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The Benefits of Merino Wool and Back on Track Products

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall and getting ready for thanksgiving next weekend :) This week's blog is going to be focused on products made out of merino wool for riders, and Back on Track products for horses. It will show the relationship of products that are comfortable and beneficial for both riders and horses. 

Firstly, merino wool is a material that comes from a specific kind of sheep called Merino sheep. These sheep are known for their coats because…


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Baker's Blanket News

Hey bloggers,

Happy first day of fall, can't believe the summer is officially over already! Time to get you and your horse geared up for the fall and winter season. If you're looking for warmer riding pants and other equipment, come into Baker's and we will get you fully equipped for the cool Canadian weather. For the past two weeks, we have mentioned a bunch of information regarding different blankets for indoors and outdoors that we carry at Baker's. This week's blog is going to be…


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Blanket Continuation --> Indoor Blankets

Hey bloggers,

This week's blog is a continuation to last week's blog on fall and winter blankets, but now specifically addressing the indoor blankets we carry at Baker's. With the cold months approaching, indoor blankets are great for layering and keeping your horse cozy while in their stalls. For horses with thin skin like Thoroughbreds, indoor blankets prevents your horse from shivering and from catching a cold. The three blankets that will be mentioned and described are: the Rambo…


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Autumn and Winter Blankets

Hey bloggers,

This week's blog is going to be based on the variety of autumn and winter blankets we have available at Baker's. We carry a variety of brands and blanket styles, and I am going to describe each of them to you so you can figure out what blankets you would want to purchase to keep your equine buddies warm for the upcoming Canadian weather. 

The first blanket brand that we carry at Baker's are the Rambo blankets. These blankets come in a variety of styles including…


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Safety Vests: Hit-Air Vests and Point Two Air Jackets

Hey bloggers,

This week's blog is going to be comparing the two air vests that are currently on the equestrian market. Safety is paramount, and wearing the proper equipment while riding gives you a sense of security and relief if you were to have a mishap while riding. It is a great addition to everyones tack collection to own an air vest for ultimate safety while participating in the equestrian sport. Both the Hit-Air Vest and the Point Two Air Jackets provides riders with greatly…


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