riding school by managing the whole operation on Sundays. She pretty much does everything from mucking out to meet & greet, open and close, feeding the ponies and hacking out with clients. In return, she gets the lessons, mostly on a Cleveland Bay mare, Rosie.



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Canadian Eventers Continue to Succeed at International Competitions / Les cavaliers de concours complet continuent à obtenir du succès en compétition internationale


December 17, 2010

Le français suit l’anglais    


Canadian Eventers Continue to Succeed at International Competitions

Ottawa, ON—While Canadians everywhere were celebrating their eventing team’s silver medal finish at WEG, Canadian riders continued to record victories around the globe.


At the CCI2* Osberton International Three Day Event in Great Britain, held September 29–October 3, Kathryn Robinson, who currently…


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